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"This is my first time commanding a squadron, R7. Let's make a good impression."
―Ahsoka Tano[6]

R7-A7 was an astromech droid with masculine programming who belonged to Ahsoka Tano. During the Clone Wars, he served in the astromech socket of her various starfighters whenever she flew in combat. R7 remained loyal to Tano after her departure from the Jedi Order, and assisted her alongside astromech droids CH-33P and RG-G1 when she found herself on the run from clone troopers after the issuance of Order 66, including capturing Clone Commander Rex to remove his behavioral modification biochip. R7 was destroyed by blaster fire when Tano and Rex were fighting other clones in the hangar of the crashing Venator-class Star Destroyer Tribunal, but Tano and Rex salvaged his remains from the wreckage. The droid was subsequently rebuilt and ended up in the possession of the Martez sisters, two smugglers and friends of Tano who were working against the Galactic Empire as part of Rex's resistance network.


Clone Wars[]

Battle of Ryloth[]

Blue Leader at Battle of Ryloth

R7 as Tano's copilot during the Battle of Ryloth

R7-A7's first mission was serving in the Battle of Ryloth as co-pilot of Ahsoka Tano's Jedi starfighter. He flew with her on a mission to take out the Separatist blockade surrounding Ryloth, and was present when she disobeyed orders to retreat after Separatist reinforcements arrived, losing most of her squadron. After the Resolute and Defender retreated, Anakin Skywalker came up with a plan to pilot the heavily damaged Defender into the Confederacy's flagship, while Ahsoka was left to take out the remaining enemy frigates. Ahsoka was still shaken from her earlier failure, but received support from Admiral Wullf Yularen and led the counterattack. R7 would then fly with Ahsoka in a BTL-B Y-wing starfighter/bomber. The attack was successful, and the Galactic Republic forces prepared to invade Ryloth and liberate the captive Twi'lek inhabitants from Techno Union leader Wat Tambor.[6]

Later, R7 accompanied Tano in her starfighter as she and Skywalker shot down the Hyena-class Droid Bombers that had been ordered to destroy various Twi'lek villages by Count Dooku to show the galaxy the purported cost of a Republic victory.[9]

Later battles[]

During the beginning of the campaign to retake the Expansion Region planet Umbara, R7 again accompanied Tano when she flew into battle against the Separatist forces above the planet alongside her fellow Padawan Barriss Offee as they defended the landing of Republic forces, including the clones of the 501st Legion and the 212th Attack Battalion.[10]


R7 piloting Tano's starfighter

R7 also flew in Tano's newer Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor when she accompanied her master Skywalker during the defense of Cato Neimoidia. When Skywalker's fighter was damaged by buzz droids and he was knocked unconscious, Tano had R7 take control of her fighter while she leapt over to Skywalker's fighter to rescue him.[11] Following the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar, Tano and Skywalker were recalled to Coruscant. Sometime after their arrival, R7 was seen traversing the Temple hallways.[12]

Order 66[]

"Careful! We're trying not to hurt him!"
―Ahsoka Tano to R7-A7 after the droid shocked a mind-controlled Rex unconscious[8]

R7, G-G, and CH-33P agree to help Ahsoka

In the final days of the Clone Wars in 19 BBY,[13] R7-A7 was stationed onboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer[8] Tribunal,[3] sent to Mandalore to aid Republic forces fighting in the Siege of Mandalore. Following the Republic's victory with the capture of the renegade Sith Lord Maul, Tano and Clone Commander Rex returned to the Star Destroyer, which jumped to hyperspace to deliver Maul to the Jedi High Council on Coruscant. However, with the execution of Order 66 by Darth Sidious, the clone troopers turned on Tano. After evading Rex, several shock troopers, and the rest of the 332nd Company aboard the ship, Tano managed to locate the room where R7-A7, as well as fellow astromech droids CH-33P and RG-G1, were being stored. Tano powered up R7, followed by Cheep and G-G, all of whom were distressed and confused by the clones' actions.[8]

