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"My, you do dance with the dark side, don't you?"
Lucien Draay[4]

Raana Tey was a Togruta female and one of the five Jedi Masters implicated in the Padawan Massacre of Taris. Tey maintained a reputation among the Jedi Order as being intense and untamed due to her individualism in combat, in no small part caused by her Togruta background. However, Tey was a victim of nightmares and headaches as a result of her natural Force sensitivity. Only after coming under the tutelage of Jedi Master Krynda Draay was she able to cope with these terrors.

Dedicated to her training, Tey became a Sage Master and member of the First WatchCircle of the Jedi Covenant, later teaching Kamlin, a Falleen girl. However, the WatchCircle's devotion to preventing the rise of the Sith again led to a vision of a Sith Lord, and so the members struck down each of their own Padawans during their Knighting ceremony with the exception of Zayne Carrick, on whom the Covenant would lay blame for the murders, resulting in a galaxy-wide chase. As a result of murdering her own apprentice, Tey's sanity began to erode as her headaches and nightmares turned for the worse and the WatchCircle she had grown to depend on for support was dissolved by the Jedi High Council.

Tey worked relentlessly to find Carrick and his companions as she hired bounty hunters and turned old friends against the fugitive Padawan. It wasn't until the siege on Taris by the Mandalorians that she finally confronted him once again. Though forced to work with him due to the resistance that had risen up against the Mandalorians, she soon attacked Carrick inside the Jedi Tower, fighting him to a standstill before she was stabbed in the back by Shel Jelavan, and finally killed when the Tower exploded.


Rise of the Jedi Covenant[]

"This is the finest group of seers I've ever had before me! Raana Tey, Xamar, Q'Anilia—easily the best of their species!"
―Krynda Draay[4]

As a child, the Togruta female Raana Tey experienced nightmares and severe traumatic headaches,[7] which baffled the doctors on her homeworld of Shili who were unable to lessen the pain. However, a passing Jedi on the planet discovered the young girl and suspected that Tey's nightmares were actually Force visions. Subsequently, Tey was sent to Coruscant for medical treatment with the assistance of Jedi Master Krynda Draay.[1][4] Draay confirmed the Jedi's suspicions and took Tey under her care.[7]

Raana Tey in training

Raana Tey, during spar sessions.

Draay arranged for therapy sessions with her other students in order to help Tey regulate her thoughts and cope with day-to-day life. The Togruta was eternally grateful to Master Draay, and devoted herself to her Master's mission of preventing the return of the Sith after the Great Sith War.[1] Tey became one of the greatest seers in the Jedi Order and the youngest member to be part of the First WatchCircle.[1][8]

The WatchCircle became an integral part of Tey's life. The members of the circle—seers Q'Anilia, Feln, Xamar, and the WatchCircle's "hand," Lucien Draay, Krynda Draay's son, gave support to her mental state to the point where she relied on them almost completely.[1] The WatchCircle always stayed together and were posted at the same places across the galaxy—a fact which baffled Master Vrook Lamar on the Jedi High Council, members of which had no knowledge of Krynda Draay's secret organization.[4]

Though reliant on others, Tey developed herself as a wild and aggressive individual, using her wariness to give her an edge over her opponents.[9] However, despite these traits, she was still second to the younger Draay in terms of combat proficiency, with Draay beating her during practice sessions—sessions which Krynda Draay reluctantly allowed.[4] Tey had once overheard a vision from the elder Draay after she and Q'Anilia shared a vision themselves. This vision was about the Prophecy of the Five, a vision concerning five individuals who would come to stand in different alignments of the Force.[2]

The Jedi Covenant's visions[]

"I'm back on Taris. Something's wrong. The temple! Mandalorians? And Sith! No, it's—"
―Raana Tey[5]

