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"Let's go home, Ar-Six."
Kit Fisto — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

R6-H5, nicknamed Ar-Six, was the astromech droid of Jedi Master Kit Fisto. R6 accompanied its master on many missions during the Clone Wars aboard his Jedi starfighter.


Following Separatist leader Viceroy Nute Gunray's escape from the Jedi Cruiser Tranquility,[2] R6-H5 went with it's owner Kit Fisto to track the Neimoidian. They followed a stolen Republic frigate's beacon to the third moon of the Outer Rim planet Vassek. There, they met up with Fisto's former apprentice Nahdar Vebb, as well as Commander Fil's squad. R6-H5 stayed behind with clone troopers Niner and Bel to watch the ships that remained outside of the fortress. During this, R6-H5 detected a starfighter that matched General Grievous's fighter approaching the moon.[1]

R6-H5 waited for further orders from Fisto. However, when Niner and Bel were killed by Grievous's MagnaGuards, R6 was forced to take off and hide in the fog to evade them. R6-H5 contacted Fisto, who informed R6 to meet at the lower landing platform. R6 did so, and rescued Fisto from Grievous, then took him back to Coruscant to report the mission.[1]

R6-H5 continued to accompany Fisto on missions during the Clone Wars after this, later accompanying him to Lola Sayu in a mission to aid Master Plo Koon in rescuing Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi's team from the Citadel, a Separatist prison.[3]



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