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R4-E1 (pronounced Arfour-Eeone) was a vehicle computer operation droid in a standard casing of the R4-series astromech droid.


R4-E1 was capable of piloting numerous vehicles and cooperating with its computer and improving its work, although he could not work as an astromech in a strict way, which meant that he could not repair vehicles or store hyperspace coordinates in his memory.



Like many other droids who avoided memory wipes, R4-E1 developed his own personality; in his case, it was quite mischievous and independent. He was the companion of the spacer, smuggler and outlaw tech, BoShek.

Behind the scenesEdit

In early 2006, Hasbro released an action figure of this droid. This was due to the involvement of Adam Pawlus who, after unintentionally pushing for the release of BoShek, thought putting the droid into production would be pretty funny.



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