Raana Tey's Force vision

Raana Tey and the other Circle members became assigned to the still non-aligned planet of Taris, where each of them took a Padawan learner.[4] Tey's student was a Falleen girl named Kamlin.[1] In 3964 BBY, while each of their students went through their trials on Taris' Rogue moon, a place where the Force flowed freely, the Covenant meditated together to see the future that lay before them. Tey envisioned herself on Taris while Mandalorians and Sith invaded and then herself struck down from behind by an individual wielding a lightsaber. Each other member had premonitions of similar events, all committed by a being in a red space suit: the same suits that their Padawans were using during their trials. Terrified by these visions, Tey suggested that they kill the Padawans immediately. However, after discussing this new threat, the Covenant returned to Taris with their Padawans as if nothing had happened, though Tey and her fellow Masters began to scheme behind the scenes to destroy the shatterpoint of the events they foresaw.[5]

Lucien Draay contacted his mother and her retainer, Haazen—his former master—filling them in on the visions.[3] Although instructed otherwise,[4] Lucien Draay arranged for the group to murder each of their own Padawans during their Knighting ceremony and then lay blame on Q'Anilia's beloved student and the best of the class, Shad Jelavan. However, the students recognized something was amiss as the Covenant agreed to Knight the inept student Zayne Carrick. The group attempted to cover their tracks and hide their true intentions, claiming that Carrick had a special connection to the Force that would arise in time. Their students refused to believe them, and before Carrick could arrive, the Covenant was forced to strike them down.[8] Just as all four were slain, Carrick arrived to witness the group of Masters standing over each of their dead Padawans with their sabers drawn.[3]

Jedi Covenant NEGTF

Tey beside fellow members of the Jedi Covenant

A pursuit began as Carrick made his escape. He was able to make it back to his speeder with the arrested con artist, Marn Hierogryph. As he attempted to make his way out the Jedi Tower, Tey pursued him, though she only managed to slice away Hierogryph's pod as he hopped onto the back of the speeder. The chase then took to the sky as Tey, along with Draay, Feln, and Xamar, chased Carrick and Hierogryph. The pair crashed into a nearby school though they evaded capture as Tey interrogated students about the direction that the two criminals had taken.[10]

Though Carrick had escaped, the Covenant arranged for the Taris Civil Authorities to find him. Using the Force, Tey and the seers foresaw Carrick and Hierogryph head into the Undercity of Taris. The group followed, though all they found were hordes of rakghouls and Gamorrean slavers. Q'Anilia rationalized that since the involvement of Marn Hierogryph, their senses had been clouded, and the accuracy of their visions regarding Carrick was becoming unclear. However, the Civil Authorities discovered the pair in the Lower City headed towards refugee camps outside Machineville.[11]

With Constable Noana Sowrs and her forces in tow, the Covenant invaded an area known as Junk Junction. This alerted two of its residents, whom Carrick and Hierogryph had just met up with, to restart the systems of an old junk hauler known as The Last Resort. While Tey attempted to gain entrance to the hauler, she failed and was forced to let the hauler take off. Carrick and Hierogryph once again evaded capture and this time took on two more companions, Arkanian off-shoots known only as Camper and Jarael.[11]


Tey, during the Padawan Massacre of Taris.

With the criminals hiding out in the asteroid field around Taris, bounties were placed on Carrick's head after Draay failed to capture him on the Rogue Moon.[12] The bounty hunter Valius Ying managed to "capture" Carrick and return him to Taris, where Tey and her fellow Masters awaited to pass sentence on him. When brought before them, Carrick revealed everything that he had discovered, including their visions. Draay retold the story of what had happened at the Knighting ceremony, and as he was about to kill him, the power in the Tower ceased and an explosion was heard. At first, Tey speculated that a bomb had gone off, but in reality, the Tower had been hit with blaster fire. Suddenly, a red-suited individual wielding a lightsaber crashed through the glass ceiling. While the Covenant believed that this was the Sith Lord that they had seen, this individual was actually the Arkanian girl, Jarael. While Tey and the others rushed for their sabers, Carrick hurled their weapons from the tower. Jarael and Carrick managed to escape aboard The Last Resort, with Camper and Hierogryph in tow, beginning a long chase around the galaxy to end the Sith threat.[8]

