Purchased by an Outer Rim scavenger decades before the Battle of Yavin, R4-J1 scoured junkyards for parts after developing a scavenging routine of its own. During this time, the droid developed an unusual trait that caused it to jury-rig devices it was supposed to repair.

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R4-J1 was made into an action figure in the new Hasbro Legacy Collection "Build a droid" toy line. On the reverse of these new Star Wars: Legacy figures cards you can find five component parts to build four different Astromech droids, of which R4-J1 is one. The Legacy figures that contain these parts are Obi-Wan Kenobi in Clone armor (left leg), Clone trooper heavy gunner (right leg), Clone SCUBA trooper (head and middle leg), and IG Lancer Droid (main body).

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