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"Roger, you're saying that you're with them and not with us, your droid brethren?"
"Well, I'm saying I'm a droid but above all that I'm a Freemaker..."
―Roger affirming his identity as a member of the Freemakers to N-3RO[7]

R0-GR, or "Roger," was a B1-series battle droid who served the Freemakers, a human family of scavengers that traveled throughout the galaxy. He was a veteran of the Separatist Droid Army during the Clone Wars. He had a mismatched torso and right arm.

When he joined the Freemakers, he had a sarcastic and pessimistic at times, Roger had a deep sense of loyalty and love for the Freemakers, whom he regarded as his family. He and his family lived at the starship repair garage Freemaker Salvage and Repair on the Wheel space station in the Abrion system.

Due to his close relationship with the Freemakers, Roger became involved in Rowan's quest to find the pieces of the Kyber Saber, a powerful lightsaber capable of destroying the galaxy. Roger accompanied Rowan and his siblings on numerous adventures throughout the galaxy to obtain scrap to raise funds for the Freemaker's business and to find the Kyber Saber crystals. Roger's travels led him to travel to numerous worlds and locales including Nal Kapok, the Belgaroth asteroid field, Cloud City, Kashyyyk, Felucia, Tatooine, Takodana, Naboo, Zoh, Hoth, and Coruscant.

Roger's clumsiness and absent-mindedness led him to make several mistakes including letting the Sith agent Naare and the Hutt crime lord Graballa track them down through his transmission pack. Despite experiencing the occasional ups and downs in his relationship with his human masters, Roger remained thoroughly loyal to the Freemakers out of familial affinity. When presented by the rogue droid N-3RO with the opportunity to rebel against the Freemakers, Roger reaffirmed his loyalty and love for them and helped them escape the planet Zoh. Using his memories of the Clone Wars, Roger helped trained Rowan to fight Naare. Working as a family, the Freemakers managed to steal the Kyber Saber from Naare and the Galactic Empire and destroy the weapon. They then joined the Rebel Alliance.



Roger is manufactured.

Roger was a B1-series battle droid who was manufactured in the Geonosian droid factories prior to the Invasion of Naboo. During the Battle of Naboo, Roger saw action in the Great Grass Plains alongside R0-HK. Roger was knocked out by a booma. Years later, Roger saw action during the First Battle of Geonosis where he was sliced into six pieces by Jedi Master Mace Windu.[1] In addition, he also saw action against Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker during that same battle.[3] Roger was also run over by General Grievous' speeder bike.[1]

Roger and R0-HK during the Battle of Naboo.

Over the course of the Clone Wars, Roger was hit and crushed in numerous battles. On one occasion, three Clone troopers played ball with his head.[1] He also saw action during the Battle of Kashyyyk and later recalled that the Wookiees had a reputation for pulling out arms.[8] In addition, he fought during the Battle of Nal Kapok,[9] the Battle of Saleucami,[10] and the Battle of Ord Tellarom. The latter was his last battle of the Clone Wars. On his formative years as a battle droid, Roger regarded them as "non-stop humiliating." Based on these experiences, he concluded that the most important lesson was to get out of trouble's way.[1] Roger later recounted his life story in the first chapter[1] of his autobiography called From Trenches to Wrenches: The Roger Story.[11] Due to his Clone Wars experiences, he developed a fear of Jedi.[9]

Becoming a Freemaker[]

Han Solo and Chewbacca came to the Freemaker Salvage and Repair shop. Here Han told Pace Freemaker, who was Kordi and Zander Freemaker's father, that he needed a Durasteel-transmitter coil. Pace responded that they have not been made since the time of the Clone Wars. Han knew that Pace was a Clone Wars expert so that was why he came. Han told Pace that they should go to Ord Tellarom to get a Durasteel-transmitter coil. Han, Chewbacca, and the Freemakers which included Pace, Lena, Kordi and Zander went to find a Durasteel-transmitter coil on a old Clone Wars battlefield on Ord Tellarom. When they arrived they found a coil, but during this a Zillo Beast attacked them. They had no choice but to retreat into a crashed Lucrehulk-class Battleship.

Lena gives Roger a new right arm.

Pace then had a idea to distract the Zillo Beast. Pace powered the ship and then powered several B1-series battle droids. The B1 battle droids started to fire at the beast while they escaped. When most of the droids were being destroyed, one of them retreated which was R0-GR. He then saw a ship in the distance and saw people running towards it who were escaping. R0-GR then ran to them but lost his right arm doing so. Zander then saw R0-GR so Pace waited for him to come aboard the Millennium Falcon. They then returned to Freemaker Salvage and Repair. When here Lena gave R0-GR a new arm and gave him recent updates and became a member of the Freemakers.[12]

Serving Pace Freemaker[]

Roger and Pace trapped in a cave.

During his time with the Freemakers, Pace was fixing the Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor that Han Solo gave him[13] and spent several years restoring it. Pace took pride in the starfighter and hoped to sell it. To celebrate Pace's victory, Roger baked some hot Bantha bread. However, Roger slipped on a fallen rag and landed on the Delta starfighter's Syliure-31 hyperspace docking ring.[14]

Roger was then catapulted on to the front of the starfighter while the hot bantha bread landed on Pace's hands, burning it. Pace accidentally touched several buttons on the starfighter's control console, causing the ship to blast into hyperspace. When they dropped out of hyperspace, they crashed and lodged between a mountain on the planet Dathomir. Shortly after landing, they were pursued by several rancors and fled into a cave.[14]

A woman offers Pace and Roger to buy the ugly.

Though Roger thought they were trapped with no way offworld, Pace convinced Roger to distract the rancors while he built an Ugly out of scrap. One of the rancors caught up with Roger but Pace managed to rescue him in his X-wingTIE fighter hybrid. After returning to Pace's hangar, Pace was not happy about exchanging his Delta interceptor for an Ugly until a woman offered to buy the Ugly for 10,000 credits.

Years later, during the Galactic Civil War, Roger recounted this story in the eighteenth chapter of his memoir From Trenches to Wrenches. While Roger believed that Pace found success selling Uglies because of him, Lieutenant Valeria countered that Pace succeeded in spite of Roger's clumsiness.[14]

Passenger aboard the Falcon[]

Roger aboard the Millennium Falcon.

At one point, Roger was a passenger aboard the Millennium Falcon, which was then in the hands of Han Solo and his Wookiee co-pilot Chewbacca. While the Falcon was being pursued in space by TIE fighters, Roger proceeded to read the first chapter of his autobiography From Trenches to Wrenches to Solo and Chewbacca, who were preoccupied with the chase. After they had escaped the TIE fighters, a disinterested Solo and Chewbacca told Roger to exit the cockpit.[1]

Meeting Cassian and K-2SO[]

Rebel Alliance operative Cassian Jeron Andor briefs the reprogrammed Imperial security droid K-2SO about a mission to pick up a set of stolen Imperial codes from a Gotal rebel spy, who is disguised as a vendor. K-2SO dislikes the Gotal vendor's garish orange jacket and opines that spies shouldn't draw attention. Cassian tells K-2S0 that the Gotal is expecting a droid and that the password is "fetch me the good stuff."[15]

Roger orders 30 weight from the Gotal vendor.

K-2SO says that the code phrase is sub-par Cassian grumbles about K-2S0 criticizing every detail of the mission. K-2SO replies he is only criticizing 99.7% of the mission. Cassian tells K-2S0 to proceed with the mission. K-2SO approaches the Gotal spy and tells him that he has a nice jacket. However, K-2SO is knocked over by Roger's hoversled. Roger has come to the Gotal vendor in response to news he has acquired a new shipment of the "30 weight" or "the good stuff." Roger tells him to give him all that he's got.[15]

The Gotal passes Roger one of the "good stuff." Roger grumbles about expecting a big order and tosses the hoversled away, sending it crashing into something. Cassian realizes his plan has fallen apart. Three stormtroopers denounce the Gotal vendor as a traitor and demand to know where are the codes. The Gotal vendor tries to bluff his ways out until the stormtroopers point their blasters at him.[15]

Roger was walking away with the can when the stormtroopers ordered him to stop. The stormtroopers shot at him, prompting Roger to flee. Roger thinks the Empire is after his tasty oil and narrowly avoids a human man carrying a tray of fruits. The stormtroopers knock the man over and reach a dead end. Roger tried to hide in a rubbish bin and poses as an astromech droid called "R2-3PO." One of the stormtroopers counters that astromech droids cannot speak Basic[15]

K-2SO says "a little thank you" to Roger.