Three weeks after the incident, riots began in the Lower City, and the Jedi could no longer preserve order with the constable's family taken captive and the senator, Goravvus, missing. While Tey wished to stay on Taris to preserve the peace, Draay disagreed and knew that they must take their leave. At that moment, Q'Anilia arrived with an important holographic message from Carrick. The message stated that he had his own vision as well. Each of the Masters would be hunted down until one of them confessed and cleared his name.[8] This message terrified Tey, and the nightmares that she had coped with grew worse.[7]

Dissolving the WatchCircle[]

"No! Master, you can't—"
"That's enough! If we're going to have a Jedi Council at all, then somebody, somewhere, is going to do what it tells them!"
―Raana Tey and Vrook Lamar, upon dissolving the WatchCircle[4]

With Taris left to its own, Tey and her fellow Circle members were recalled to Coruscant to meet with the Jedi High Council. However, the group made a stop at the Draay Estate to meet with Krynda Draay over the matter of Zayne Carrick. Unfortunately, Draay refused to see any guests, and they were denied entrance into her home. Lucien Draay, disgruntled at his mother's refusal to see them, then threatened to send Tey, or "the wild one," over to monitor the Republic security forces' progress if they did not act quickly in the search of Carrick.[4]

Soon afterward, the Covenant met with Jedi High Council in the Jedi Temple. While speaking with the Council, four holographic displays of the Padawans that were slain stood before them. Vrook Lamar lectured the five over their failures as instructors and as protectors, recalling the wisdom of Master Vandar Tokare.[4]

Despite Lamar's lectures, Tokare continued to blame himself for the deaths of the Padawans, as he should have regarded the Masters' reluctance to take the Padawans as their students in the first place. Lucien Draay requested that he and the others be allowed to lead the search for Carrick. Lamar was still not impressed and denied the request. He ordered them to be reassigned and separated to different postings. Tey protested this order, but Lamar dismissed them. While leaving the Temple, Tey passionately criticized the Council over their lectures of neutrality.[4]

Raana Moomos kidnapped Arvan

Raana Tey, venting her anger at the Moomo Brothers.

For some time, Tey had been working on a project of her own, one that would lure in Carrick. When Tey handed the project over to Draay, he commented that she did indeed "dance with the dark side." This was of little concern, however, as he approved the plan provided she did not make it known that they were involved.[4]

Tey's project involved using the Draay Trust, a company started by Lucien Draay's deceased father, Barrison Draay, to become involved in a consortium with other companies such as Czerka Arms and Adascorp. The consortium then bought out a bank on Carrick's homeworld of Phaeda using Arvan Carrick, his father, to draw him out. While collecting the younger Carrick on Phaeda would arouse too much attention, it was arranged for Arvan Carrick to be transferred to the world of Telerath. Tey hired bounty hunters to watch Carrick's father and see if he made contact with his son. These bounty hunters, however, were not of the caliber desired. Del and Dob Moomo, otherwise known as the Moomo Brothers, interpreted Tey's direct orders as they pleased and kidnapped Arvan Carrick instead.[13]

The two returned to their ship and contacted Tey about their captive. Tey became infuriated with the two and ordered them to stay awake and not to do anything while she consulted the other Covenant members for an alternate plan. Later that night, Tey contacted the Moomo Brothers and informed them that they couldn't allow for Arvan Carrick to leave. Tey's and the Covenant's solution would be to meet up with the Brothers in orbit around Telerath and finally deal with Carrick's father once and for all. While relating the plans to Del Moomo, unknown to her, Zayne Carrick had already come to Telerath and discovered that his father had been captured, but also listened in on her conversation, putting Tey at the top of his list of Covenant members to hunt down.[13]

The final assignment[]

"I see him every time I close my eyes. It's why I took this assignment."
―Raana Tey, to Shel Jelavan[14]

Tey's nightmare of Zayne Carrick extracting his revenge.

