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"Those independent star-hoppers always modify their ships—you can't judge them by official classifications!'"
―Beilert Valance about the Rabbit's Foot[src]

The Rabbit's Foot was a modified WUD-500 (also known as an N-class freighter), owned by the Lepi smuggler Jaxxon. The ship was refitted with a pair of quad laser cannons and two ion cannons for weaponry, along with improved hull plating and shields.

Jaxxon first purchased the ship on Nar Shaddaa, but even after refitting, it was a troublesome ship to operate. Mechanical problems forced Jaxxon to land on the planet Aduba-3, where he was stranded until he could scrounge up replacement parts. It was on Aduba-3 that Jaxxon met Amaiza Foxtrain, along with the rest of the Star-Hoppers.

Jaxxon and Amaiza teamed up to make several smuggling runs with the Rabbit's Foot before being jumped by Beilert Valance's associates, Remel Fud and Dafi. They raced Valance to Aduba-3, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, but the Rabbit's Foot was shot down in a brief firefight over the planet.

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The Rabbit's Foot was created by Archie Goodwin and Walter Simonson.

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