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R4-I9 was an R4 agromech droid painted a dark blue. It was owned by the Galactic Empire. R4 patrolled the halls of the first Death Star during 0 BBY, where it performed maintenance tasks.

Behind the scenes[]

R4-D6 in the Massassi Station hangar

An identical droid, R4-D6, can be seen in the Yavin hangar, in the distant background as Luke Skywalker confronts Han Solo about his decision to leave the rebels without his assistance.

R4-I9 was made as an action figure by Hasbro in 2003. However, it was black instead of dark blue. In addition to this, an R4-D6 figure was made available from Hasbro in 2008 as a build-a-droid figure, where individual parts were packed in with various figures which, when could be assembled to create the droid. This time around, the droid was painted the proper color.



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