A mission for the Chancellor[]

At this time, Tey was on a special assignment, attached to the Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa. The Chancellor requested that she be assigned to find Taris' missing senator in order to get testimony regarding Jervo Thalien and Lhosan Industries.[15] This assignment became a difficult task, as her nightmares grew worse without the support of her fellow Circle members, and the nightmares also made her nearly useless as a seer.[16] She became unable to sleep, and the wariness she once possessed was gone, though she eagerly accepted it, knowing Zayne Carrick would return to Taris.[9][14]

Though given medication by doctors, one such nightmare occurred while on a fast space liner en route to Taris. In the nightmare, Tey was a young Togruta on Taris during a Mandalorian and Sith invasion. She entered the Jedi Temple and apologized to the Masters for her tardiness. Inside, what she found were not Masters but rather the students she and the others had murdered, standing over the bodies clad in the red environmental suit she had foreseen. While the young Togruta claimed that they had abandoned the tower, Zayne Carrick and the dead Padawans claimed that they never left it. Carrick reminded her of his vision, in which the one who confesses of the murders lives. The Padawans Gharn and Oojoh seized Tey as they brought her closer to a body which she tearfully screamed that she didn't want to see. Carrick removed the helmet and told her that she might see someone she knew.[7]

The nightmare ended, and while a droid on the space liner requested that Tey ask the ship's doctor for an increase in dosage, she refused and knew that the only way to end her nightmares was to kill Carrick. But Carrick was not the only one in her sights. She also vowed to hunt down Jarael, the "white-haired witch" who had rescued him.[7]

Mandalorians and "Sith"[]

On Taris, the Mandalorians, led by Cassus Fett, had already besieged the planet. Tey managed to locate the missing senator, as Goravvus was leading the Taris Resistance. Allying herself with them, Tey managed to meet up with the sister of one of the deceased Padawans, Shel Jelavan.[14] Prior to leaving Taris, Tey and the other Masters had removed the lightsaber crystals from the Padawans' lightsabers and had them sent to their families as remembrance.[6] Tey had been the one to give Jelavan the crystal that she held dearly around her neck, the crystal Jelavan still held onto when Tey gave her a mission. The mission would be to find Carrick and to extract revenge on him for murdering her brother, Shad Jelavan.[14]

Fortune would have it that Carrick would come to Taris and ally himself with the Hidden Beks gang in the Lower City. The Hidden Beks, with Carrick in tow, came to the Resistance headquarters to ally themselves with them. Almost instantly, Jelavan emerged from the crowd that had gathered to see the visitors. While Carrick was delighted to see Jelavan, she pulled out a blaster and shot Carrick. Tey herself emerged from the crowd as well and drew her lightsaber. While the blast stunned him only due to the briefcase he carried, Jelavan had Carrick at her mercy. Tey ordered Jelavan to finish Carrick off.[14]

Raana Tey Shel

Raana Tey orders Shel Jelavan to finish Zayne Carrick.

However, Carrick had been accompanied by not only the Hidden Beks but Marn Hierogryph and Del Moomo, one of the bounty hunters Tey had hired on Telerath. Moomo wanted the bounty for his own, and Tey, still angry at him for his failure, became enraged and attacked him, with the ensuing scuffle distracting Shel long enough for Gryph to disarm her. Before she was able to harm to the Ithorian, Gadon Thek and his Hidden Beks gang members raised their weapons and ordered her to back off. The Resistance forces did the same towards Thek. Senator Goravvus emerged and asked Tey to stand down. She protested under the grounds that both Carrick and the Hidden Beks were criminals. Thek made Goravvus an offer of help when he revealed Constable Sowrs's children, Nahk and Tallie. Thek informed the senator that Carrick had found them. Tey continued to protest the acceptance of Carrick into the resistance, believing him to be a Sith. However, after the Hidden Beks refused to join the Resistance unless Zayne was left unmolested, Tey reluctantly agreed to work with him, though she still had her own plans to carry out.[6]

