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"Wait right there."
Anakin Skywalker tells RIC-920, a rickshaw droid, to await for his return[4]

The RIC-series general labor droid,[5] also known as the rickshaw droid[6] or unipod droid,[2] was a crude model of labor droid[1] designed to pull rickshaws.[6] Covered in brown plating,[4] they stood 1.1 meters tall,[3] had two arms that each ended in a hand with three clawed digits, and moved around on two wheels located at the base of their bodies.[4] RICs had the same body type as tour guide droids.[6] A rickshaw droid known as RIC-920[3] worked in Mos Espa, a port city on the planet Tatooine, shortly before the First Battle of Geonosis.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The RIC-series general labor droid first appeared in 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.[4] It was identified as a RIC in "High Noon on Jakku," a 2015 short story written by Landry Q. Walker,[1] before later being identified as an RIC-series general labor droid in the StarWars.com Databank.[5]

The design of the rickshaw droid was finalized by concept artist Marc Gabbana. Although it was designed to pull the rickshaw, Gabbana envisioned the droid and the conveyance as two separate entities that were paired together by necessity rather than by design. In the finished film, the rickshaw droid, RIC-290, was an entirely computer-generated creation.[7]

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