"A Delta-Seven pilot would usually use an Arthree-Dee. It's better at keeping the guns targeted, and the fighter is so maneuverable that handling the laser cannons is tricky."
"Suppose the pilot didn't need the extra gunnery skills of an Arthree-Dee? Would an Arfour-Pea then be a better choice?"
"And what pilot wouldn't need the extra droid gunnery skills?"
Boba and Jango Fett compare the R4-P and R3-D[src]

The R3-D (Arthree-Dee)[3] was a variant of the R3-series astromech droid[2] manufactured by Industrial Automaton[1] that aided in target acquisition and mangagment.[2] They were hardwired into Kuat Systems Engineering Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptors[4] used by the Galactic Republic,[2] as the starfighters were so maneuverable that handling their laser cannons was difficult. However, those who did not require the R3-D's extra gunnery skills, such as members of the Jedi Order, instead prefered the superior navigation capabilities of the R4-P.[3]

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