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"Race on Tatooine" is the seventh episode of the first season of the animated television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. It is the seventh episode of the series overall. The episode premiered on Disney XD on July 18, 2016.[1]

Official description[]

Graballa lures the Freemakers into a trap.[1]

Plot summary[]

Rowan tries to warn Roger about Naare

Escape from Cloud City[]

On Cloud City, Dengar escapes from a high prison tower by blasting open the bars. He then leaps into the sky below and uses his rags as a makeshift parachute. Dengar hijacks a cloud car and throws out the pilot and passenger. Using the cloud car, he returns to pick up Baash and Raam, who argue over their acrophobia. Meanwhile aboard the Rancor's Fist, the Hutt crime lord Graballa presents the improvements to his beachside resort to his cousin Jabba. Despite Graballa's pleas, Jabba is still unfazed and calls it boring.

Graballa asks his Toydarian aide Yeppau how it went and thinks it could have gone better. Yeppau says yep in agreement. At that point, Dengar enters the throne room flanked by Baash and Raam. After Graballa asks them where they have been, Dengar chides his boss for not answering his calls for help while he and his associates were imprisoned. When Graballa responds that he was too busy, Dengar, presents him with the Freemakers' business card and names their target as Rowan Freemaker.

Job on Tatooine[]

Zander meets Ben Quadinaros

At the Freemaker Garage, Rowan voices his suspicions about Naare's actions to Roger. He explains that Naare claims to be a Jedi but that the Force-sensitive plant that he found on Felucia died when she touched it. He suspects that she is lying and proposes telling his sister Kordi Freemaker, who doesn't take nonsense from Naare. However, Roger apologizes that he had automatically shut down after twenty minutes of not listening and cannot recall the conversation.

Before Rowan can inform Kordi, his sister comes to scold him for neglecting to hang the astromech motivators, causing them credits that they cannot afford to lose. When Kordi asks Rowan how he can make up, he says he doesn't know and that he can't simply make a paying job come in. At that point, Zander Freemaker enters the room to tell his siblings about an exciting job offer. He plays a hologram message of the Toong podracer pilot Ben Quadinaros offering to hire them to repair his damaged podracer. Ben is taking part in a big race on Tatooine and offers to pay them a lot of money. Kordi decides to take the offer.

Across the street, Naare is corresponding with Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader by hologram. The Emperor requests her report on the quest to find the Kyber Saber. Claiming not to hear her, the Emperor tells her to adjust her holoreceiver. However, Vader points out that they can't see her. When Naare tries to adjust the hologram, the Emperor and Vader tells her that they were pranking her. The Emperor tells her that he wants to make a point that they don't want to hear anymore excuses but want to see results. He tells her to get his Kyber Saber now. Losing her temper, Naare hurls objects around the room with the Force. When Naare discovers that the Freemakers have left without notice, she screams in rage and claims that she was letting off steam.

Graballa's trap[]

The Freemakers run into Graballa and his cousin Jabba

In Mos Espa, Kordi complains about the heat as she works on Ben's podracer, getting oil squirted into her face. By contrasts, Zander is ecstatic to meet Ben Quadinaros and enters the room with Roger carrying tools and equipment. Zander intends to repair the stabiliser and tells Kordi to repair the heat dissipaters. Rowan tries to talk to Kordi but she apologizes for losing her temper back at the shop. Before Rowan can tell her his suspicions about Naare, Ben enters the garage and Rowan greets the pilot. Kordi is about to negotiate their payment with Ben when the Toong podracer pilot calls Graballa. At that point, Graballa enters the garage flanked by his henchmen Dengar, Baash, and Raam.

