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"R2, look out! Behind you! You're being followed by battle droids!"
C-3PO upon seeing the squad.[src]

A squadron of battle droids was used by the Galactic Republic around 21 BBY. The units had been captured by the Republic and reprogrammed to serve it, participating in a mission to free Jedi Master Even Piell from the Confederate prison known as the Citadel. During the ensuing battle, all units were destroyed when they were ordered to cover the retreat of the rest of the team.



The squad prepares to make their last stand against overwhelming enemy forces.

During the Clone Wars, around 21 BBY,[2] at least three Battle droids were captured and reprogrammed for use by the Galactic Republic, which put the astromech droid[4] R2-D2 in charge of the small squadron. The squad's only known mission was the rescue of[1] Jedi Council member[5] Even Piell, during which the droids piloted a shuttle carrying the rescue team to the Citadel prison facility. They landed somewhere in the out-lands and deployed the team and later, they were ordered to pilot the shuttle to the Citadel's landing platform. There, the team was forced to abandon the shuttle to avoid suspicion from the Separatist forces.[1]

While in the Citadel, the squad saved Obi-Wan Kenobi and his team by pretending to be Confederate battle droids, and escorted the "captured" team to the landing bay. It was during that time that the Separatists found out that the droids were reprogrammed and were serving the Republic, forcing the group to engage a group of Separatist droids sent after them. In the ensuing firefight, one of the squad's members was shot but not destroyed. After the demise of ARC trooper Echo, the rescue team was forced to retreat and hide in a cave below the Citadel.[6] After contacting the Jedi Council for reinforcements, R2-D2's squad, along with the rescue team, went on to find a way to get to the extraction point, during which the unit was ordered to hold off the pursuing Confederate forces, which resulted in its destruction.[3] The commander's final words to R2 were "It was an honor to serve with you sir."

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In the episodes The Citadel and Counterattack, there were three droids under R2's command among which one was later destroyed.[1][6] But in Citadel Rescue, there are still three battle droids accompanying the team despite the one being destroyed in the previous episode.[3] However, it is possible that the droid was not destroyed when it was shot.



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