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Raada was a remote farming moon in the Outer Rim Territories. The moon was originally controlled by farmers, but the Galactic Empire eventually used the moon as a source of nutrient rich plants to be used in rations.


Raada was very remote, even by Outer Rim Territories standards and the moon only housed one major settlement. Only the area around the settlement was arable and had fields to harvest the crops. The rest of the moon was rocky hills filled with caves.[1]

The settlement only housed a few hundred farmers with several dozen work crews. The colony was originally maintained by the Overseers, but they were bought off or intimidated by Imperials and left the moon.[1]


The former Padawan Ahsoka Tano worked as a mechanic under the name of "Ashla" one year after the end of the Clone Wars. Shortly after her arrival, Imperial forces arrived on the moon in order to grow a crop used in military nutritional supplements. Imperial bureaucrat Jenneth Pilar chose Raada for this because, due to its remoteness and small population, viewing the moon as essentially expendable. The new crop leeched nutrients out of the soil, leaving it useless for further farming without fertilizer, which the Empire did not provide.[1]

This, coupled with the oppressive conditions the Imperials enforced, led to a growing resistance on the moon. Ahsoka did what she could to encourage the population to not allow the Empire to subjugate them but was opposed to some of the radical methods proposed by various farmers. Her struggle was made harder by the fact that she could not offer them her advanced military knowledge from years of service in the Clone Wars, wanting to keep her identity secret for her safety as well as theirs. After a disastrous attack on the Imperial base, Ahsoka was forced to leave when she used the Force to save her friends, revealing herself as a Force-sensitive. She returned many weeks later, having organized the evacuation of the moon's population with the help of Bail Organa's forces. During the ensuing battle, rebel A-wing pilots destroyed the Imperial crops and Ahsoka's plan succeeded.[1]

The Raadan evacuees were initially housed in a refugee camp on Alderaan. Years later, Miara Larte, who had since joined the Rebellion, returned to the moon and found it still uninhabited.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Raada first appeared in E. K. Johnston's 2016 novel Ahsoka.[1] In "By Whatever Sun," a short story co-written by Johnston and Ashley Eckstein for the anthology From a Certain Point of View, Raada is incorrectly referred to as a planet, instead of a moon.[2]



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