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Raam was an male Iktotchi bounty hunter who worked for Graballa the Hutt with his fellow partner, Baash. The two bounty hunters worked with the bounty hunter Dengar to hunt Rowan Freemaker in order to find the Kyber Saber crystals. Graballa and his henchmen subsequently joined forces with the Sith agent Naare until she betrayed them.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Raam and Baash bring Rowan and Roger before Graballa

Meeting Rowan[edit | edit source]

Raam and his fellow Iktotchi bounty hunter worked for the Hutt crime lord Graballa following the Battle of Hoth. Together, the two served as his think tank. While patrolling Graballa's ore mine in the Belgaroth asteroid field, the two bounty hunters encountered two intruders in the form of Rowan Freemaker and the B1-series battle droid Roger, who had obtained the second Kyber Saber crystal. After inquiring about the presence of the two intruders, the two got sidetracked by an argument about watching mining droids blowing stuff up before reconciling.[1]

This allowed Rowan to don a helmet and make up the story that he was the deadliest Ugnaught bounty hunter in the galaxy and that his droid companion was "IG-89", who was better than IG-88. Raam and Baash swallowed Rowan's story and invited them for an audience with Graballa aboard his flagship Rancor's Fist. Graballa was not eager to take on a new bounty hunter since he already had Dengar but agreed to give Rowan and "IG-89" the job if they could defeat Dengar in combat. However, Dengar easily overpowered the two intruders.[1]

Graballa quickly learned about the Kyber Saber crystals from Rowan and Roger. Determining that it could help him to fund his beachside resort and buffet, Graballa demanded that Rowan reveal how they could find more crystals. When Rowan refused to cooperate, he ordered that they be fed to his pet Nexu Smiley. However, Rowan's older sister and brother Kordi and Zander Freemaker arrived and distracted Graballa by trying to sell him a Z-wing.[1]

This allowed the false Jedi and Sith agent Naare to free Rowan and Roger. When Baash and Raam noticed her presence, she played a mind trick on them that cause them to nap. The Freemakers and Naare then fled on the Z-wing into the Belgaroth asteroid field. Believing that the Kyber Saber crystals could make him wealthier than his cousin Jabba, Graballa sent Raam along with Baash and Dengar to find Rowan.[1]

Trip to Cloud City[edit | edit source]

Raam, Baash, and Dengar on Cloud City

Together with Baash and Dengar, Raam traveled to the Wheel space station in the Abrion system in their hunt for Rowan. While there, Raam and Baash attended a meeting of bounty hunters in the Lower Ring that had been convened by the rebel Lando Calrissian, who wanted to hire bounty hunters to recover his "lost treasure" from Imperial-occupied Cloud City. After the bounty hunters refused to take the job, Rowan volunteered his family for the mission.[2]

Later, Raam and Baash were talking about lunch when they encountered a frustrated Dengar. When Dengar asked them about what other people were saying about him, one of the Iktotchi remarked that nobody was calling him "diaper head." Before Dengar could report to Graballa, Raam and Baash told him about Lando's "special job." The three hunters then traveled to Bespin where they managed to bribe the stormtroopers into giving them admission. Raam and his companions then made their way to the Carbon-freeze chamber where they encountered the Freemakers and Naare.[2]

Following an altercation, Raam and his companions stole the "lost treasure" from Kordi. After recognizing Rowan frozen in carbonite, the three bounty hunters kidnapped him as well. They then attempted to flee aboard their ship. However, Zander damaged the cable connnecting the repulsorlift generator; causing Cloud City to plummet into the depths of Bespin. Following a skirmish with the Freemakers and Naare inside the hallways of Cloud City, Raam and his companions lost Lando's "lost treasure" and Rowan. They then ended up in a prison cell while the Freemakers and Naare returned to the Wheel. While Raam and Baash gorged themselves on hamburgers, Dengar discovered the Freemakers' business card and learned the identity of the mysterious boy and his family.[2]

Trap on Tatooine[edit | edit source]

Raam, Baash, Dengar, and Graballa on Tatooine

At the instigation of Dengar, Raam and his fellow bounty hunters managed to escape from their Cloud City jail by commandeering a passing cloud car. They then returned to Graballa's flagship Rancor's Fist where the Hutt was fuming over Jabba's decision to deny him a loan for his beachside resort and buffet a second time. While Dengar was annoyed that Graballa had not responded to their calls, he still informed Jabba that they had a discovered that the boy was named Rowan Freemaker. This pleased Graballa and he decided to engineer a trap for the Freemakers on the planet Tatooine.[3]

