This article is about the Alderaanian Raal Panteer. You may be looking for the Sabacc player Raal Yorta.

Raal Panteer was a Human male Alderaanian who hailed from the blue-blooded House Panteer and was fortunate enough to be absent from Alderaan at the time of its destruction. He, along with his brother Heeth, were in the Ryloth system, where they owned a moon due to being the only heirs of their family. The moon was rather inhospitable for Human life, but they lived well. It possessed a large collection of Alderaanian flora and fauna, and was also set aside as a hunting preserve.

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In the wake of the Battle of Yavin, Leia Organa, a childhood friend of the brothers, traveled to the moon in hopes of convincing the brothers to let the Rebel Alliance use it as their new base. Raal didn't care for the Rebellion much, though he did care for Leia, and proposed that she stay on the moon with him and together they could preserve a bit of Alderaan together.

When Raal took Leia on a tour through the wild preserve, they failed to return. Heeth sought them out—and eventually found Raal dead, bitten by a morp. Enraged, he refused to help the Rebel Alliance and ordered Leia to leave the moon. And after that, their relationship ended.

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