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R3-T7 was a green and yellow trimmed astromech droid who lived in the CoCo District of Coruscant in 22 BBY.


R3-T7 was manufactured at the Industrial Automaton plant in Rordis City on Nubia. I.A. thought the R3 astromech droid would be a succesor to the R2 astromech droid model. R3-T7 was one of the numerous new models. R3-T7 became the property of a promising Senator on Coruscant. For three years, the Senator tasked R3-T7 with arranging and organizing agendas and protection. These tasks were perfect for the astromech droid, thanks to his military knowledge.

Just before the Clone Wars, the senator was arrested in response to a scandal. He was found guilty by the Senate Disciplinary Committee and sent to his home planet in order to serve a prison sentence. R3-T7 suddenly had no master.

During the public sale of the senator's property, no one was interested in a specialized model such as R3-T7. Only when he was offered at a bargain price, did a poor merchant from Uscru Entertainment District purchase the droid. R3-T7 had to run errands, pick up and drop off goods.

During an errand, R3-T7 found himself in the seedy underbelly of Coruscant. The droid mistakenly got in the middle of some criminal activities, in which R3-T7 was shot by a street gang. His owner found him, but noticed R3-T7 was not himself. The damage was never fully reversed, so regularly blue sparks would flash from the droid. When that happened R3-T7 would experience a memory loss, and he would wander aimlessly until his owner found him.

One day his owner was fed up with the malfunctioning droid, and decided to leave R3-T7 to wander through the streets of Coruscant. What eventually happened to the droid was not known. When Zam Wesell was captured by Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the alley behind the Outlander Club, R3-T7 rolled by in the street.

Behind the scenes[]

An action figure of R3-T7 was released as part of an Episode II "Sneak Preview" toyline. The figure represented R3-T7 as malfunctioning and came with a blue piece of plastic that looked like electricity.



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