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"Stop that ship! Blast 'em!"
―An unnamed stormtrooper in Mos Eisley Docking Bay 94[2]

The RT-97C heavy blaster rifle was a designation given to certain model of offensive blaster weaponry that produced more devastating results than its lesser cousin, the blaster rifle.


The RT-97C heavy blaster rifle featured an extra long galvenning barrel for a finer alignment of the energy beam projectile that increased firing range.

It contained three separate scopes to increase accuracy and versatility. Its first scope was a thermal scanner that was capable of detecting and enhancing life forms that generated heat. Its second scope was a sniper scope that automatically calculated range and adjusted the rifle's collimating components. Its third scope was a passive infrared scope that used heat imaging technology. It also rendered elements like rain, smoke, dust, and darkness transparent and it could transmit visual data to stormtrooper's optical sensors.

Although cumbersome compared with the BlasTech E-11, it was the preferred weapon of Imperial sandtroopers.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The early World War II-era German MG-15 machine gun provided the basis for this 'in universe' weapon. The MG-15, with its distinct saddle drum magazines, was used by Luftwaffe air crews for air defense during WWII. The scope on the blaster is a WWII-vintage British No32 telescopic sight designed for use with the Bren light machine gun and the Lee-Enfield No.4T sniper rifle.

Until 2008 this heavy blaster had not received an official canon designation in any Star Wars reference material, and was simply referred to by fans as the 'MG-15'. It was finally termed the "BlasTech RT-97C" in the Star Wars Blueprints: The Ultimate Collection (DK Books, 2008). The name references the artists of the blueprints Chris Reiff and Chris Trevas, and the year they first met - R(eiff)T(revas)-(19)97C(hris).



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