"Grand Lord. It… has happened again… in Rabolow!'"
―A Lost Tribe uvak-rider, to Yaru Korsin, after the deaths in Rabolow[1]

Rabolow was a village near the Ragnos Lakes of the continent Keshtah Minor on the remote planet Kesh. It was one of eight towns in the region, including Tetsubal. In 4985 BBY, the entire population of Rabolow was poisoned and killed by prominent Lost Tribe of Sith leader Seelah Korsin, who framed Sith advisor Ravilan Wroth for the deed. As a result, Wroth and the rest of the members of the Sith species in the Lost Tribe were wiped from the face of Kesh. In the years after, the abandoned Rabolow, along with the other towns of the region—which had suffered an identical fate at the hands of Korsin—was believed by many to be haunted.


"That's on the Ragnos Lakes, isn't it?"
―Seelah Korsin[1]

Rabolow was one of eight villages in the Ragnos Lakes region of the remote planet Kesh's[1] continent Keshtah Minor.[2] Rabolow had a sizable Keshiri population.[1]


"That's where your people were assigned to go yesterday, wasn't it, Ravilan? Villages on the Ragnos Lakes."
―Seelah Korsin, to Ravilan Wroth[1]

In 4985 BBY, Captain Yaru Korsin, leader of Kesh's ruling faction, the Lost Tribe of Sith, sent a subordinate named Ravilan Wroth to the Ragnos Lakes region to investigate possible uses for a type of fluorescent algae being pulled from the lakes. However, Wroth, who harbored a deep desire for the Sith to focus on leaving Kesh, took the opportunity to put into action a secret plan—in order to create the appearance of a deadly virus that would hopefully cause the Sith to withdraw from Keshiri society, Wroth decided to poison the water supply of the village of Tetsubal and kill the whole Keshiri population there. While Wroth effected the deadly deed on Tetsubal, Rabolow was visited by members of Wroth's retinue. After the disaster at Tetsubal, Yaru Korsin's wife Seelah discovered that Wroth's complicity in the deaths. Hoping to rid Kesh of Wroth and his like, Seelah decided to frame Wroth for similar deaths in other towns visited by his people. Rabolow was the first to fall victim to Seelah's plot, with the entire population killed, and news of the incident was brought to Yaru Korsin and Wroth by an uvak-rider. After the same fate was incurred on the other villages of the Ragnos Lakes, Wroth and the other members of the Sith species in the Lost Tribe were systematically purged.[1] In the centuries after, the area of the Ragnos Lakes was entirely abandoned,[3] and by 3960 BBY the region, including the ghost town of Rabolow, was commonly believed to be haunted.[4]

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The city of Rabolow received its first mention in the Star Wars canon in John Jackson Miller's 2010 eBook Lost Tribe of the Sith: Paragon.[1] It was also mentioned, albeit indirectly, in two sequels, Purgatory[3] and Sentinel.[4]


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