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R4-D6 was an R4-series agromech droid, which was primarily colored navy blue, belonging to the Rebel Alliance at its base on Yavin 4 in the year 0 BBY.

Behind the scenes[]

R4-D6 in the Great Temple hangar.

This astromech can be seen in Star Wars in the Rebel Base on Yavin 4. It can be seen in the background of the scene where Luke Skywalker confronts Han Solo shortly before the attack on the Death Star. It is behind Luke on the left hand side. It is the same prop as R4-I9 and sometimes is mistaken for it.

R4-D6 has now been immortalized in the new Star Wars Legacy Collection "Build a Droid" toy line. On the reverse of certain Legacy figure cards you can find the component parts to build a total of four different Astromech droids, of which R4-D6 is one. The figures that contain these component parts are Han Solo Tatooine Sand Storm (left leg), Luke Skywalker Tatooine Sand Storm (right leg), Chewbacca (head and middle leg), and Leektar and Nippet Ewok twin pack (main body).



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