"Radnorans are city dwellers. We do no like open spaces. Perhaps some of us could have escaped the toxin if we weren't all in the same place."

Radnorans were the native inhabitants of the planet Radnor. Although they were fairly short in stature and sturdy in appearance, they were an intimidating humanoid species.

In 27 BBY, the Radnorans had to evacuate their homeworld following an accident at one of their weapons laboratories, which resulted in the releasing of harmful toxins into the air. It soon killed most of the population in the city-state of Aubendo. The Jedi were sent to aid in the evacuation and to help curb the crisis' resultant panic, looting, and general chaos: the Radnorans were desperate to flee and escape the disaster (even the Radnoran security officers panicked and immediately stole the cruiser the Jedi had just arrived in). After the toxins subsided and a threat from their planet's neighbor, Avon, was averted, the Radnorans were left to rebuild and mourn the dead.



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