Belonging to the popular and robust R2 series, R2-B1 was much the same design as his more famous Astromech droid counterpart, R2-D2. R2-B1's last assigned duty was on Naboo, in the repair droid pool on the royal cruiser belonging to Queen Amidala. During the blockade of Naboo and the subsequent heroic escape, the ship carrying Queen Amidala was hit by enemy fire and damaged. The droids stored on board were sent out to repair the damage, R2-B1 was one of the droids destroyed in this event. Only R2-D2 survived to restore shield power to the cruiser.

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The Hasbro toy company has produced three distinct 'basic line' action figures portraying the R2-B1 astro droid character. The first was issued in the year 2000, following the release of the film, as an single carded figure in the Episode I-packaged toy line. The second was released in 2007 as part of the 30th Anniversary Collection. The last iteration was included in the "Royal Starship Droids" four-figure "Battle Pack" (#38608) which was part of the 'Discover the Force' series sold exclusively at Walmart stores in early 2012. While all these replicas measure about 2-1/2 inches tall (6 cm), each is cast from different molding tools, and is painted in a notably different manner; for instance, the first version has inaccurate metallic silver 'chrome' accents on the dome. This original 'Episode I' figure was rather difficult to find in the marketplace when offered, and became a 'sought-after' collectible at the time.

In 2015 for Star Wars day, Gamestop is releasing an exclusive Funko POP! Star Wars: R2-B1 Vinyl Bobble-Head.



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