R2-D7 was a conical-headed astromech droid who worked at the Star Tours travel agency's Tomorrowland Starport, tending to StarSpeeder 3000s and operating the Inventory Droid Assistant.


By 4.3 ABY,[4] R2-D7 tended to StarSpeeder 3000s[1] at the Star Tours travel agency's Tomorrowland Starport. Using its scomp link, the droid also operated the track control[3] for the Inventory Droid Assistant to bring replacement parts from inventory to the starport's Droidnostics Center[5] under a Mon Calamari supervisor.[3] However, the I.D.A. seemed to have a mind of its own and R2-D7 had a hard time getting it to work.[5]


R2-D7 was a conical-headed,[1] second-degree[2] astromech droid[1] with a black photoreceptor and white plating, featuring a silver and teal trim. It was also equipped with a scomp link.[3]

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R2-D7 was originally created for the[3] 1987[6] Disney simulator ride theme park attraction Star Tours. It was featured in the ride's queue at each of its locations, which included each of Disney's resorts excluding Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disney Resort.[3] The droid was first identified by a "Spot the Droid" poster displayed at Tokyo Disneyland's Star Tours attraction.[7]

An action figure of R2-D7 was released in 2002 as part of the Disney Parks exclusive Star Wars: Star Tours toy line. However, it was misidentified as R4-M9,[8] an astromech droid whose 2002 Star Wars: Power of the Jedi action figure the former was recolored from.[9]



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