Graballa coerced the podracing pilot Ben Quadinaros into inviting the Freemakers to his Mos Espa Garage to service his podracer. Raam, Baash, and Dengar accompanied Graballa when he confronted the Freemakers. Before Graballa could question Rowan, they were interrupted by Jabba and his Gamorrean guards and bounty hunter Boba Fett. While Raam, Baash, and Dengar chatted with Fett, the Freemakers took their chance to escape. When Graballa discovered the Freemakers had escaped, he ordered Raam and his colleagues to pursue them on speeder bikes.[3]

During the second leg of the 29th Annual Bricklayers' Classic, Raam and Baash caught up with the Freemakers' podracer and attempted to ram it. However, Zander accelerated the podracer's engines, causing the two bikes to crash into each other. Dengar continued the pursuit but the Freemakers managed to win the race and flee into the Dune Sea. Raam along with Graballa's henchmen pursued the fugitives and cornered them at an abandoned Jawa sandcrawler. During the siege, Graballa apologised to Raam and his colleagues for hurting their feelings by trying to hire Boba Fett due to their incompetence.[3]

The Freemakers managed to ward off Graballa's henchmen with thermal detonators long enough for the false Jedi Naare to come to their rescue. During the struggle, Raam and Baash managed to capture Zander but were driven of by Naare's lightsaber skills and Force powers. After rescuing the Freemakers, Naare left in her ship Eclipse Fighter. Raam and his fellow henchmen were left stranded in the desert when Naare blew up Graballa's skiff.[3]

An alliance of convenience[edit | edit source]

Naare, an ally of convenience

Raam and his fellow bounty hunters accompanied Graballa to the Freemaker Garage in the Wheel space station. However, the Freemakers had by then fled into space. Instead, they encountered the Sith agent Naare, who proposed an alliance with Graballa. In return for sharing half of the Kyber Saber crystals, she agreed to help them hunt down the Freemakers.[4] Using the battle droid Roger's transmission pack to home in on the fugitives, Naare managed to steal the fourth, fifth, and sixth Kyber Saber crystals from Rowan on Takodana, Ningoth, and Naboo.[5] Following a skirmish on Zoh, Graballa and Naare raced the Freemakers to the icy planet of Hoth, where the seventh kyber crystal was hidden.[6]

Raam, Baash, and Dengar pursued the Freemakers to Hoth in their starfighter. Entering the planet's atmosphere, Dengar, Graballa, and Naare's ship were blinded by an atmospheric snow storm and crashed their ships into a mountain. Raam and his fellow hunters survived the crash but the Freemakers managed to escape into hiding. Raam, Baash, the Toydarian Yeppau, and several other henchmen then proceeded to dig the Rancor's Fist out of the snow. Later, Naare and Graballa learnt that the Freemakers were hiding at the former rebel base Echo Base.[7]

During the assault, Raam and his fellow bounty hunters flew in their starfighter but were quickly knocked out of action when Rowan and Zander's snowspeeder ripped their ship's canopy off. Naare however managed to use the Force to summon an avalanche which toppled Kordi and Roger's AT-AT walker. Naare then issued an ultimatum offering to let the Freemakers leave if Rowan surrendered the seventh Kyber Saber crystal. However, Rowan surrendered an ice crystal instead and then fled with his family offworld. Raam was present when Naare tried to reforge the Kyber Saber only for it to shatter into bits.[7]

Showdown at the Freemaker Garage[edit | edit source]

Raam, Graballa, and the other gangsters being expelled from the Freemaker Garage

Raam was aboard the Rancor's Fist when a frustrated Naare threw a tantrum and hurled Graballa and his entourage against a wall. Later, Raam and his fellow henchmen accompanied Graballa and Naare to the Freemaker Garage where they trapped Kordi and Zander. With Kordi and Zander unable to divulge Rowan's whereabouts, Naare tortured them psychologically by destroying their prized possessions. This had the effect of drawing Rowan and Roger out of hiding but the young Jedi put up a fierce fight against Naare and managed to free his siblings.[8]

During the skirmish, Raam and Baash exchanged fire with Kordi only to be trapped by a magnetizer. Graballa beseeched them to let go of their blasters but they refused. Zander then fired a gas canister at Graballa, causing the Hutt to slam into the two Iktotchi bounty hunters. Naare managed to gain the upper hand over the Freemakers after Roger accidentally revealed that he knew the location of the seventh Kyber Saber crystal. Raam and his fellow henchmen were jubilant when Naare trounced the Freemakers. However, Naare then turned on her former allies and reneged on her deal with Graballa. She then used the Force to summon debris and hurl Raam along with Graballa's forces out of the Freemaker Garage.[8]