Marn Hierogryph, also employed to search for the senator, contacted his employer, Jervo Thalien, on Coruscant. Before Goravvus and Thalien could discuss the matters of the secret dealings they had in the past, Goravvus was seized by Del Moomo, attempting to claim the bounty Thalien had actually placed on Goravvus. Tey sprung into action and attacked Moomo again. The senator was flung into Tey, and Moomo took to attacking her directly. Tey and Moomo ceased their fighting as a bomb, placed inside the communicator, was about to explode. However, the communicator had been damaged when Jelavan shot Carrick and failed to detonate. Tey confessed to the senator that she knew nothing about the weapon upon examining it. Moomo on the other hand identified it as a MM-40 Thermal Charge and the blaster shot had overloaded the connection. Goravvus ended the communication and the rest of their dealings with Thalien there.[6]


Raana Tey manipulates Shel into thinking Zayne has fallen to the dark side.

Later, Tey overheard Carrick, Jelavan and Hierogryph arguing over the Padawan Massacre. She entered into their conversation and informed them that she couldn't have killed Shad Jelavan. While Carrick agreed with her as he knew that she had actually killed Kamlin, Tey further coaxed Jelavan into believing he was simply using the dark side to persuade her. Zayne shot back that he knew about her nightmares, which he attributed to a guilty conscience. Becoming frustrated at both of them, Jelavan stormed out, wishing she never met any of them. Goravvus, Gadon, and Sowrs reported to Tey Cassus Fett's usage of the Jedi Tower as his command center. Tey suspected that Goravvus wished to involve her in military activities against him and refused to take part in any such movements due to the Jedi Order's staunch position on remaining out of the war.[6]

Goravvus and the Resistance quickly put a plan into action to make a move against Cassus Fett in the Tower. While the Resistance at first simply wanted to use explosives on the Tower, Carrick intervened and factored in any prisoners or people living near in the area nearby. Goravvus agreed and asked Tey for ways to sneak into the Tower in order to properly reconnoiter the situation and confirm that only Mandalorians would be caught in an explosion. Goravvus requested for Tey to show them the way, but she still refused to disobey the Jedi. Carrick and Jelavan volunteered for the job instead. Tey knew she could use the opportunity to end Carrick and volunteered herself to protect Jelavan against Carrick and Mandalorians, still believing him to be the same incompetent Padawan from his training.[6]

Prophecy fulfilled[]

"No, you will set loose the destruction! My only hope is that I'm not too late—that you haven't done it already!"
―Raana Tey, to Zayne Carrick[2]
Raana stabbed

Raana Tey—stabbed in the back

Tey took Jelavan aside and told her of the plan—and of her weakening condition. Tey felt that she would soon die by Carrick's blade, which caused her to insist on Jelavan's promise to finish the fugitive Padawan should she fall. Tey detailed the processes of reinstalling Shad Jelavan's lightsaber crystal, the weapon she would use to execute Carrick.[6]Though Carrick and Jelavan entered the tower with the use of the Mandalorian armor, Tey entered through a shaft from below. She entered the tower as Jelavan opened up the grate from inside a storage room. She knew that Jelavan had the chance to eliminate Carrick but did not take it. Tey rushed off to find Carrick and finish her mission. She managed to find him in the Council chambers and confront him. Carrick became aware of Tey's insanity as she lunged at him to destroy the one who would bring the Sith. While his skills with a lightsaber had improved since the chase had begun, he was still unable to match that of Tey's fierce and wild combat moves. Utilizing a jetpack, he attempted to avoid Tey, though she still managed to disarm him of his lightsaber, forcing him to use a blaster pistol. Frantic, Carrick begged Tey to remember her teachings. She became enraged further by this and threw Carrick into the glass ceiling, sending glass shards into her face, and disabling his jetpack. Carrick was disarmed and at her mercy. Picking up Carrick's lost saber, she informed him of the Prophecy of the Five, believing that he and his deceased friends were the ones who would see the Jedi Order and the Republic fall between them; Zayne retorted it may have referred to "traitorous, evil Jedi Masters," but Tey dismissed the thought, right before she raised her sabers. The moment she was about to deal the killing blow to Carrick, Jelavan pierced a lightsaber through her back.[2]

