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"My node is brogen again."
―Radaf Netbers, after one of his many injuries.[src]

Radaf Netbers was a captain in the military forces of Warlord Zsinj.

Biography[edit | edit source]

A Human male from Broest, Netbers was a heavily-built man at least two meters tall. Though he had perfect teeth and intelligent eyes, he was described as being somewhat ugly.

His primary specialty was hand-to-hand combat, but he was also proficient in intelligence operations. Just prior to Zsinj's raid on Kuat Drive Yards, he was ordered to evaluate the combat abilities of Wraith Squadron pilot Shalla Nelprin, who was masquerading as a Hawk-bat pirate to infiltrate the Razor's Kiss boarding party. In the process, Shalla broke his nose—an injury he had apparently suffered multiple times.

Later, Zsinj loaned Netbers to Edda Gast to advise her during her attempt to entrap Wraith Squadron in the Binring Biomedical Product facility on Saffalore. Though the trap appeared to be working well, Shalla Nelprin realized Netbers had recognized her, and she led the Wraiths on an unexpected frontal assault against Netbers and his team. This time, he came out on top, by attacking Shalla's wounds—she had just escaped from an incinerator.

As he was trying to acquire a blaster with which to continue fighting the Wraiths, Netbers was repeatedly slammed into the wall by Hohass Ekwesh. Netbers died from a broken neck, and the Wraiths escaped the facility with Doctor Gast in custody.

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Zsinj described his loss as "a blow" and mourned him as "loyal and proficient."

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