Tano recruited the droids to help her, which they were all eager to do. She ordered R7 to patch into the central computer to bring up all files related to the late ARC trooper Fives, based on a warning Rex had managed to give her before his programming took him over. The droid displayed the files to her, including profiles on Fives and the also deceased clone trooper Tup, as well as a recording of Kaminoan doctor Nala Se discussing an alleged malfunction in Fives' inhibitor chip. Nala Se mentioned a grievance report filed by Rex in response to the situation, which Tano asked R7 to display. R7 told her that the report was sealed, but he was able to open the file after Tano had him use Anakin Skywalker's personal clearance code, 8108. Within the file, Rex discussed his concerns with the inhibitor chips possibly having a purpose not fully understood, leading Tano to the conclusion that the chips forced the clones to comply with Order 66 against their will.[8]

R7-A7 Rex Hologram

R7-A7 displaying the recording of Rex

Tano became determined to remove Rex's chip, formulating a plan to do so with the droids' help. R7 and Cheep managed to trap Rex between blast doors, isolating him from his troops. R7 then displayed a pre-recorded hologram of Ahsoka telling Rex that it was not his fault he had turned against her, and that she knew he was programmed through the inhibitor chip, offering to help him. In response, Rex aimed a blaster pistol at R7, ordering him to reveal where Ahsoka was. Tano revealed that she was standing right behind Rex and spoke to him, causing him to turn around. With Rex distracted, R7 shocked him unconscious, and Tano chided him, reminding the droid that they were taking care not to hurt Rex.[8]

Tano and the three astromechs carried Rex to the medical bay. R7 ran a scan of Rex to look for the inhibitor chip within his brain, though nothing was found. Tano used the Force to look for the chip while touching Rex's head and chanting the Guardian's Mantra, and the chip subsequently appeared in the scan. She ordered R7 to start the procedure to remove the inhibitor chip. R7 expressed his concerns to her about whether the procedure would work, but he started the procedure after she pointed out that they were dead anyways if it did not. With the clones attempting to break into the medical bay, R7 oversaw the surgery on Rex while Tano held off the attackers and the other droids worked on re-sealing the door.[8] Following Rex's recovery, he and Ahsoka managed to stun the clones and escape the area, with R7 and the rest of the droids following Tano and Rex's lead. Tano then ordered R7 to find them a safe path out. R7 discovered that the escape pods had been destroyed, leading the group to head for the Tribunal's hangar to find a shuttle and escape.[2]

As they sped towards the hangar, Maul, who had been freed from his imprisonment by Tano as a diversion, destroyed the Star Destroyer's hyperdrive, knocking it out of hyperspace and destroying the ship's engines, allowing it to be caught in the gravitational pull of a nearby moon. Arriving at the hangar control room, the group captured it, with Tano and Rex stunning and knocking out all of the clones inside. Now controlling the hangar, Tano ordered R7 to open the doors of Bay 12. After discovering from G-G that the hyperdrive was gone, Tano changed her orders for R7, instead ordering the astromech to open the main hangar doors, revealing the nearing moon and leading Tano to declare that they needed to get off the ship.[2]

R7 then opened the bay doors, revealing a waiting Nu-class attack/transport shuttle. However, an army of clones waiting for their eventual arrival under the command of ARC trooper and Lieutenant Jesse merged from the other hangar bays and took positions in the middle of the hangar. As the clones got into formation, Tano came up with a plan for how they could reach the shuttle. Crouching down, Tano asked if she could count on the three droids, which they agreed she could. As Tano and Rex ran out of the control room, she informed the group that she would explain her plan on the way.[2]


R7-A7 was destroyed attempting to defend Tano.

As the clones remained in formation, Tano and Rex revealed themselves entering the hangar and asked the clones to hold their fire, feigning Tano's capture by Rex. As the droids sneaked past the clones, Rex unsuccessfully argued that the execution of Order 66 did not apply to Tano as she was no longer a member of the Jedi Order, allowing the droids just enough time to drop the lifts beneath the clones, reducing the number of clones present and making an escape more manageable. Just then, Maul arrived in the hangar and ran past the droids in an effort to steal the shuttle for himself. Maul managed to push Tano into the hole from the lifts with the Force, forcing G-G to use a cable to help her up. As Tano managed to make it back to the main hangar, Maul attempted to escape in the shuttle, but Tano held the shuttle in place with the Force to prevent its departure. As she was focused on this, more clones arrived, which R7 noted in warning to Tano and Rex as they began to fire upon them. While Tano attempted to stop the shuttle from escaping, one of the clones' shots hit R7 in the head, deactivating him.[2]