Hierogryph and Gadon Thek arrived to rescue Jelavan and Carrick. As they tried to escape, Tey managed to climb back to her feet. Though dying, she attempted to stop them by leaping onto the roof and killing Carrick. Even after everything that had happened, Carrick still offered his hand to Tey to rescue her and bring her to the healer back at the Resistance base. Raana initially refused, assuming that Zayne wanted her to confess. Zayne said that he didn't care, and that enough people had died in the tower. This act of compassion caused Raana to finally realize that she had been wrong about him, and prompted her to attempt to escape. However, her hand had become stuck. She attempted to use her saber to cut herself free, though Hierogryph mistook her for attacking Carrick and blew the charges set in the Tower. Tey, realizing her coming demise, told Carrick to tell Krynda Draay that she was sorry. The tower blew as Carrick and Jelavan escaped, destroying Raana Tey. Her death was immediately sensed by Lucien Draay and Q'Anilia, though Q'Anilia was more concerned that Carrick now knew of their Master and the mastermind behind the Padawan Massacre of Taris.[2]


On Coruscant, a statue and memorial was constructed outside the Draay Estate in honor for the fallen Togruta. Lucien Draay, Q'Anilia, Feln, and Xamar attended the memorial service, though it was interrupted by a vision of the Muur Talisman. Learning from his previous mistake of sending Tey, a seer and not a hunter, to bring in Carrick, Draay instead sent agent Celeste Morne to retrieve the Talisman and Carrick from Taris.[17]

However, Morne failed in her task to bring Carrick and the Muur Talisman in. Instead, she would give him a key into the Sanctum of the Exalted on Odryn.[18] From this, Feln also met his demise when his people turned on him, but it also gave Carrick evidence to present to the Jedi High Council.[19] Jelavan informed the two of Tey's deeds on Taris. Despite this startling information, Vrook felt that Krynda Draay was too important of a figure and accusing her would tear the Order apart.[20] However, Krynda died soon afterward during Haazen's insurrection of the Covenant when she was taken out of stasis, which she had been in ever since the Rogue Moon prophecy. Prior to her death, Xamar met his death by orbital bombardment[21] and Q'Anilia had committed suicide when she believed Krynda was dead.[22] Lucien Draay however turned against Haazen and had him and the Draay Estate destroyed — effectively ending Krynda's Jedi Covenant. Lucien survived the explosion and went on to form a new covenant that would embrace Krynda's and his father's, Barrison Draay, beliefs and facing the future with humility.[23]

Personality and traits[]

"Would you really send over Raana Tey?"
"Only if I wanted to start a war with the Republic."
―Q'Anilia and Lucien Draay, concerning Raana Tey[4]

Among the Jedi Order, Raana Tey was widely known to be a wild and fierce combatant but also possessing a rigid and bad attitude, distancing herself away from the Padawans of her fellow Circle members, whom they'd joke about rhyming Raana Tey with runaway.[4] Due to her aggressive nature, Lucien Draay opted to not send her on diplomatic missions or on missions that required care and patience.[10]


Raana Tey balances her lightsaber on Coruscant.