Roger tries beeping in Binary but the second stormtrooper kicks the bin open. As two of the stormtroopers restrain him, Roger demands his 30 weight oil can back and says the Empire can afford more oil. The lead stormtrooper fishes out the Imperial codes from the can and praises his men for their good work. Posing as an Imperial droid, K-2S0 claims he has orders to take the code into processing. When one of the stormtroopers asks if they brought a security droid, K-2SO knocks them out with his arms before answering no.[15]

When Roger asks what is going on, K-2S0 says "a little thank you" and hands Roger back his can of the "good stuff" after retrieving the Imperial codes. After handing the codes to Cassian, K-2SO says that he's not the only droid who has been repurposed for a good cause and adds that he loathes the taste of 30 weight.[15]

Adventures on Nal Kapok[]

Roger and Rowan stay in the StarScavenger under Zander and Kordi's instructions.

While the Freemakers were out on a scavenging trip during the Galactic Civil War, Roger stayed at home to bake some sweet-sand cookies. After the Freemakers arrived home, Roger greeted them. Due Kordi's inability to pay their rent to the landlord Furlac and Rowan accidentally destroying a cobbled starship, the Freemakers traveled to the jungle world of Nal Kapok to collect more salvage. Nal Kapok had been a battlefield during the Clone Wars and was still littered with military wreckage. While Zander and Kordi went out to search for salvage, Roger and Rowan stayed behind aboard the Freemaker starship, StarScavenger. Against Zander and Kordi's instructions, Rowan convinced Roger to sneak out with him into the ship.[9]

Unknown to Roger and the other Freemakers, Rowan was Force-sensitive and was drawn to a kyber crystal in an underground cave. The two fell down into a hole and found themselves in an underground lake where they were ambushed by a dianoga. Before the dianoga could finish them off, they were saved by a lightsaber wielding woman named Naare, who claimed to be one of the last Jedi. Roger was alarmed by Naare and tried to run away. The woman told Rowan that he had found the hilt of the Kyber Saber, an ancient weapon created by the Jedi Master Baird Kantoo before the formation of the Old Republic. Since the blade was capable of destroying an entire planet, Baird had shattered the Kyber Saber and ordered his disciples to hide it.[9]

When Rowan expressed boredom, Roger explained that the boy had a short attention span. After learning that the boy could sense the kyber crystals, Naare won Rowan's trust by offering to train him in the ways of the Jedi. She convinced him that finding the various crystals would allow them to reforge the Kyber Saber and use it against the Galactic Empire. After gaining Rowan and Roger's trust, Naare traveled with the Freemakers back to The Wheel. Unknown to Roger and the others, she was an undercover Sith acolyte in the service of Dark Lords of the Sith Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious and Darth Vader.[9]

Roger and Rowan in the mines of Graballa

Trouble with Graballa[]

While Kordi argued with Naare about Rowan's involvement in the quest for the Kyber Saber, Rowan tricked Roger into sneaking off with him in one of Zander's Z-wing ships to the Belgaroth asteroid field. Through the Force, Rowan sensed that the second Kyber Saber crystal was inside a mining complex owned by Graballa the Hutt, a cousin of Jabba Desilijic Tiure. Roger and Rowan navigated their way through the factory. Eventually, Rowan found the kyber crystal locked in a rock over a vat of lava. Before Rowan could fall into the lava, Roger arrived with a mining he had befriended and rescued the boy. Before the two could sneak out of the mining facility, they were caught by two of Graballa's Iktotchi henchmen Baash and Raam. Rowan managed to hide his identity by posing as an Ugnaught bounty hunter.[16]

Roger reluctantly agreed to help Rowan perpetuate the ruse that he was a bounty hunter. The two were brought in Graballa's starship Rancor's Fist. After Baash and Raam told Graballa about the supposed strength of the Ugnaught bounty hunter, Rowan was forced to fight Graballa's bounty hunter Dengar. Dengar proved to be more than a match for Rowan and defeated him in combat. During the brief melee, Dengar used an unwilling Roger as an improvised stick. Rowan lost his Ugnaught helmet and was quickly exposed in the presence of Graballa and his entourage. After finding the boy's kyber crystal, Graballa decided to keep it for himself since he was raising funds to build a beachside resort and buffet.[16]

Graballa then ordered that Rowan and Roger be fed to his pet nexu Smiley, who could chew through metal parts. Before the sentence could be carried out, Kordi and Zander arrived and distracted Graballa by offering to sell him a hastily cobbled-up Z-wing. While the negotiations were taking place, Naare cut Roger and Rowan free and attempted to sneak away. However, they were spotted by Graballa. Roger and the others were forced to flee in the tiny Z-wing. Due to the lack of space in the cockpit, Roger clung to the fin of the starship as it crashed through Graballa's throne room. This created a hole that sucked out the kyber crystal. Despite being pursued by Graballa's starfighters and Dengar, Roger and the Freemakers managed to escape due to Naare using the Force to clear a path through the asteroid field. Roger was later present with the other Freemakers aboard the StarScavenger when Rowan found the second kyber crystal in the middle of the asteroid field.[16]

Roger entertaining Wick Cooper

Running the Freemaker Garage[]

Later, the Freemakers received a job from Wick Cooper to service his vintage N-1 starfighter. Knowing Zander's passion for starships and racing, Kordi had ordered Roger and Rowan not to let Zander anywhere the starfighter. Despite their best efforts, Zander noticed the N-1 starfighter and took it for a joyride. To save face, the Freemakers and Roger pretended to repair the N-1 starfighter while waiting for Zander to return. After Zander was captured by the Imperial Star Destroyer Vendetta, Kordi assigned Roger to look after the Freemaker Garage while she, Rowan, and Naare rescued Zander.[11]

While waiting with Wick, Roger regaled the man by reading aloud his Clone Wars autobiography From Trenches to Wrenches: The Roger Story. Despite Cooper's evident boredom and exasperation, Roger continued reading up to the passage of his battle with the Wookiees on Kashyyyk. Roger attempted to serve Cooper by offering him a cup of motor oil. However, Cooper found the taste repellent and bitter. By the time that Roger had reached the twenty-sixth chapter, an exasperated Cooper had enough and told him to shut up before demanding to see his ship. Roger was present when the Freemakers and Naare returned with Cooper's wrecked N-1 starfighter.[11]

Following the Freemakers' adventure with Cooper's N-1 starfighter, the Freemakers experienced financial difficulties. When Kordi toyed with the idea of selling off Roger, the battle droid gasped in response. When the Freemakers accepted a job from Lando Calrissian, the former Baron Administrator of Cloud City, to collect a "lost treasure" from Cloud City, Kordi tasked Roger with looking after the Freemaker Garage and gave him instructions not to tell anyone where he was going. Despite obeying his master's orders, Naare managed to coax the information out of Roger. The droid was present when the Freemakers and Naare returned with Calrissian's "lost treasure"; which turned out to be his cape which had been left behind during his escape from Bespin.[17]

Mission to Kashyyyk[]

Roger and the Freemakers on Kashyyyk

Roger later reluctantly accompanied the other Freemakers on a trip to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk to harvest a piece of Wroshyr wood for Ignacio Wortan. As a battle droid, Roger had lost many comrades on Kashyyyk and feared the Wookiees for their penchant of ripping out arms. While Rowan could speak the Wookiee language Shyriiwook, Kordi installed a translating chip into Roger in an attempt to save money after being unable to afford a translator droid. After landing on Kashyyyk, Roger and his companions encountered a group of Wookiees including Chief Attiburra.[8]

Despite his attempts to translate, Attiburra ripped off Roger's head. However, Rowan managed to prevent further hostilities by revealing that they had come to obtain Wroshyr wood. Attiburra agreed to give the Freemakers the wood on the condition that they rescued his son Tantarra, who was being imprisoned by the Trandoshans on an island fortress. When Zander and Kordi expressed a reluctance, Roger and Rowan explained that it was considered dishonorable in Wookiee culture to break a deal. After having his head reattached to his body, Roger stayed behind to guard the StarScavenger while the others traveled to the island fortress to rescue Tantarra.[8]

