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"It's the perfect plan. Evacuate everyone off-planet. They all go willingly. Then move in…"
"Four Padawans are going to foil an invasion from an entire planet?
Tru Veld and Darra Thel-Tanis, on Avon's intended invasion of Radnor[3]

Radnor was a small, sea-covered planet with a small main landmass, and prevailing winds. It was located in the same system as Avon. Radnor had two capitals: the Twin Cities of Aubendo and Tacto. Each of the cities had their own governing ministers. Radnor was known for its research and development of high-tech weapons systems.


During the Galactic War, a noted anthropologist discovered a remote commune of force-sensitive primitives on Radnor.[4]

When Radnor was struck by a bioplague in 27 BBY, the inhabitants of Avon, the Avoni (through the machinations of Dol Heep), tried to conquer the world. The plague, caused by a bio-weapon toxin released by Galen, first struck the city-state of Aubendo. The city-state of Aubendo was called the Isolation Sector because no one could exit Aubendo once they entered. Tacto was called the Clear Sector because there weren't any plague cases there. The ministers of Tacto fled, creating a panic among the healthy Radnoran populace, followed by widespread looting and unrest. An eight-member Jedi team that included Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi, and their Padawans, were sent ahead of Galactic Senate-provided evacuation transports by the Jedi High Council to attempt to bring calm and relief to the populace.

Senator Bail Organa, in his persuasive pleas that lucidly communicated the dire position of "a planet overcome by a toxic disaster," was directly responsible for the quick action of the Senate to provide immediate relief vessels for the world's survivors. This was, of course, a surprise to all, as, ever "mired in bureaucracy, the Senate sometimes took months to debate a simple issue."[3]

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