After the battle ended with Rex and Tano's escape, the destruction of the Tribunal and the death of all the remaining clones onboard, as well as the destruction of Cheep and G-G, Tano and Rex retrieved what remained of R7 and placed his remains next to the Y-wing they had stolen from the crashing Star Destroyer.[2]

Imperial Era[]

"R7, we're ready for a pickup."
―Trace Martez[4]

R7 was rebuilt afterwards, and wound up in the company of Trace and Rafa Martez,[4] two sisters from the Coruscant Underworld whom Tano had met after leaving the Jedi Order.[14] After the rise of the Galactic Empire, the sisters worked as smugglers aboard their freighter, the Silver Angel, taking jobs from people who opposed the Empire.[4] Captain Rex[15] asked the sisters to steal the head of a T-series tactical droid from a decommissioning facility on Corellia, hoping to use the data to fight the new dictatorship. Arriving at Coronet City, the sisters left R7 in charge of their starship so he could pick them up when they were ready, while they infiltrated the scrapping plant.[4]

However, the sisters' mission was complicated as they were not the only ones after the last remaining tactical droid at the facility: the Bad Batch, a group of rogue former clone commandos, had also snuck into the facility to steal it. After the facility was placed on lockdown due to the struggle between the two groups over the droid's head, they eventually worked together, reactivating battle droids to fight the plant's police droids to escape. Trace called R7 for a pickup, but shortly before the Silver Angel's arrival, the tactical droid head was destroyed by enemy blaster fire. When R7 arrived in the freighter, the sisters and clones boarded the ship and escaped. R7 flew the ship around before heading to the industrial dockyard, where the clones had left their own ship. After learning what the sisters' contact had wanted with the data, the clone leader Hunter gave Rafa a data rod with the copied data from the head, believing their cause was more worthy. Upon departing Corellia, Rafa had R7 call up Rex by hologram, telling him that their mission had been a success and further informing him of the rogue clones and where to find them.[4]



R7-A7 served as Tano's loyal copilot and companion.

R7-A7, as Ahsoka Tano's personal astromech droid, was loyal to her personally as well as the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order.[6] When Tano left the Jedi Order, she was deeply saddened to have to leave R7.[16] He remained loyal to Tano even after her departure from the Jedi, and immediately agreed to assist her in her flight from the clones after the issuance of Order 66.[8] He was considered quite an aggressive droid in battle, and was particularly adept at plotting hyperspace routes and repairing Tano's ship.[7][16] He possessed many unique personality quirks, such as a salute he delivered to Tano with his manipulator arm.[8]

R7 stood at 0.96 meters, or 3 feet, 2 inches tall.[3] R7 had mostly red plating, with green highlights and a silver dome, as well as a light blue sensor, a color scheme that matched[6] both of Tano's starfighters.[11] He was equipped with a holoprojector, scomp link, manipulating arm, and a spark projector.[8]


R7-A7 assisted Tano in piloting both of her Jedi starfighters, the older Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor[6] and her newer Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor.[11] While accompanying the Martez sisters, he was trusted to fly their freighter, the Silver Angel, by himself.[4]

Behind the scenes[]


R7 experienced a wardrobe malfunction in "Decommissioned."

R7-A7 first appeared in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars first season episode "Storm Over Ryloth,"[6] which premiered on February 27, 2009 on Cartoon Network.[17] He was first canonically identified by his full designation in the 2015 reference book Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know.[7]

In official images, R7 is depicted as having a white middle stabilizing leg, but in season seven of The Clone Wars, the leg is maroon, matching the rest of his body.[8] The Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode "Decommissioned" depicts R7 with his normal red-green-silver plating in his first scene, but he is erroneously colored black-and-orange with a red sensor in his second,[4] the same coloration as an Imperial astromech droid from the episode "Cut and Run" whose character model was repurposed from R7's.[18] The StarWars.com episode guide's Trivia gallery also mistakenly refers to R7-A7 as "A7-R7," his designated name in a different order.[19]



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