After rescuing Tantarra, Zander and Kordi arranged for Rowan to fly the StarScavenger and pick them up from the top of the fortress. Roger was forced to retreat when Rowan embarked on a quest to find the third Kyber Saber crystal within the fortress complex. Shortly later, Wookiee Auzituck anti-slaver gunships launched an attack on the fortress and a full scale battle broke out between the Wookiees and the Trandoshans. Roger flew the ship to a glaze where he was later joined by Rowan and Zander. The Freemakers were soon cornered by the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker but Kordi knocked them out at the expense of damaging the Wroshyr wood frame. As a result, Ignacio called the deal off.[8]

Adventure on Felucia[]

Roger with Luke and Rowan on Felucia

Following their adventure on Kashyyyk, Roger and the Freemakers were visited by the rebels Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa, whose Y-wing had overheated following an encounter with TIE fighters. While Kordi and Zander fraternized with Leia, Roger accidentally embarked on another unintended adventure with Rowan and Luke when he accidentally sent the StarScavenger into hyperspace. Luke managed to deactivate the ship's hyperdrive moments before it collided with the jungle world of Felucia.[18]

The StarScavenger crash-landed on Felucia and the ship's hyperdrive generator was separated and ended up in a pit that was home to an acklay. While Rowan bonded with the Jedi Luke, Roger was swallowed and spat out by giant fly traps on several occasions. When nightfall came, the three attempted to recover the hyperdrive generator but awoke the acklay. Rowan managed to avert disaster by using his Force powers to summon flowers to lure the acklay away from its nest. This allowed Roger to recover the hyperdrive generator and reattach it to the StarScavenger. After repairing their ship, Roger, Rowan, and Skywalker were able to return to The Wheel. Luke and Leia then departed on one of Zander's |Z-wings since their Y-wing had been destroyed as part of a ruse to convince the Empire that the rebel fugitives were dead.[18]

Trap on Tatooine[]

Roger and Rowan together

After a flower that Rowan had obtained on Felucia withered in Naare's hands, Rowan came to suspect that something was sinister about Naare.[18] Rowan tried to confide with Roger only to find that the droid had been switched off. Later, Roger and the other Freemakers traveled to the desert world of Tatooine where Zander had obtained a job offer from the podracer Ben Quadinaros. However, this job offer turned out to be a ruse by Graballa and his henchmen to trap the Freemakers. Before Graballa could deal with the Freemakers, he was distracted by Jabba and Boba Fett.[19]

The Freemakers escaped on Quadinaros' podracer and took part in the 29th Annual Bricklayers' Classic race. During the race, Roger and the Freemakers were pursued by Graballa's bounty hunters Dengar, Baash, and Raam. However, they managed to elude their pursuers and also won the race. Pursued by Graballa and his henchmen, the Freemakers fled to the Dune Sea where they crashlanded their podracer. The Freemakers then hid inside a derelict sandcrawler where they took up defensive positions against Graballa's forces. Unable to return to the StarScavenger, Kordi and Zander decided to call Naare for help.[19]

During the resulting skirmish, the Freemakers managed to hold off Graballa's forces with a box of thermal detonators. When their supply of ammunition began to dwindle, Naare arrived in the Eclipse Fighter and proceeded to fight off Dengar and the other henchmen. During the ensuing melee, Roger, Kordi, and Zander were separated from Rowan and captured by Graballa's henchmen. After hiding Rowan in her fighter, Naare drove off the gangsters and rescued Roger and the other Freemakers. The Freemakers and Naare then traveled back to the Freemaker Garage on The Wheel.[19]

Escape to Takodana[]

Roger and the Freemakers traveling to the third moon of Takodana.

After returning to the Freemaker Garage, Rowan informed his sibilings and Roger about Naare's true identity as a Sith. In response, the Freemakers made preparations to flee The Wheel. When Naare came knocking on their door, Roger tried to delay her by claiming the Freemakers were sleeping. However, Naare was not fooled and she cut through their door with her lightsaber. Following a brief struggle, the Freemakers managed to flee on the StarScavenger into space. Naare pursued the StarScavenger in her Eclipse Fighter but the Freemakers managed to evade her and escape into hyperspace.[20]

Once in hyperspace, Roger overloaded his processors upon learning from Zander that battle droids were the villains of the Clone Wars. With the StarScavenger's quantum field regulator damaged, the Freemakers were forced to land at Maz Kanata's castle on the planet Takodana. After Zander accidentally scratched the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka's ship, the Freemakers agreed to pay for the damage by traveling to the third moon of Takodana on the Mini Scavenger to retrieve three golden orbs.[20]

On the third moon, the Freemakers discovered that the golden orbs were stored in a deep hole in the middle of a field inhabited by varactyls. That night, the Freemakers attempted to steal the golden orbs by flying their scavenger vessel over the pit. Roger was lowered down a rope into the cave and managed to obtain the orbs. However, he grabbed more than three orbs and lost his grip, scattering them over the field. This created a commotion that stirred the sleeping varactyls who attacked Roger, Kordi, and Zander. The varactyls ripped Roger apart and proceeded to attack the scavenger vessel.[20]

Rowan managed to save Roger and his siblings by using the Force to communicate with the varactyls. Upon realizing the golden orbs were varactyl eggs, Rowan apologized to the creatures and convinced them to release Roger and his family. After escaping the varactyls, Zander repaired Roger who complimented the former by offering to pat him on the back. The Freemakers then returned to Maz Kanata's castle to confront Hondo. Hondo and his henchmen tried to hurt the Freemakers but were driven off by Maz Kanata. Maz then rewarded the Freemakers by gifting them a new regulator and the fourth Kyber Saber crystal, which she had found on Rodia.[20]

Race for the Kyber Saber crystals[]

Roger, Kordi, and Zander at the Emperor Palpatine Museum

Before the Freemakers could leave Takodana with their newly acquired Kyber Saber crystal, they were attacked by Naare and Graballa's warship Rancor's Fist. Naare had forged a deal with Graballa and promptly stole Rowan's Kyber crystal before fleeing in her Eclipse Fighter. The Freemakers gave chase but were outgunned by Graballa's warship. The Freemakers then traveled to the watery planet of Ningoth where they resolved to prevent the remaining Kyber crystals from falling into Naare's hands. Since Roger's metal body was vulnerable to rust, Roger stayed aboard the StarScavenger while the other Freemakers searched Ningoth's oceans for the fifth Kyber crystal in the Bubbly Subbly.[21]

The Freemakers managed to find the fifth crystal and signalled for Roger to pull them out of the ocean with a crane. However, they were cornered again by Naare's Eclipse Fighter and Graballa's Rancor's Fist. While Roger exchanged fire with Graballa's ship, the Freemakers attempted to drag Naare's starfighter under water. Following a fierce struggle, the Freemakers managed to lose Naare and escape aboard the StarScavenger. Before the ship's doors could close, Naare managed to levitate the fifth Kyber crystal.[21]

Despite their setback, the Freemakers and Roger resolved to prevent Naare from finding the remaining Kyber Saber crystals. They traveled to Naboo where they discovered that the sixth crystal was housed somewhere inside the former Theed Royal Palace, which had been revamped as the Emperor Palpatine Museum. To break into the Museum, Zander smuggled in Roger as a disguised prop from the Clone Wars. Roger was housed in a large glass display beside a row of B2-series super battle droids. That night, Roger broke out of his metal casing and let the Freemakers into the Museum.[21]

While the other Freemakers scoured the Museum for the sixth Kyber crystal, Roger entered another Clone Wars exhibit and tried to reunite with his former comrade R0-HK, who was inoperative. Nevertheless, Roger proceeded to regale him with tales of his work as a salvage operator. Roger was startled when a head from a statue of Palpatine rolled into the exhibit and knocked the battle droid into his fallen comrades. This set off a series of blaster bolts which ricocheted across the hall and knocked down an N-1 starfighter that Zander was fiddling with.[21]

Roger was helping Zander out of the N-1 starfighter, which was still dangling from the ceiling in Theed Hangar, when they were rejoined by Kordi, who was donning one of Queen Amidala's royal robes. The three Freemakers were then cornered by the Imperial Generals Durpin and Plumestriker, whom they had encountered earlier on Kashyyyk. The officers were about to execute them when Rowan turned up disguised as Emperor Palpatine and claimed that the intruders were "generous donors."[21]

