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"Sir, I think I may have the base. I've got a very large energy spike coming from a specific location consistent with a large settlement. I am unable to achieve visual confirmation, however."
―New Republic ensign to captain.[src]

RZ7-6113-23 base was a hidden Imperial base located on the planetoid RZ7-6113-23. It was later used by the Restored Empire.


"We are in an outpost built secretly during the early days of Palpatine's rule. Numerous weapons and ships scheduled for decommission of destruction were rerouted here over the years, repaired and maintained."
Ennix Devian[src]

In 13 ABY, the New Republic Dauntless-class heavy cruiser Endor patrolled the area and intercepted two TIE/sr starfighters. The Endor tried to follow the starfighters only to be led into a trap. A surface-to-space cannon from the base opened fire and destroyed the New Republic ship.

Assault RZ7-6113-23 base

New Republic troopers assault the base.

Shortly after, another New Republic ship, a MC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser commanded by Lar Ndigo, entered the system to investigate the disappearance of the Endor. The base's cannon opened fire and almost destroyed the New Republic ship had Ndigo not ordered the shields be raised at the last minute. The base sent out three Nimbus starfighters as it readied its cannon to fire once more. The New Republic ship sent out it's A-wings in response and a short dogfight ensued. After the A-wings won the encounter, the New Republic ship opened fire on the base and was able to destroy the cannon first before it could let loose a second blast.

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