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"We'll try this Rebellion. But if this Empire isn't overthrown in…five years, tops, we're going back to cards, curves and Corellian brandy…and doing it my way!"
―Raal Yorta to Sammie Staable[src]

Raal Yorta was a Human male Sabacc player and bounty hunter who worked with Sammie Staable and Smileredon-Verdont. His father was Captain Yorta. Yorta enjoyed an extravagant and glamorous lifestyle which meant he was often unable to make ends meet.


"Oh blast it! Oh blast it! Oh blast it! Oh blast -"
―A panic-stricken Raal Yorta shooting at stormtroopers[src]

Like his partners, Raal relied on gambling and scamming small-time criminals in order to capture them for their bounties in order to earn a living.

With the help of Sammie, Yorta was able to capture the notorious Rodian criminal Ten-Suckers Madoom during a game of sabacc on Ord Mantell. Unfortunately for the trio, Sammie had failed to renew his B23-1-14 permit, and received only a paltry 245 credits for the bounty. At that point, Sammie revealed his intentions to join the Rebel Alliance.

Drunk, Raal attempted to talk Sammie out of it in an Ord Mantell bar called the Power Dive. Sammie would not be deterred, however, and pulled a blaster on Raal, taking the gambler hostage aboard his own ship.

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Raal Yorta was based on a character roleplayed by Parris in the "Rebel Breakout" adventure of the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, in which Pablo Hidalgo was serving as the game master. At least two statements made by Yorta in Rookies: No Turning Back were adapted from dialogue assigned to "3rd Rebel" and "4th Rebel" in the Adventure Script included with "Rebel Breakout."



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