After discovering the sixth Kyber Saber crystal in Kordi's headdress, the Freemakers were ambushed by Naare and Dengar. Roger used a blaster he had taken from the Clone Wars exhibit to exchange fire with the bounty hunter while Rowan tangled with Naare. When one of Dengar's stray blasts hit R0-HK, Roger entered into a rare berserker rage and chased Dengar out of the hangar while firing his blaster. Roger and the other Freemakers survived the destruction of the Emperor Palpatine Museum which was triggered by Rowan releasing the bolt holding the N-1 starfighter. Once in space, the Freemakers discussed how Naare was able to tail their movements. Roger then discovered that Naare had reactivated his transmission pack following their adventure on Tatooine.[21]

The test of family[]

"Roger, you're saying that you're with them and not with us, your droid brethren?"
"Well, I'm saying I'm a droid, but above all… that I'm a Freemaker!"
―Roger affirming his identity as a member of the Freemakers to N-3RO[7]

Roger being treated to an oil bath by N-3RO

After escaping into hyperspace, Roger was relieved of his transmission pack by Zander and Kordi. While apologetic, Roger thought that he was not solely to blame for Naare being able to home in on them. Having discovered that the seventh and last Kyber Saber crystal was on Hoth, the Freemakers decided not to travel there to avoid luring Naare there. Instead, at Rowan's suggestion, they traveled to the junkyard planet of Zoh; which was home to the legendary Maker of Zoh. According to Roger, the Maker was a droid myth whispered in repair shops.[7]

Upon landing on Zoh, Roger and the other Freemakers were surrounded by several old decommissioned droids, who were hostile to the organics. Roger tried to reassure the droids that his human companions posed no harm. However, the droids' leader N-3RO deemed Roger's human companions hostile after learning they had removed his transmission pack. Before the hostilities could escalate further, the Maker of Zoh intervened and managed to calm his droids down. The Freemakers quickly discovered that the Maker of Zoh was no other than the former Sith clone Jek; who had changed sides and become an ally of the Jedi and the Rebel Alliance.[7]

While Rowan underwent further training under Jek's tutelage, Roger joined Zander and Kordi in exploring the junkyard world. After Roger accidentally toppled a crescent-shaped structure that nearly killed his masters, they expressed annoyance with him. Zander told Roger to return to the StarScavenger to "recalibrate the calibrators." Roger quickly realized this was a ruse to get away from him. Shortly later, Roger was befriended by N-3RO who asked if he had any problems with his masters. Believing N-3RO to be friendly, Roger explained that his masters were angry with him for nearly killing them and accidentally letting the "bad guys" track them down.[7]

When Roger related another incident when his owners were angry at him for burning their dinner, N-3RO claimed that organics did not know how to appreciate their droids. In an attempt to win Roger over, N-3RO took the battle droid for an oil bath. During the bath, he invited Roger to join his droid community and claimed that the other Freemakers would scrap him once he had outlived his usefulness. Roger refused to believe that but enjoyed the bath. N-3RO then told Roger to stay in the oil bath while he and the other droids moved against the Freemakers.[7]

After witnessing an explosion, Roger decided to investigate. Soon, he stumbled upon N-3RO and his followers as they were preparing to execute the organics including the Maker, whom they had deemed irreparable due to his contact with the outsiders. N-3RO tried to convince Roger to come over to their side and to cast aside his masters. However, Roger took the opportunity to reaffirm his loyalty to the Freemakers by saying that mistakes happened in families but that they still forgave each other because they were family. When N-3RO asked whether he was choosing the humans over his droid brethren, Roger replied that he was both a droid and a Freemaker.[7]

Roger then reattached his transmission pack. After some delay, Naare arrived with Graballa's forces and attacked the junkyard. Kordi thanked Roger for bringing more "bad guys" to fight the other "bad guys" while Zander complimented Roger for thinking like a Freemaker. While Jek held back Naare, the Freemakers fled on the StarScavenger to Hoth. They were pursued by Naare and Graballa's forces.[7]

Frozen on Hoth[]


Roger frozen on Hoth

Roger and the other Freemakers traveled aboard the StarScavenger to Hoth. Upon entering the planet's atmosphere, the Freemakers flew their ship into a dangerous snowstorm with Naare and Graballa following at their heels. The Freemakers' ship narrowly avoided colliding with a mountain but the Eclipse Fighter and the Rancor's Fist crashed into it. Upon landing, Roger stayed aboard the StarScavenger while the other Freemakers explored a nearby cave system. Roger attempted to keep the ship's engines warm but instead overloaded it, causing the StarScavenger to fall into a frozen lake.[22]

The other Freemakers eventually found the seventh Kyber Saber crystal but were dismayed to find the StarScavenger and Roger frozen solid and stuck in the ice. Roger managed to free himself but his language processor was frozen and the droid could only utter the word "genius." Roger and his companions then traveled to the former rebel base Echo Base. After driving out the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker, the Freemakers set up base there and prepared for a showdown with Naare and Graballa's forces.[22]

During the ensuing skirmish, Roger and Kordi rode on a refurbished AT-AT walker while Rowan and Zander rode a snowspeeder. Roger and Kordi' walker managed to shoot down Graballa's Rancor's Fist, causing the ship to crash and free the StarScavenger from her frozen tomb. The Freemakers were forced to retreat when Naare unleashed an avalanche. After Naare issued an ultimatum for the kyber crystal, Rowan handed her an ice crystal. The Freemakers then fled with the real kyber crystal aboard the StarScavenger into space.[22]

Once in space, Roger was fully thawed and able to speak again. Since the Empire was after the Kyber Saber crystals, Rowan decided that he could not endanger his older brother and sister. Holding the last piece of the Kyber Saber, Rowan was determined not to let Naare reforge the ancient weapon. Without telling Zander and Kordi, he and Roger departed from the StarScavenger in the Mini Scavenger and jumped into hyperspace.[22]

Confronting Naare[]

"Who taught you these techniques?"
"I taught him."
"Showed him all the Jedi. Including Mace Windu! See, I'm a veteran of the Clone Wars. I saw lots of Jedi fight. And everything I see, I remember."
"Everything? Including the location of the last crystal?"
―Naare and Roger[3]

Roger and Rowan hiding with the last Kyber Saber crystal

After parting company with Zander and Kordi, Roger and Rowan hid on an remote planet. While Roger set by a campfire, Rowan sparred with several training droids he had found in a nearby cave. Roger wanted to go home but Rowan was not finished yet and asked the battle droid to play back a recording of a Clone Wars skirmish with the Jedi Master Kit Fisto. While troubled by his memories of the Clone Wars, Roger reluctantly complied with the boy. Later, Rowan asked Roger to play back a recording of the First Battle of Geonosis in order to learn the lightsaber combat moves of Anakin Skywalke, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Mace Windu. Roger tried to offer the boy a video of him falling off the stairs but reluctantly acceded.[3]

While sparring with the training droids, Rowan sensed through the Force that his brother and sister were being tortured by Naare. Despite Roger sensing it was a trap, he accompanied Rowan on the Mini Scavenger back to the Freemaker Garage. Upon arriving, Roger and Rowan crashed their ship into the debris and then leapt onto a platform. While the other Freemakers fought with Naare and Graballa's henchmen, Roger contributed to the battle by releasing spareparts and debris over Naare. As the skirmish continued, Naare demanded to know who had trained Rowan. Roger then spoken up and replied that he had taught the boy using his memories of the Clone Wars and the Jedi particularly Master Windu.[3]

Roger then made the mistake of telling Naare that he had taught Rowan everything. Naare quickly deduced that the battle droid knew where the seventh Kyber Saber crystal was and pursued the droid. She then beheaded Roger and took his head, intending to access his memory banks. After Naare turned on Graballa and his henchmen and drove them out of the Freemaker Garage, Naare linked up an unwilling Roger's head to a holoprojector. After learning the location of the last kyber crystal, Naare departed with Roger's head in her Eclipse Fighter.[3]

Showdown on Coruscant[]

R0-GR and the Freemakers joined the Rebellion

After Naare arrived on the mysterious planet to claim the seventh Kyber Saber crystal, Roger implored her to look into herself. However, the Sith acolyte tossed the droid's head back into her starfighter cockpit. Naare then reforged the Kyber Saber and used it to carve up a mountain and destroy a nearby planet. Having tested the Kyber Saber's power, Naare then decided to rebel against her master Emperor Palpatine and attack Coruscant, the capital of the Galactic Empire. Using the Kyber Saber, Naare wiped out the Imperial fleet defending Coruscant and headed towards the Imperial Palace to confront the Emperor. Upon landing, she tossed Roger's head aside; no longer having any need for his services.[4]

