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"You're too young to die? I'm too young to die!"
―Kazuda Xiono to R2-C4[src]

R2-C4, frequently known as "C4," served the New Republic during 34 ABY as an R2 series astromech droid. R2-C4 was a part of Kazuda Xiono's squadron on their mission to deliver intel on the First Order to the Resistance. First Order pilot Major Baron Elrik Vonreg attacked the squadron, threatening to end the mission in failure. After Mia Gabon and Hugh Sion, members of Xiono's squadron, made their escape to hyperspace Vonreg landed a hit on Xiono's and R2-C4's X-wing. Resistance Commander Poe Dameron arrived in time to save Xiono and R2-C4. Working together, the New Republic members and Resistance commander were able to chase the First Order pilot away and complete the mission. When Xiono joined the Resistance for a mission on Castilon, R2-C4 remained with the Restiance.


R2-C4,[1] also known as C4, was a New Republic R2 series astromech droid that operated approximately thirty[4] years after the Battle of Endor. C4 accompanied a New Republic squadron, led by pilot Kazuda Xiono, on their mission to deliver intel to Resistance Commander Poe Dameron. C4 rode in the astromech socket of Xiono's T-85 X-wing. The squadron was attacked by First Order TIE Fighter Pilot Major Baron Elrik Vonreg, prompting C4 to ask Xiono where Dameron was. Xiono did not know but was certain he would be there soon. Due to the danger, Xiono gave the command for the rest of the squadron, pilots Mia Gabon and Hugh Sion, to retreat back to base while he delivered the intel.[2]

After Gabon and Sion fled the scene, Vonreg landed a shot on Xiono's wings. C4 informed Xiono that Gabon and Sion had successfully jumped to hyperspace but the X-wing's power was down. Dameron arrived to save the New Republic pilot and droid by blasting incoming warheads and drawing Vonreg's attention. Xiono instructed C4 to get the weapons working. Once the weapons were online Xiono requested Dameron lead the First Order pilot towards him. Dameron lead Vonreg towards Xiono and pulled away to let Xiono open fire and damage Vonreg's TIE. Vonreg was forced to retreat before Dameron could finish him off.[2]

Poe Dameron and Kazuda Xiono talk while BB-8 and R2-C4 observe

With the fight over, Dameron instructed Xiono to come abroad and the Resistance would fix his ship. A CR90 corvette appeared out of hyperspace that Xiono and C4 boarded. Onboard they met with BB unit BB-8 and Dameron. When Dameron left to speak with General Leia Organa a flustered Xiono requested Dameron tell Organa he said hello. The droids commented on the situation amongst themselves to which Xiono requested them to stop and show him where the refresher was. While Xiono refreshed himself BB-8 left to speak to Dameron, which C4 relayed to Xiono after he emerged from the refresher. C4 refused to tell Xiono which way the rollie went. Xiono insisted he would have a look around and instructed C4 to remain behind—an order the droid ignored.[2]

After Xiono agreed to join the Resistance and Dameron took him to Castilon to begin his mission[2], R2-C4 stayed with the Resistance.[1]

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R2-C4 was created and developed for the animated television series Star Wars Resistance. C4's first and only appearance was in the first part of the two-episode series premiere of Star Wars Resistance, "The Recruit," which premiered on October 7, 2018.[5]



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