Settling scores[edit | edit source]

Raam, Baash, Dengar, and Graballa later traveled to the Imperial Palace on Coruscant where they cornered Naare. While Naare had managed to reforge the Kyber Saber, she made a failed bid for power and tried to overthrow the Emperor. However, Rowan stole the Kyber Saber from her and fled offworld with his family. After clasping chains on Naare, Graballa had her frozen in carbonite as punishment for he treachery. Raam, Baash, and Yeppau then struggled to erect the frozen Naare while Graballa reminisced over his loss in his throne room aboard the Rancor's Fist.[9]

The Embersteel entanglement[edit | edit source]

Later, Raam along with Baash and Yeppau accompanied Graballa to the Mygeeto Auction House. Graballa wanted to recruit investors for his proposed beachside resort and buffet. While Graballa and Yeppau head to the luxury terrace, Baash and Raam visited the buffet and helped themselves to Mygeeto burritos. The pair later entered the auction hall where Raam accidentally bid for an Theta-class H-2 executive star shuttle. This enraged Graballa, who had failed to find investors for his resort and was forced to fork out 75,000 Credits to pay for the Jedi starfighter. Graballa berated the two bounty hunters back at the Rancor's Fist and chastised Dengar for not minding them. Raam tried to offer a cornetto as a sop but Graballa tossed it aside in a fit of rage.[10]

Shortly later, Kordi, who was disguised as the Clawdite princess Alo Kortessi, visited the Rancor's Fist and attempted to barter the Theta shuttle for an Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor. The Freemakers were on a mission to obtain embersteel wings in order to build a starship known as the Arrowhead. Graballa however took "Princess Kortessi" hostage, intending to collect a ransom from the Clawdite royal family. Raam and Baash stayed aboard the Rancor's Fist while Dengar led a squadron of starfighters in a dogfight against her brothers Zander and Rowan. Posing as a business consultant, "Kortessi" convince Graballa to designate Baash and Raam as liabilities and dependents. Kordi managed to lead Graballa to the ship's hangar bay where she was joined by her brothers.[10]

Kordi managed to chain Graballa. When Graballa ordered Baash and Raam to seize the Freemakers, Baash reminded the Hutt crime lord that he had tossed the other employees out through the airlock. Raam and Baash charged at the Freemakers but Zander hurled a container at them. The Freemakers managed to escape following a brief skirmish with Dengar. When Graballa ordered his minions to pursue the Freemakers, Raam and Baash went on strike and demanded that Graballa discuss a compensation settlement. They were joined by Dengar, who complained about the work environment.[10]

Fruitless mining[edit | edit source]

Raam and Baash later aided Graballa's mining operation, using to blow up a rock-face so that several DLC-13 mining droids to enter the mine. When Graballa requested a report, Raam reported that they found no kyber crystals. Seeking to use Rowan to lead them to more kyber crystals, Graballa attempted to capture Rowan at the Wheel but the Freemakers managed to escape Graballa's grasp.[11]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Raam, Baash, and Dengar flying a starfighter

Raam and his fellow Iktotchi bounty hunter Raam enjoyed cracking jokes and were susceptible to mind tricks. The two were easily distracted and liked to banter about mundane topics like mining droids[1] and lunch.[2] Raam and Baash were also friendly and naive. They easily fell for Rowan's disguise and concocted story to explain his presence at Graballa's ore mine.[1] Raam and Baash enjoyed eating hamburgers and had a subordinate relationship with the bounty hunter Dengar, who served as their natural leader.[2]

Raam could ride a speeder bike and was also able to physically overpower Zander with Baash's help. However, he was no match for the Force powers of the Sith agent Naare.[4] Raam also had some co-pilot experience flying with Dengar in his starfighter but struggled to see in stormy conditions.[7] Raam knew how to wield a blaster and was unwilling to let his go when it got stuck on a magnetizer.[8]

Like his companion Baash, Raam was regarded as dim-witted and incompetent. On once occasion, he accidentally bid for a Theta-class shuttle. Raam and Baash were also unhappy with their boss Graballa and once demanded a compensation package.[10]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Raam was created for the 2016 Disney XD animated television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. He was voiced by Danny Jacobs who also voiced Yeppau in the same series.

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