Roger was then found by Zander and Kordi who reattached his head to his body. After Rowan stole the Kyber Saber from Naare, the Freemakers fled Coruscant on the StarScavenger. Despite being pursued by Imperial forces, they managed to flee into hyperspace. Rowan then destroyed the Kyber Saber by tossing it into the volcano world of Sullust. Having incurred the wrath of the Emperor, the Freemakers realized that they could not return to their garage on the Wheel. Instead, they decided to travel throughout the galaxy. Shortly later, the Freemakers were discovered by Admiral Ackbar, who invited them to join the Rebel Alliance.[4]

Joining the Rebellion[]

Bartering across the galaxy[]

After being greeted by Admiral Ackbar, Roger and his fellow Freemakers decided to join the Rebel Alliance. Roger was motivated by a desire to take a break from his job as the Freemakers' butler. After boarding the MC80 star cruiser Home One, the Freemakers were greeted by Admiral Ackbar, who was aware they were fugitives from the Empire. With the rebel starfighter pilot Lieutenant Valeria needing a new Type A vector coil for her U-wing starfighter, Ackbar offered to hire the Freemakers if they could obtain a new one.[23]

Roger accompanied his family on a tour of several planets including Bespin, Takodana, Kashyyyk, and Tatooine. During the journey, Kordi bartered an ignition key for various objects including a comlink gasser, an ion projector, a Type Two power cell, and a repulsor disc. On Tatooine, Kordi managed to barter the repulsor disc for a Type A vector coil. Meanwhile, Roger along with Zander and Rowan were caught in the tentacles of a sarlacc. After obtaining the repulsor disc for Valeria's U-wing, a grateful Admiral Ackbar decided to hire the Freemakers.[23]

The accidental hero[]

Later, Roger attempted to befriend several rebel droids including the C1-series astromech droid Chopper by offering them motor oil drinks. However, the combustible fuel exploded. Thinking that Roger had played a prank on them, the other droids beat him up using one of his arms. After chatting with the other Freemakers in Home One's hangar bay, Roger experienced an epiphany and decided to build an improvised buffer out of spareparts. Despite the arrival of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, Roger remained oblivious and continued building his machine.[10]

While "borrowing" various objects, Roger accidentally tossed a piece of machinery into the engines of a B-wing starfighter, causing the fighter to explode and block the hangar. This prevented more rebel starfighters from aiding Lieutenant Valeria's forces. While testing the buffer, Roger accidentally catapulted himself into space. Roger crashed into the Star Destroyer's deflector shield generator. This turned the tide of the battle and enable the Home One to destroy the Imperial warship. Due to his services, Roger was awarded a medal. He told Chopper to keep the accident a secret. Roger and Chopper then tested the buffer only to be catapulted into space a second time.[10]

Assault on Strike Station Aurek[]

While Zander and Kordi were servicing Blue Squadron's starfighters prior to the planned assault on Strike Station Aurek, Roger was baking a tray of sweet-sand cookies to celebrate the occasion. Blinded by the engine exhaust, Roger bumped into a stack of crates that Rowan had erected to eavesdrop on Lieutenant Valeria's briefing. The crates crashed on the starfighters in a domino effect, damaging them. Roger tried to blame Rowan while Kordi panicked. However, Rowan decided to use his Force powers to repair the ships. He told Roger to help him while Kordi and Zander attempted to delay Valeria and her pilots with an S-foil.[24]

Roger managed to repair Valeria's Y-wing but ended up building his feet into the ship's astromech socket. Rowan tried to free Roger but was unable to do so. The two were trapped aboard the repaired Y-wing as Valeria took off into space to lead the assault. During the assault on Strike Station Aurek, Roger panicked and Rowan was forced to cover for him. At Rowan's insistence, Roger pretended to be an R6 unit. As Valeria approached the station's thermal exhaust port, Roger fretted that he had not fixed the launch tube. Rowan instead used the Force to dislodge the proton torpedo into the port, causing an explosion which destroyed the Imperial base. Roger, Rowan, and the rebels returned to Home One where Rowan used his lightsaber to cut them out of the ship. They reunited with Zander and Kordi while Valeria complimented her crew, who had been left behind.[24]

Zander's dogfight[]

After Zander decided to join Lieutenant Valeria's Blue Squadron in his Blazemaker Mark II, Roger joined Kordi and Rowan in helping refit his starfighter with laser cannons. Roger tried to attach a laser cannon to one of the wings of the Blazemaker Mark II but ended up colliding with a nearby A-wing, demolishing the fighter. Zander also installed a magma cannon on top of the Blazemaker II. Zander managed to turn the tide of the dogfight. However, the Blazemaker II blew up when the magma cannon malfunctioned. Zander however survived the explosion.[25]

Mission to rescue Lando and Chewbacca[]

When the Freemakers embarked on a mission to rescue the rebel agents Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca, Roger was packed into a cargo crate. The Freemakers' plan was to get captured by an Imperial blockade, steal the ship's fuel intermixer, and escape to rendezvous with Lando and Chewbacca. After Plumestriker and Durpin imprisoned the Freemakers in the brig of their Gozanti-class cruiser, Rowan used the Force to summon Roger out of their cargo box and reassemble him.[26]

Roger then used one of his legs to knock out the stormtrooper sentries guarding the Freemakers' cell. Kordi then sent Roger and Zander to power up the StarScavenger's engines. On the way, Roger tripped over one of the stormtroopers and left one of his legs behind. The Freemakers then managed to rendezvous with Lando and Chewbacca. After fixing the fuel intermixer to the Millennium Falcon, the rebels returned together to Home One. Roger interrupted the celebration to inform them that he had left one of his legs behind on the Imperial cruiser.[26]

Expedition to Tibalt[]

When the Alliance Fleet was pursued by two Star Destroyers, Roger was searching for targeting lasers for the fleet's B-wing starfighters. Shortly later, a crate of targeting lasers fell on top of him. He then informed Kordi that he had found the targeting lasers. This enabled the B-wings to break a path through the Imperial TIE fighters. Following the dogfight, Roger accompanied his fellow Freemakers and the Mon Calamari starship builder Quarrie on a mission to salvage spareparts for the Rebellion.[27]

While exploring Tibalt, Roger and Rowan found an Imperial ion thruster but Quarrie thought it was junk. Rowan then discovered a new starship which turned out to be the Imperial hunter droid M-OC's starship Tracker I. M-OC had been sent by the Emperor to capture Rowan and kidnapped the young Jedi in training. Roger and the other Freemakers gave chase in the StarScavenger and Rowan managed to use his lightsaber to break out of the craft. Despite Rowan's escape, M-OC refused to give up and managed to damage one of the StarScavenger's engines, forcing the ship to crash land.[27]

As Rowan fought with M-OC, Roger, the other Freemakers, and Quarrie climbed on top of a wrecked ship. Roger panicked when he discovered the fusion generator was leaking but Quarrie revealed they were not planning to fly. Quarrie and Kordi caused the ship to crash into M-OC and Tracker I. While M-OC survived destruction, this gave the Freemakers and Quarrie enough time to flee offworld on the StarScavenger. After returning to the Home One, Quarrie recruited Rowan as his apprentice.[27]

Adventure on Alistan Nor[]

Roger was present in Quarrie's workshop when Rowan tried unsuccessfully to describe the Arrowhead starship from his vision. Rowan was unable to assemble the model and Roger described the resulting work as a "piece of junk." Believing that Rowan needed to learn some sense of style and craftsmanship, Quarrie convinced Rowan to travel with him to the ancient city of Alistan Nor. As Rowan's babysitter, Roger cautioned Rowan to wait and seek permission from his older siblings Zander and Kordi.[28]

Rowan managed to trick his busy older brother Zander into letting him, Quarrie, and Roger hang out aboard the StarScavenger. Once aboard, Roger realized too late that Rowan was intending to embark on an errant mission to Alistan Nor. After the StarScavenger knocked several ships while leaving the Home One's hangar, Roger remarked that it was too late for him to get out. During the hyperspace journey, Roger was stuck to the cockpit's metal door. After exiting hyperspace, the StarScavenger encountered no obstacles above the planet Alistan Nor. However, the Imperial probe droid XJ9-GM02 detected the ship's presence and alerted M-OC.[28]