The Freemakers realize that they have been set up and Graballa quips that he manipulated Ben into luring them into a trap by threatening to snap his antennae. He tells Ben to run off while he attends to the Freemakers. Graballa asks Rowan about the location of the other kyber crystals. When he refuses to talk, Dengar grabs him. Graballa offers Rowan the chance of settling it the easy way or the "Hutt" way. Before Graballa can finish his interrogation, Jabba enters the garage flanked by a phalanx of Gamorrean guards. Jabba is upset that Graballa is visiting Tatooine without his permission. Dengar is distracted by the presence of his buddy Boba Fett and lets Rowan go.

The two bounty hunters reunite with Fett asking Dengar about his "bedsheet" headgear and his mother. The clone Fett tells Dengar that he is lucky to have a mother. Watching the conversation, Rowan and Kordi come up with a plan to escape by using Ben's podracer. Meanwhile, Jabba uses the Han Solo's frozen carbonite body to warn Graballa what happens to people who cross him. While Graballa tells Jabba that his business with Rowan doesn't concern him, Zander completes the finishing touches to Ben's podracer. While Graballa is distracted, the Freemakers slip away in Ben's podracer. An enraged Graballa interrupts Dengar and his associates' conversation with Fett to warn them that the Freemakers are getting away again. Dengar and his men give chase in speeder bikes.

The podrace[]

The Freemakers take part in the 29 Annual Bricklayers Classic

The Freemakers drive their podracer through the streets of Mos Espa with Zander telling Roger that he is blocking his viewpoint. Roger manages to duck behind the cockpit while Kordi and Rowan cling onto the machine's engine thrusters. While driving through the streets, they are pursued by Dengar on his speeder bike. After some manuevering, Zander hears the horn ringing and decides that they will take part in the 29th Annual Bricklayers' Classic, which is being officiated by Fodesinbeed Annodue. The Freemakers and Dengar enter the race late and weave through the other podracers.

Roger warns Zander that Dengar is catching up. During the race, Dengar fires his blaster at the Freemakers' podracer, hitting one of the engines. Kordi rushes to repair the damage. In a canyon, Dengar catches up and fires his stun blaster at Rowan, who ducks in time. The blast instead hits a Rodian pilot who crashes his podracer. Once inside a tunnel, Kordi manages to jam his speeder bike but Dengar hijacks a blue podracer, throwing out the pilot. Meanwhile, the Freemakers race to fourth place in the race; with Kordi narrowly avoiding falling out onto the desert sands while trying to repair the podracer. Kordi tries to advise Zander to drop out but he is insistent on finishing the race despite their late start. On the way, the startle three pit droids.

During the second round, the Freemakers are pursued by Baash and Raam, who are riding speeder bikes. The two try to ram the Freemakers' podracer but Zander speeds up the engines; causing the two bikes to crash into each other. Dengar catches up in his hijacked blue podracer but narrowly avoids colliding with a green podracer piloted by a Gran racer. Dengar ends up leaping from several moving podracers. Graballa and Jabba watch footage of Dengar struggling, with Jabba taking the opportunity to mock the incompetence of Graballa's bounty hunters. Graballa tries to hire Boba Fett but the bounty hunter declines to work for him.

The Freemakers then beat several podracers including the lead racer Ben Quadinaros. Dengar continues leaping from different podracers until he lands on the Freemakers' podracer. Rowan and Dengar fight on top of the right engine of their podracer. Kordi throws Rowan the stabilizer control which he uses to hit Dengar, throwing him off the podracer. Zander points out too late that Kordi removed the stabilizer control. The Freemakers' podracer lists and collides with Ben's podracer, knocking him out of the race. After beating Quadinaros, the Freemakers win the race and Zander claims a silver trophy provided by Oola. Before the announcers can name them, the Freemakers flee the arena.

Siege at the sandcrawler[]

Graballa and his men pursue the Freemakers

A jubilant Zander accidentally crashes their podracer into the Dune Sea, wrecking the craft. After getting back on their feet, Roger's sensors pick up a shelter nearby, which turns out to be a sandcrawler. Inside the sandcrawler, Kordi complains about the lack of food, water, and that they have no way of getting back to the StarScavenger. Zander decides that they need a hero to rescue them. Zander and Kordi decide to get Naare's help despite Rowan's objections. However, Zander decides to rewire Roger's transmission pack for long distance communication. Roger tries to dissuade Zander and proposes disguising as Jawas. However, Zander is determined to call Naare.

