"RJ-909, you're too close. Break right—"
―A TIE pilot warning RJ-909[src]

RJ-909 was the designation of[3] a human[2] TIE fighter pilot who served the Galactic Empire's Starfighter Corps during the Imperial Era. When the Imperial cadet Han Solo attempted to escape from the Carida Academy in a stolen TIE fighter[3] on the planet[4] Carida[3] sometime between 13 BBY and 10 BBY,[1] RJ-909 and a number of TIE pilots gave chase,[3] led by the academy's flight instructor, Yurib Nakan.[5]

As the pilots attempted to shoot him down, Solo maneuvered around the fighters, putting RJ-909 in the flight path of another fighter. Despite the other pilot's warnings, RJ-909 could not break away in time, killing them both when the two fighters collided with each other.[3] Not long after Solo's subsequent capture, Nakan displayed a hologram of the collision while reprimanding the cadet in his prison cell.[5]

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RJ-909 first appeared in the first issue of the comic-book miniseries Star Wars: Han Solo - Imperial Cadet, though only the character's TIE fighter was shown in the comic. It was written by Robbie Thompson, illustrated by Leonard Kirk,[3] and published by Marvel Comics on November 7, 2018.[6]

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