R5-X2 was an astromech droid from the R5-series. He belonged to Jabba Desilijic Tiure around 32 BBY, and was used to calculate betting odds at podraces.


Before the Boonta podrace, he estimated that Sebulba would win, Gasgano would come in second and Mawhonic would be third. R5-X2 also favored the young slave Anakin Skywalker. Unfortunately, though Gasgano did finish second, Sebulba and Mawhonic both crashed, so Jabba only ended up winning a third of R5's bet.

Behind the scenesEdit

In 2009, via Star Wars Insider 107, Hasbro announced that as part of the Return of the Jedi Build-A-Droid wave they would be releasing the droid: "R5-H6, seen with Gardulla the Hutt in The Phantom Menace". That particular droid however, had already been released under the name "R5-X2". The droid that was subsequently released as part of the 2009 wave was in fact R5-C7, a droid seen on Coruscant during Attack of the Clones.



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