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"Well, R2 units are a dime a dozen."
Obi-Wan Kenobi, on how common R2 units were[2]

R2 series astromech droids, also known as R2 units, were a very popular series of astromech droids produced by Industrial Automaton. They were the most popular line of all the R-series.[11] They stood at around 1 meter in height, sported a distinctive domed head, and were programmed to perform a variety of tasks. The R2 series was a major success for Industrial Automaton, and many later models of astromech were based on the R2 series, though none had the same success. R2-D2 was a notable example of this model. Although the R2 series was used prior to the Clone Wars, they were still considered to be new during the Age of the Empire. According to C1-10P, a C1-series astromech droid, the greatest flaw in R2 units' programming was compassion.[12]

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Behind the scenes[]

In the earliest Italian works, all astromech droids are called "C1 units," whilst R2-D2 is called "C1-P8."[source?]

According to George Lucas, he got inspiration for the name of R2-D2 when he overheard a sound engineer coworker giving an order to another to move to "Reel 2 Dialogue 2."[source?]


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