After landing in the jungle-covered ruins of Alistan Nor, Roger derisively likened Rowan's flying abilities to that of his older brother Zander. Upon hearing the roar of a gundark, Roger opined that they had made a bad mistake. Shortly later, the group was ambushed by a pack of gundarks. Roger and Quarrie managed to flee into a tunnel while Rowan used the Force to trap the gundarks with several stone columns. Despite his pessimism, Roger accompanied Rowan and Quarrie through the tunnel into a cylindrical hallway, which turned out to be the interior of the Tower of Alistan Nor.[28]

Roger reluctantly gave Quarrie a piggy back ride up the Tower. While at the top, Rowan experienced a Force vision of Alistan Nor in its glory days and the Arrowhead; something that Roger and Quarrie could not experience. Shortly later, Roger heard the buzz of engines which turned out to be M-OC's starship Tracker I. M-OC strafed the rebels, causing the three to fall off the ramparts. However, Rowan used the Force to stop Roger and Quarrie from plummeting to their deaths. While Rowan dueled with M-OC, he managed to hurl Roger and Quarrie towards a vine. Roger and Quarrie clung onto the vine long enough for Rowan to defeat M-OC in combat. Before M-OC could recover, Roger and his companions fled Alistan Nor aboard the StarScavenger. They then returned to the Home One where Rowan managed to assemble a model of the Tracker I.[28]

Obtaining the embersteel blade[]

Roger accompanied the Freemakers on a mission to obtain a Theta-class H-2 executive star shuttle that was being auctioned at the Mygeeto Auction House. While the Freemakers infiltrated the Auction House, Roger waited aboard the StarScavenger. When Kordi tripped over her dress, Roger remarked that he thought it was a bad omen. While waiting, Roger practiced with addressing Mon Mothma by talking to a mop. He initially panicked when Rowan returned and tried to appear like he was working. Roger flew the StarScavenger with Rowan when the Freemakers pursued Graballa, who had kidnapped their sister Kordi. Following a brief skirmish, the Freemakers succeeded in rescuing Kordi and returning to the Home One with the Theta-class shuttle, whose wings were forged into the Arrowhead's frontal blades.[29]

Detour to Taul[]

Roger was later present at Quarrie's garage when Quarre and Rowan discussed the matter of obtaining a proton suspension housing to store the Arrowhead's giant kyber crystal. Rowan accidentally burned through a set of chains, causing several heavy objects to fall. Roger was damaged when he was hurled against a generator. Rowan quickly apologized and hurried Roger into the recharge chamber aboard the StarScavenger. Roger remained in the recharge chamber while Rowan, Zander, and Kordi undertook a mission to rescue Major Bren Derlin. During the course of their journey, the Freemakers got distracted when the pirate Hondo Ohnaka convinced them that he could lead them to a Corellian Defender on the planet Taul. The Corellian Defender was the only ship known to have a proton suspension housing capable of storing a giant kyber crystal.[30]

While on Taul, Hondo abandoned the Freemakers and stole the StarScavenger. Roger soon finished recharging and confronted Hondo about his presence aboard the ship. When Hondo claimed that the Freemakers had gone on a blue milk run, Roger realized that Hondo was lying because Kordi was allergic to blue milk. A fight broke out and Roger managed to maneuver Hondo into the ship's cargo bay. Despite Hondo managing to detach Roger's head, Roger managed to push Hondo into a cargo container and sealed it. Upon returning to the bridge, Roger realized that the Freemakers were stranded on Taul. After rescuing his human masters, Roger and the Freemakers rescued Major Bren Derlin from his escape pod. While heading back to the Home One, Roger served Bren blue milk pancakes and was praised by the rebel Major. Later, Roger returned the box containing Hondo to the bounty hunter Awan Zek and his associates at Takodana Castle on Takodana.[30]

Return to the Wheel[]

Roger accompanied his masters on a mission to the Wheel to obtain an energy matrix activator for the Arrowhead. For the mission, Roger was tasked with staying in the Lower Ring to guide the Freemakers. Roger used his datapad to hack into the Wheel's guidance systems. With Roger's help, the Freemakers found their way into their former garage, which Wick Cooper had transformed into a cantina called "Wick Cooper's Caffeine and Kitsch Club."[31]

To avoid attention, the Freemakers intended to infiltrate their former garage at night. Roger was tasked with deactivating the security systems. However, he was accosted by a gang of Ranats who wanted his datapad. The Ranats pursued him through the station. Meanwhile, the Freemakers were captured by Graballa and his bounty hunters but managed to escape them. They also managed to infiltrate the Colossus and recover the energy matrix activator while Graballa was preoccupied with Darth Vader.[31]

Meanwhile, Roger managed to escape the Ranats by tripping them with motor oil. Regaining the datapad, he found that the Freemakers were up in the Upper Ring with Darth Vader. Roger managed to hack into the controls, causing the Freemakers to fall through a trapdoor into the Lower Ring. The Freemakers and Roger then managed to escape back to the Rebel Alliance with the energy matrix activator and news that Vader was looking for kyber crystals.[31]

Mission to Qalydon[]

Roger assisted Kordi with a mission to steal an Imperial document with a list of planets with kyber crystals. He prepared a fake list of rebel plans but instead accidentally switched it with his Ugnaught bean casserole recipe. This enabled the Imperial hunter droid M-OC to later track them down.[32]

Roger later accompanied the Freemakers on a mission to search for kyber crystals on the planet Qalydon. They encountered a Lurmen village whose inhabitants used kyber crystals to connect with the Force. The residents were initially hostile but Kordi managed to convince them that they were not a threat. Later, the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker raided the village, confiscating the villagers' crystal necklaces for their second Death Star project. Though Rowan and the Lurmen Maynar managed to drive the Imperials away, the Imperials managed to escape with their crystals.[32]

While the Freemakers went to recover the crystals, Roger stayed behind with Chief Biz and his wife Elan to help them rebuild their village. Roger help to repair a wooden wall but it fell back. Biz helped Roger to put it back up while quipping about Roger being on the losing side of the Clone Wars. Roger told Biz that the Freemakers had ambitions of defeating the Empire and saving the galaxy.

Though M-OC caught up with Rowan, Rowan managed to use the Force to temporarily entomb him with wreckage. Roger later arrived aboard the StarScavenger, providing the Freemakers with a transport to pursue Durpin and Plumestriker, who had stolen the kyber crystal necklaces again. Roger and the Freemakers pursued the Imperials to the Marriten system where Rowan recovered the crystals at lightsaber point. After the Freemakers returned with the rescued crystals and Biz's daughter Maynar, Roger left Qalydon with his masters.[32]

A rough landing[]

While Rowan was reflecting on the Force, Roger tried to motivate him by creating noise. Rowan was subsequently able to focus due to tension in the cockpit. Using the Force, Rowan brought the StarScavenger to a remote planet twelve parsecs away from the planet Terminus in the Outer Rim Territories. The StarScavenger was damaged during its crash-landing. While Rowan and Kordi went to find a kyber crystal to build the Arrowhead, Roger stayed behind with Zander to repair the damaged ship. However, their repairs were hampered by a flock of mynocks, which wanted to feast on Roger and drain the ship's power.[33]

Roger and Zander tried to drive the mynocks away with the ship's cannons but ended up exploding several nearby kyber crystals, which caused the ship to tilt. To distract the mynocks while he repaired the ship, Zander sent Roger out in a jetpack to drawn them away. Roger managed to draw the mynocks away long enough for Zander to repair the ship and Kordi and Rowan to return with the kyber crystal and the ship's stabilizer fin. After picking up Roger, they returned to the Alliance fleet.[33]

Assembling the Arrowhead[]

Having obtained the giant kyber crystal, the Freemakers returned to the rebel fleet only to find it under attack from the Empire. After braving Imperial starfighters and laser cannons, the Freemakers landed back at the Home One. However, Quarrie believed that it was unsafe to finish assembling the Arrowhead aboard the Home One in the middle of a battle. While Valeria flew the Arrowhead with Rowan and Quarrie, Roger accompanied Zander and Kordi aboard the StarScavenger.[34]

After dodging laser fire, the Freemakers and their rebel allies traveled to the desert planet of Jakku. Though the StarScavenger landed safely, the Arrowhead landed in a patch of quick sand and sunk into the desert. To complicate matters, the ship exploded. Though the Freemakers and Quarrie managed to find most of the pieces, they discovered that the ship's energy matrix activator had fallen into the hands of the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker, who had been reassigned to Jakku as punishment for their repeated failures.[34]