Despite the fact that she was quick to become passionate and enraged, she was devoted to the Jedi Covenant's cause.[1] Still, she sometimes had her doubts in regards to the measures the Covenant would take in bringing their plans to fruition. Much like her fellow Watchcircle member, Lucien Draay, Raana Tey used deception and lies to achieve her goals such as when she tried to manipulate Shel Jelavan in order to turn her against Zayne Carrick.[2] She felt a tremendous amount of guilt in murdering her Padawan, Kamlin, and in framing Zayne Carrick for it. This was in no small part due to her nightmares that grew worse since the Padawan Massacre. As the nightmares continued, she even began to fear Carrick exacting his revenge on her, which only pushed Tey further into desiring his demise, as well as that of his companion, Jarael.[7] Her loss of sanity due to the Massacre ultimately resulted in her death as she viciously attacked Carrick during his return in the Jedi Tower. Believing she was going to end the Sith threat, she was careless and was unaware that Shel Jelavan had entered and stabbed her in the back with her brother's lightsaber. Even though this did not kill her immediately, it did wound her mortally. However, her anger was great enough that it reanimated her body and enabled her to continue to pursue Carrick for a short while. As the Tower exploded under them, Tey realized that Carrick was not evil or of the Sith, and begged her master, Krynda Draay, for forgiveness.[2][24]

Powers and abilities[]

"You're the one who thinks you're such a great seer. So prove it. Open your eyes."
―Zayne Carrick, in one of Raana Tey's nightmares[7]
Raana throws Zayne

Raana Tey throws Zayne Carrick into the Jedi Tower's glass ceiling.

Before even beginning training as a Jedi, as a child Tey possessed runaway Force visions which caused her a great deal of pain in the form of nightmares and traumatic headaches. Upon being sent to the Jedi for treatment, she was "cured" by Master Krynda Draay with whom she would also train as Jedi, forming together the First WatchCircle of the Jedi Covenant. Draay regarded Tey as the best of the Togruta, along with the other members also being the best of their species.[4] Tey was able to see far into the future, and though the details were not completely clear, she was able to see her future death on Taris at the hands of a Sith Lord.[5] Unfortunately, due to her murdering Kamlin, her nightmares returned and caused sleep deprivation, making her useless as a seer.[1][16] Even then, with her sanity eroded and after having a lightsaber pierce through her body, her strength in the Force kept her alive and reanimated her for a short while until explosives finally ended her life.[2][24]

Even as a seer, Tey was still a proficient and vicious combatant. Due to her Togruta nature, she became a "wild" individual of the WatchCircle, making her aggressive against her opponents as well as feared by those she chased.[1][10] On the WatchCircle, she may have only been second in terms of combat to Lucien Draay, as he was able to best her and the other members during lightsaber training as Padawans on Coruscant.[4] To gain an upper hand against her opponents, she used her foresight abilities and thus knew when and where to strike. But as her health eroded with the nightmares, this became lost to her.[9]

Behind the scenes[]

Raana Tey was created by writer John Jackson Miller for the Knights of the Old Republic comic series, first appearing in the first storyarc, Commencement, drawn by Brian Ching.[3] At first appearing to be more of a supporting character during Commencement, in the Reunion story, drawn by both Brian Ching and Harvey Tolibao, she stood apart from her fellow masters as she became the only one, besides main antagonist Lucien Draay, to appear in the series without the support of her fellow Jedi Masters.[13] Tey finally became the main antagonist for Zayne Carrick in the Knights of Suffering storyline, drawn by Dustin Weaver, with Draay receiving only a single panel in the final issue of the arc after Tey apparently dies.[6]

In Knights of the Old Republic 5, Tey is colored as having brown eyes. However, in every issue following this, she is colored as having blue eyes although in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 12: Reunion, Part 2, the sclera part of her eyes is black while the iris remains blue.[5][4][13]

Artist Brian Ching described Raana Tey as being the Wolverine of the Jedi Covenant, the one that kills first and can go berserk at any moment. He also commented that he wanted to draw her "growling" and "sniffing" at some point in the comic series.[25]



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