"The Rachuk sector is immaterial at the moment, except as a symbol and a wound the Empire must stanch. We want this raid to go off in twelve hours."
Admiral Ackbar[src]

Rachuk sector was a sector in the Colonies.


Planets in the sector include Chorax, Commenor, Hensara III, and Vladet, the sector capital. It was located Coreward of Morobe sector.[3]


"The Admiral, despite this mis-judgment, is formidable enough that I should think the Rebels utter fools to operate in his command sector."
Kirtan Loor, about Admiral Devlia[src]

In the years following the Battle of Endor, the sector was defended by an Imperial Sector Fleet commanded by Admiral Devlia from Vladet.[3]

It was the site of the first missions of reformed Rogue Squadron pilots during their road to Coruscant in 6 ABY. The New Republic abandoned this strategy after the Republic base on Talasea was discovered by the Empire. The New Republic eventually penetrated the Core Worlds through the Pyria system.[3]

Fyor Rodan represented the sector in the New Republic Senate.



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