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Raabakyysh, or Raaba for short, was a Wookiee, and a friend of Lowbacca and his sister Sirrakuk, and it is thought that Lowbacca had thoughts of choosing her for a mate.


Raabakyysh (Raaba for short) was the best friend of Sirrakuk, sister to Jedi Knight Lowbacca. Raaba was known for her rebellious style and attitude, often shaving her fur into unusual patterns in order to stand out - a trait which she passed on to Sirrakuk. As they grew older, it became apparent that there was an attraction between Lowbacca and the younger Raaba. In other ways, however, Raaba often showed a disdain for Wookiee traditions and often dreamed of leaving the planet to strike out on her own.

Growing up, Raaba had always admired Lowbacca for his bravery, and therefore attempted to duplicate his Hrrtayyk ceremony by sneaking alone into the lower levels of Kashyyyk to capture fibers of the dangerous syren plant. Unlike Lowbaaca, however, Raaba never returned from her trip. Upon finding her bloody pack, her friends and family assumed she had died - an event which caused much grief for Lowbacca and his sister. Lowie and his friends traveled to Kashyyyk so that he could be with Sirra during her period of mourning.

Unbeknownst to her friends, Raaba had miraculously survived her dangerous adventure. After being attacked and wounded by a jungle predator, Raaba had made her way back to the city and stowed away aboard a departing freighter. The captain of the freighter introduced her to the recently-formed Diversity Alliance organization, which she ended up joining. Working under the personal command of Twi'lek Nolaa Tarkona, Raaba found herself in a position of some influence within the group. Two years later, she would again meet Lowbacca while he and his friends searched for Bornan Thul on the planet Kuar.

Deciding to reveal herself to family and friends, Raaba returned to Kashyyyk with Lowbacca and completed her Rite of Passage. She then invited both Lowbacca and Sirra to join her on Ryloth where she hoped to recruit them into the Diversity Alliance. When the Solo twins and their friends arrived to check up on Lowie, Raaba helped Nolaa Tarkona to keep them away from Lowie & Sirra. Although she didn't trust the humans, she truly feared that she would again lose her friends - this time to the Solo's concerns over the Diversity Alliance.

Later, Raaba participated in the Diversity Alliance attack on the secret storeroom of the late Emperor Palpatine. The storage facility - where the Emperor had kept his biological weapons - was the primary goal of Nolaa Tarkona, who wished to use one of the plagues in committing genocide of the human species. Commanding the Alliance fleet in space while Nolaa explored the facility, Raaba sighted a ship circling the asteroid and was dismayed to recognize it as the Rock Dragon, Tenel Ka's personal ship. Raaba knew that Lowie and his friends were also at the facility, and found herself conflicted between duty to Nolaa Tarkona and her concern for Lowbacca. When a New Republic fleet arrived to destroy the asteroid, Raaba personally descended to the facility to save Nolaa Tarkona. The pair ended up fleeing the battle in Raaba's personal ship, The Rising Star, although Nolaa - and possibly Raaba as well - had been exposed to multiple biological weapons on the asteroid. Before fleeing the system, Raaba sent a short coded message to Lowbacca: "If I survive, I'll find you."

Refusing to risk the spread of whatever diseases they had been exposed to, Raaba took herself and Nolaa to an uninhabited moon deep in the Outer Rim territories. Although both beings had been exposed to the plagues, Raaba recovered around the same time that Nolaa succumbed to her illness. Raaba vowed to return to the galaxy, but not until she was certain she wouldn't spread the plague to others.



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