Using Roger's modified transmission pack, Zander calls Naare for help. Back at the Wheel, Naare is examining her star map when she hears Zander's voice on the intercom. Kordi tells Naare to come and pick them up on Tatooine just as the sound of blaster shots ring. Zander and his siblings peer through the sandcrawler window to see Dengar, Graballa, Baash, and Raam along with an army of henchmen. Graballa tells the Freemakers to give up and that they are surrounded. While Graballa and Dengar argue about pronouncing Boba Fett's name, Kordi proposes to negotiate with the Hutt crime lord.

Graballa reiterates his demand for Rowan and threatens to blow them up. Meanwhile, Rowan and Zander find a box of thermal detonators. After Graballa's ultimatum elapses, Graballa apologises to Dengar, Baash, and Raam for hurting their feelings by trying to hire Fett due to their incompetence. Dengar and his associates lead the charge but are rebuffed by Zander's thermal detonators. Kordi also throws a few detonators at the gangsters, who assume defensive positions behind rocks. Graballa tells a Gotal henchman that next time he will offer Boba Fett double as an incentive. The Freemakers soon run out of detonators.

Naare to the rescue[]

Naare comes to the Freemakers' rescue

With the Freemakers out of ammunition, Graballa orders his men to move into the sandcrawler. Dengar uses his bandages to form an improvised rope and attempts to scale down into the sandcrawler. However, he is knocked to the ground by Naare's Eclipse Fighter. Naare then uses her ship to bomb and scatter Graballa's forces. Zander and Kordi cheer for Naare but Rowan does not trust her. After landing her fighter, Naare ignites her blue lightsaber and attacks Graballa's henchmen. Using her Force powers and lightsaber skills, Naare defeats them and hurls them aside. She also uses the Force to throw Dengar and the roof of the sandcrawler into the wilderness.

Rowan watches the skirmish and regrets not trusting Naare. Naare tells the Freemakers to flee to the Eclipse Fighter. However, Graballa and his henchmen have gotten back on their feet and he orders his men to capture the Freemakers. Dengar uses his bandages as a lasso to capture Kordi while Baash and Raam catch Zander. Several gangsters jump on Roger, who protest he is not a collectable. Rowan is about to help his family when Naare levitates him into her ship and tells him that she will handle it. Using her Force powers and lightsaber, Naare scatters Graballa's henchmen and frees the other Freemakers, who hide behind a rock,

The moment of truth[]

While searching the Eclipse Fighter for something he can use to help Naare, he discovers her crimson lightsaber. Meanwhile, Naare Force chokes Baash to Zander's bemusement. Zander admits feelings for her. Back in the ship, Rowan overhears a holomessage from Palpatine saying "if this Rowan kid isn't leading you to the crystals, then Sith up and slice up his family. That'll motivate him." Rowan realizes that Naare is a Sith while Zander and Kordi consider her to be a hero for saving them. Rowan hides his lightsaber as the Freemakers and Naare flee aboard the Eclipse Fighter.

Graballa angrily exclaims that the Freemakers are getting away for the third time and orders his men to the skiff to give chase. However, Naare blows up the skiff with her starfighter's laser cannons. Graballa is humiliated that he has to call Jabba to pick them up. Back at the Wheel, Roger carries the trophy while Kordi praises Naare for her combat moves. Zander and Kordi hug Naare while Rowan pretends to be happy. Naare uses the Force to push Kordi and Zander aside and talks to Rowan. She reminds him about the dangers of not traveling without her. While she is not looking, Rowan snatches Naare's Sith lightsaber and hides it behind his back.


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