The radiation bomb was a deadly weapon developed by the Chiss Ascendancy and was created during the years that led up to the Battle of Naboo.

When the weapon was detonated inside the hull of a ship, it released an intense wave of radiation that was capable of passing through walls as well as bulkheads making it a weapon that unshielded targets were incapable of protecting themselves against. The wave would destroy all living tissue that it encountered regardless of whether it was friend or foe. The Chiss made use of these weapons when they required to destroy enemy troops without damaging equipment, vehicles, structures or starships. This allowed the Chiss to recover the target at a later date. However, the bombs could still scorch delicate equipment onboard the ship.

History[edit | edit source]

Kinman Doriana unknowingly released waves of Commander's Mitth'raw'nuruodo captured droid starfighters with 10 of these radiation bombs against the six Dreadnaughts that formed the hexagonal outer ring of the Outbound Flight superstructure. The act killed the 50,000 strong crew of Outbound Flight save for 57 individuals trapped within the superstructure's central storage core at the moment of the radiation bombs' detonation. Although the ship had been heavily damaged by Thrawn's forces prior to the use of radiation bombs, the bombs themselves did not cause additional damage to Outbound Flight beyond exterminating her crew.

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