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The R7-series astromech droid was an astromech droid produced by Industrial Automaton during the Galactic Civil War. The R7-series was designed specifically for use with the Rebel Alliance/New Republic E-wing escort starfighter.



R6- and R7-series schematics

Development of the R7-series was a corporate secret, occurring during the media blitz that surrounded production of the R6-series astromech droid. The R7 unit featured two fixed, wheeled legs and a third retractable leg, and was heavily shielded against electrical discharges. These droids were primarily used aboard E-wing starfighters, and required significant modification to work effectively with X-wing or Y-wing starfighters. A typical R7 unit could hold up to fifteen hyperspace jump coordinates in its astrogation buffer and survive a near miss from an ion cannon.

A pirated version of the R7's advanced droid brain was also incorporated into the Imperial XR-85 tank droid.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The astromech droid R7-A7 who appears in the The Clone Wars series has been designated as an R7-series droid. The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia confirms that R7-A7 is indeed a prototype droid, but does not say whether the droid is a prototype of the post–Battle of Endor R7 model.

R7-D4 has the nickname "R7," but he was created prior to the release of the R7. However, the initial two symbols of a droids name do not always connote the model series, as they are part of a longer name, so this may not be a continuity error.


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R7-series astromech droid SoT

A R-7 unit with stabilizer leg extended

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