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The R1-series astromech droid, also known as the R1 reactor drone, was Industrial Automaton's first production model of their new consumer-market R-series astromech droid line.


A Jawa-modified R1 astromech droid.

The R1-series integrated and improved on the developments of the P2-series prototype astromech, and was an improvement over the P2, despite its unconventional appearance. To save on research, development, and retooling costs, Industrial Automaton reused the jet black body shells from its long running Mark II reactor drone. The dense shielding of the heavy shell gave the R1 protection against intense radiation. The droid moved about via a treaded unipod, which was slow and often malfunctioned, causing a frequent lack of locomotion.

The center of the R1's design was the Intellex III computer brain, which contained a comprehensive catalog of 500 starship configurations. In addition, the R1 was the first Industrial Automaton astromech able to calculate complex navigational coordinates necessary to complete a single hyperspace jump. It was common for R1 units to be used in the hyperdrive sleds of CloakShape fighters.


Stationed on freighters[]

Due to its cumbersome size, although the R1 was still an adequate improvement over the Mark II, R1s were commonly stationed aboard capital ships and large freighters.

Watto's droid[]

The R1 unit behind the counter in the shop Watto's Parts.

By 32 BBY, the Toydarian junk dealer Watto owned an R1-series astromech droid, kept behind the counter in his shop Watto's Parts in Mos Espa on the desert planet Tatooine.[2]

On the Sun Runner[]

An R1 was employed as principal controller of the Sun Runner counterfeit ship fabricated in 23 BBY by Groodo the Hutt for his Jedi-foiled attempt to destroy the orbital Fondor Shipyards. Coming face to face in the ship's control chamber with a 18-year-old lightsaber-wielding Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker, the R1 droid triggered a self-annihilating shutdown, antecedent to Skywalker destroying the false Sun Runner itself with a hypermatter reactor-planted proton grenade.[3]


The droid's array of retractable tools made the droids useful technicians, but owners often complained of their obstinate personalities and unreliable method of locomotion. Industrial Automaton promised to address all these issues in their next model, the R2-series.


The recycled construction of the R1 did not give off the impression of sophisticated electronics, but Industrial Automaton did use the model to introduce Binary to the market, which became the standard for all inter-droid communications, which caused the R1 to have a lasting impact on the droid market.



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