The RC-2 Twilight was a small starfighter that was primarily used for scouting.


The RC-2 was a twin-engined fighter that had a large cockpit that allowed the pilot to move around during long missions. It could also carry up to 3 people who could operate the sensors from the auxiliary stations. It depended on stealth for survival, since it had light shields, armor, and weaponry. It came with one laser cannon and a proton launcher that only held two proton torpedoes.[1]

It had a special coating that was mottled and dark in color to provide camouflage. Many of the stealth components for the RC-2 were taken from the StealthX. When it had its engines shut down and the sensors in passive mode, it was extremely difficult to detect.[1]

The Twilight also included a powerful electronics suite that could create a limited jamming field to disrupt enemy sensor readings and targeting computers.[1]


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