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R5-K6 was an R5-series astromech droid that was built by Industrial Automaton and belonged to Garven Dreis, the leader of the Rebel Alliance's Red Squadron, an elite X-wing starfighter squadron that participated in the assault on the first Death Star at the Battle of Yavin. R5-K6 previously served at the Dantooine Rebel base. He was destroyed along with Dreis's X-wing when it was shot down by Darth Vader.

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Hasbro's R5-K6

Often given a fanon designation, Hasbro made one such name canon when it identified the droid belonging to Garven Dreis as R5-K6 in a preview of its 2009 releases. On February 1, 2009, Hasbro released the Scramble on Yavin Battle Pack as part of the Star Wars: The Legacy Collection action figure sets.[1]

R5-K6 can be seen in his droid socket in scenes filmed from the cockpit of Garven Dreis' X-wing, as well as behind Luke Skywalker in the briefing room scene prior to the Battle of Yavin.



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