Roger and Zander attempted to recover the energy matrix activator but they were captured by Durpin and Plumestriker, who hoped to use them to capture Rowan and regain the Empire's favor. Later that night, Kordi disguised herself as Darth Vader and attempted to recover the energy matrix activator. Plumestriker saw through her disguise and took her prisoner. However, Kordi's true plan was to distract the Imperials while Valeria knocked them out.[34]

The Freemakers and Valeria fled on the Mini Scavenger back to the landing zone where Rowan and Quarrie were rebuilding the Arrowhead. However, they were pursued by Durpin and Plumestriker's AT-ST walker. Valeria and Zander managed to hold off the Imperials long enough for Rowan and Quarrie to finish building the Arrowhead. After Zander destroyed the Imperials' AT-ST walker with the Arrowhead's embersteel blade, the Freemakers and their rebel allies returned to save the rebel fleet from the Empire.[34]

Rowan and Zander managed to use the Arrowhead to destroy a Star Destroyer, forcing the Imperials to retreat. Following the battle, Roger hugged Rowan and joined in the celebration that the rebels threw for the Freemakers. However, Roger was upset that his contributions were not being recognized by the rebels unlike his human masters.[34]

Trap on Qalydon[]

After the Freemakers returned from a skirmish on the planet Kashyyyk, Roger served them Sweet-sand cookies. Later, Rowan confided with Roger that he was bored from inaction after a period of inactivity following the Quest to build the Arrowhead. When Rowan expressed a desire to fight M-OC, Roger questioned his reasoning.[35]

Shortly later, Rowan received a hologram transmission from Maynar claiming that the Empire had returned to Qalydon to take her people's crystals. Against Roger's advise, Rowan insisted on rescuing Maynar and her people. Since Zander and Kordi were busy with their new duties with the Rebellion, Rowan believed that he could handle the mission on his own. Roger reluctantly agreed to accompany Rowan.[35]

Traveling to Qalydon, Rowan and Roger discovered an Imperial outpost. Roger subdued the two stormtrooper sentries and guarded them while Rowan ventured inside. He was trapped by the hunter droid M-OC, who had used a holoprojection of Maynar to lure Rowan into a trap. Meanwhile, Roger was taunting his stormtrooper captors, saying that droids were better than Clone troopers and stormtroopers. While he was not looking, Darth Vader arrived and cut off Roger's legs. Vader then disintegrated M-OC and took Rowan prisoner.[35]

Despite missing his legs, Roger managed to fly the StarScavenger back to the Home One. After crashing into an A-wing, Roger told Zander and Kordi that Rowan had been captured by Lord Vader.[35]

Rescuing Rowan[]

Following the kidnapping of Rowan, Zander and Kordi petitioned the Alliance High Command to allow them to borrow the Arrowhead in order to rescue their brother. However, the Alliance was preoccupied with the coming Battle of Endor and refused to sanction the mission. Unwilling to abandon their brother, Zander and Kordi decided to steal the Arrowhead.[36]

Since the hangar was being guarded by Lieutenant Valeria, Zander and Kordi tried to get Roger to knock out the rebel officer. However, Valeria caught Roger's arm and knocked him aside. Taking pity on the Freemakers, she however allowed them to borrow the Arrowhead. Traveling to the Coruscant system, the Freemakers used the Arrowhead to destroy three Imperial Star Destroyers and several TIE fighters.[36]

Roger then dropped Zander and Kordi at the top of the Imperial Palace before engaging in a dogfight with TIE fighters. He destroyed three fighters and then attacked M-OC's starship Tracker I. M-OC however purposely allowed the Tracker I to be destroyed and climbed onto the hull of the Arrowhead. After the Freemakers had rescued Rowan, Roger traveled to the Imperial palace to pick them up.[36]

However, he was ambushed by M-OC who tore him to pieces and hijacked the Arrowhead. After throwing Roger's parts down the battlements of the Imperial Palace, M-OC attacked the Freemakers. The Freemakers and Roger managed to escape on an Ugly that Rowan cobbled up from the wreckage. While Rowan and Zander were upset that they had helped the Empire by revealing the location of more kyber crystals and losing the Arrowhead, Roger comforted them by reassuring them that they were still alive. They were followed by M-OC, who had received orders from the Emperor to destroy them for good.[36]

Skirmish on Shantipole[]

M-OC caught up with the Freemakers in the Arrowhead. Though they attempted to surrender, M-OC was determined to destroy them and blasted the Rowan's "Ugly." Before he could finish them off, the Freemakers were rescued by Quarrie, who picked them up in the StarScavenger. The Freemakers managed to escape into hyperspace but M-OC managed to plant an XX-23 S-thread tracker on the StarScavenger.[37]

After being pursued by M-OC through an asteroid field, Quarrie counselled the Freemakers to travel to the stormy world of Shantipole. The Freemakers managed to lose M-OC in the electrical storms of the planet's upper atmosphere and landed at Quarrie's base. However, M-OC still circled over Shantipole in the Arrowhead, seeking to destroy the Freemakers once and for all.[37]

When Roger pointed out that M-OC was obsessed with Rowan, Rowan convinced his family and Quarrie to work together to lure M-OC into a trap. After attaching a tractor beam projector on the StarScavenger, the Freemakers baited M-OC. Following a brief dogfight, they managed to use the tractor beam to drag M-OC into Shantipole's upper atmosphere. Both ships were subsequently knocked out by the lightning storm.[37]

After the tractor beam was knocked off by a lightning bolt, Zander activated their back-up plan which involved dispatching Roger and Rowan in the Mini Scavenger. Roger flew the Mini Scavenger close enough to the Arrowhead for Rowan to jump out. Despite fierce resistance from M-OC, Rowan managed to remove the Arrowhead's giant kyber crystal and rendezvous with Roger. Zander then managed to destroy the unshielded Arrowhead by ramming the StarScavenger into it.[37]

Despite the destruction of the Arrowhead and the StarScavenger, M-OC survived and confronted the Freemakers. However, Rowan managed to convince him to end his hunt by claiming that his programming was flawed. Believing that the Emperor's plan to destroy the Rebellion with the second Death Star was flawed, M-OC build a ship using parts from the wrecked starships and departed for the Endor system.[37]

Showdown at Endor[]

Following M-OC's departure, Roger tried to cheer up the Freemakers and Quarrie, who did not appreciate his pep talk. When Rowan used his Force Building powers to rebuild the StarScavenger using parts of the Arrowhead, Roger convinced him to build a wider charging station. After braving the storms of Shantipole, the Freemakers traveled to the planet Sullust, where the rebel fleet had been massing.[38]

However, the rebel fleet had already left for the assault on the second Death Star. After Rowan sensed the Kyber Saber calling to him from a lava lake, Roger used his metallic hands to retrieve the hot weapon. The Freemakers then joined the rebel attack on the second Death Star. After smashing through the second Death Star's deflector shield, the Freemakers and Quarrie landed in a hangar where they fought with stormtroopers but were captured.[38]

Roger, the Freemakers and Quarrie were taken to a detention block. However, they were freed by Zander's love interest Becky Smoochenbacher, who defected to the Rebellion. The group reached a commander center where they learned from Lieutenant Valeria that rebel forces had taken down the Death Star's shield generator. Since M-OC was guarding the second Death Star's reactor core, Rowan wanted to go down and face him. Unwilling to endanger his loved ones, Rowan used the Force to shove Roger, Zander, Kordi, and Quarrie into a turbolift.[38]

While Zander was surprised, Roger was not, knowing Rowan. Heading back to the StarScavenger, they were pursued by stormtroopers. However, Kordi managed to lose the Imperials by deactivating a bridge, causing them to fall into the depths of the second Death Star. After boarding the StarScavenger, the Freemakers rescued Rowan, who had defeated M-OC.[38]

Following the Battle of Endor, Roger joined the Freemakers, Quarrie, and Valeria in the celebrations at Bright Tree Village. There, Roger chatted with R2-D2 and C-3PO, recounting his adventures and asking the two droids what they had contributed to the cause of freedom. Roger also shared Kordi's view that they could play a role in rebuilding the galaxy after the Battle of Endor.[38]

Droid rescue gambit[]

At some point R0-GR and C1-10P "Chopper" attended a rebel briefing. Lieutenant Valeria showed the rebels a hologram of an Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser. She told them that the Empire was sending a shipment of obsolete droids to a meltdown facility. Roger protested that this was outrageous, a sentiment echoed by fellow Clone Wars veteran Chopper.[39]

Chopper rejects to R0-GR due to bad memories.

