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"Shut up Mynock! Distract me with your screaming and we'll both end up dead."
Wedge Antilles to R5-D2[src]

R5-D2 was Wedge Antilles's astromech droid after he reformed Rogue Squadron. It was called "Mynock" because of how noisily it whistled. Prior to the Battle of Thyferra, Wedge became so irritated with the droid's shrill cry that he had its memory wiped. Zraii took this opportunity to upgrade the droid's internal components as well, resulting in its new designation and nickname: R5-G8, or "Gate". As Gate, the astromech had a very dispassionate demeanor.

During Isard's return, Gate and fellow Rogue astromech, Whistler, bravely escaped to get word of the squadron's status to Mirax Terrik and the New Republic.

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