Roger vowed that no droid will be left behind and departed with Chopper for the hangar. Roger offered to fly a T-65B X-wing starfighter while Chopper sits in the astromech socket. Chopper, however, rejected the arrangement due to bad memories. Roger tried to convince Chopper to change his mind by trying out the astromech socket for himself. However, Chopper takes the opportunity to enter the cockpit and fly the ship for himself, to Roger's horror. As the X-wing rocketed through space, Roger expressed his regret at defending droids with broken processors and vowed never again.[39]

Later, aboard the Gozanti cruiser, an Imperial officer told his fellow officer that droid transport duty is boring. Just then, the second officer picked up a dead X-wing in space. The second officer wanted to blast the ship, but the first officer said that the scanner revealed no life forms and cited the Emperor's "no wasted" cannon policy. The second officer grumbled about cost-cutting.[39]

R0-GR and C1-10P during the droid rescue.

After playing dead, Roger told Chopper to reactivate the X-wing and fire at the cruiser's rear engines. With the Imperial cruiser disabled, Roger told Chopper to board the ship. The second officer lamented not blasting the X-wing. The first officer told him to blame the Emperor. The doors to the bridge open, and the Imperials were confronted by several droids including a silver protocol droid, a green astromech droid , a probe droid, and an IT-O Interrogation Unit. When the first officer countered that the droids have restraining bolts, Roger revealed that they had been removed. The droids took revenge on their Imperial captors.[39]

When the droids got back to the rebel alliance, Roger recalled they proved quite useful. One astromech droid serviced Valeria's starfighter while the protocol droid offered Admiral Ackbar a drink of hot caf. The interrogator unit finds work offering a rebel crew member his handkerchief.[39]

Serving the New Republic[]

Roger came to Jakku to fight against the Empire. Later, he told Moxie Freemaker the story.[5]

The Resistance[]

Roger on the Resistance base.

About 30 years after the battle of Endor, Roger was part of the Resistance. During his time with the Resistance, BB-8 accidentally threw a ship piece at Roger. They had a little talk but Roger told BB-8 a story during his time in the rebellion.[39]


"Well, isn't that what happens in families? Sometimes we make mistakes but you forgive each other because you're family. You still love each other, right?"
―Roger regarded himself as a loyal member of the Freemakers[7]

R0-GR was a B1 battle droid of the Separatist Army that survived the Clone Wars. He had a friendly character but was slightly misunderstood. Roger was programmed to served as Rowan's best buddy and had a reputation as a simpleton. Due to his Clone Wars experiences, Roger had a fear of Jedi[9] and Wookiees.[8] He was friendly and entertaining towards sentient beings but was not good at reading social cues. On one occasion, he read a visibly bored Wick Cooper his memoirs of the Clone Wars.[11] Despite being reproved by his masters for minor mistakes such as accidentally burning their dinner, Roger was still loyal to the Freemakers and regarded them as family. While he recognized that he was a droid, Roger identified himself firstly as a Freemaker.[7]

Roger also had a grumpy demeanor and pessimistic outlook which stemmed from his experiences as a battle droid. When panicked, he was also prone to making mistakes like tipping a hot mug over the controls of the StarScavenger, starting an accidental fire, and sending the starship into hyperspace. Roger was visibly annoyed after he was swallowed three times by a giant venus fly trap and an acklay on Felucia.[18] Due to his metallic body, Roger hated watery worlds like Ningoth. In addition, he regarded Naboo as a graveyard for battle droids. While Roger was usually pliable and docile, he was once worked up into a berserker rage after the bounty hunter Dengar blasted his former comrade R0-HK.[21]

While Roger had an affinity for fellow droids like R0-HK and N-3RO, he disagreed with N-3RO's hatred of organics due to his loyalty and love for the Freemakers. He was visibly angered when N-3R0 tried to hurt his family.[21] Despite being troubled by his memories of the Clone Wars, Roger reluctantly helped Rowan improve his lightsaber combat skills by playing back recordings of Jedi battles. This greatly improved Rowan's lightsaber skills and combat powers during his penultimate match against Naare at the Wheel. In a misguided attempt to protect Rowan, Roger also identified himself as Rowan's teacher and claimed that he taught the boy all the techniques and powers of the old Jedi Order. However, Naare realized that Roger knew the location of the last Kyber Saber crystal and stole his head.[3] Later, Roger attempted to talk Naare out of her plan to harness the Kyber Saber but failed to persuade the Sith acolyte.[4]

Roger's attempt to befriend the rebel droids was beset by disaster when he accidentally served them inflammable motor oil. In an attempt to repair the relationship, Roger built a buffer out of spareparts. As a droid, Roger was creative and resourceful enough to build machinery out of spareparts. Through this project, Roger accidentally helped the rebels to take out an Imperial Star Destroyer and became a hero to the Rebellion.[10] At times, he could be clumsy. On one occasion, he knocked over a stack of containers.[24] On another occasion, he left one of his legs aboard an Imperial ship.[26] Rowan was also able to remotely reassemble Roger using the Force.[26]

Roger was disoriented after being thrown against a generator. As a droid, he could be revitalized in a recharge chamber. Roger was also able to fight Hondo Ohnaka in unarmed combat. Despite losing his head, Roger was still able to operate and best Hondo by maneuvering him into a container. As a chef, Roger was praised by Major Bren Derlin for his skills with making blue milk pancakes.[30]

Roger was also a skilled slicer who could hack into the Wheel's guidance systems.[31] Roger's clumsiness during a mission by the Freemakers to steal a list of worlds with kyber crystals led M-OC to discover the Freemakers' location on Qalydon.[32] Roger once used a jetpack to draw several mynocks away while Zander repaired the StarScavenger.[33]

Roger could be cocky at times and once boasted about droids being better than Clone and stormtroopers. Despite having his legs cut off by Lord Vader, Roger was still resilient enough to fly the StarScavenger back to the rebel flagship Home One.[35]

Roger was able to detach one of his arms and tried to use it to knock out Valeria during an attempt by the Freemakers to steal the Arrowhead. However, he was no match for Valeria's reflexes. Fortunately, Valeria took pity on the Freemakers and allowed them to borrow the Arrowhead. During the mission to rescue Rowan from Coruscant, Roger flew the Arrowhead in combat and used it to take down three TIE fighters and M-OC's starship Tracker I. M-OC however hijacked the Arrowhead and tore Roger to pieces. The Freemakers however were able to rebuild Roger.[36]

Roger realized that M-OC was obsessed with Rowan. This gave Rowan an idea to lure M-OC into a trap on Shantipole. Roger could also fly the Mini Scavenger.[37] Roger helped Rowan to retrieve the Kyber Saber using his metallic hands, which could withstand high temperatures. Roger also understood Rowan's desire to keep his family out of harm's way during the Battle of Endor.[38]


R0-GR had a mismatched right arm and torso and could also bake cookies.[9] As a droid, his metallic body rusted when exposed to water.[21] Along with many other droids, Roger liked oil baths since they reinvigorated his joints.[7] As a droid, Roger survived being decapitated and ripped to pieces on several occasions.[8][20][3] He also wore a transmission pack and had a faded Trade Federation symbol on his torso.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Blue Glass Arrow.svg See also: R0-GR
"I loved playing those battle droids in The Clone Wars and never expected them to live for more than one episode and have a character arc, which is a dream come true."
―Matthew Wood[40]

R0-GR is voiced by Matthew Wood, who had previously voiced, General Grievous, Wat Tambor, and several other Separatist characters in the Cartoon Network TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. His name is an obvious reference to the battle droids' catchphrase. He is one of the four main cast members of the non-Canon Disney XD animated TV series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, which ran from June 20, 2016 to August 16, 2017.[38] He also appears in LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars.[1]

To create Roger's unique voice tone, Wood, who also served as Lucasfilm's sound designer, used a special digital process to alter his voice during post-recording. Wood had previously used this digital voice-enhancing process in the Prequel trilogy and The Clone Wars. During The Freemakers Adventures Panel Liveblog held at Celebration Europe on July 16, 2016, Wood explained that his character Roger gave greater depth to the battle droids, who were regarded as cheap low-processing droids that often did not live beyond more than one episode.[40]


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