"I just received a comm from Rafe's Gambit. Stormtroopers are searching every ship."
―Crys Taanzer[2]

Rafe's Gambit was an independent transport that became grounded on the planet New Plympto around 19 BBY, following the Clone Wars. While it was grounded, Imperial stormtroopers boarded the starship. Rafe's Gambit later fled the planet after its crew was led to believe the Imperial forces had been ordered to destroy the ship.


The crew of Rafe's Gambit contacted the crew of the Uhumele (pictured) during the Imperial search on New Plympto.

The independent transport known as Rafe's Gambit was based out of the planet New Plympto in the aftermath of the Clone Wars.[1] Around the year 19 BBY,[3] the starship landed in a spaceport in an area of New Plympto known as Cadgel Meadows. While it was there, forces of the Galactic Empire grounded all ships in the port, including Rafe's Gambit.[2]

During Rafe's Gambit's wait for departure clearance,[2] Imperial stormtroopers boarded the vessel in search of fugitives. The crew of the ship then warned all other nearby vessels that the Imperials were boarding ships,[1] including the crew of the[2] Maka-Eekai L4000 transport[4] Uhumele, whom they reached by comm. Crys Taanzer, navigator of the Uhumele, informed Captain Schurk-Heren of the report from Rafe's Gambit.[2]

The crew of the Uhumele, also grounded in the port and not wanting to be searched, then had one of their number steal an Imperial V-wing starfighter and begin firing on other ships in the port, making it appear as if the Imperials had orders to destroy all vessels grounded there. This resulted in all grounded ships in the port, including Rafe's Gambit, taking off and fleeing the faked Imperial attack.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Rafe's Gambit was first mentioned in the second issue of the Star Wars: Dark Times comic-book series as part of The Path to Nowhere arc. The issue was written by "Mick Harrison,"[2] a pen name of author Randy Stradley,[5] and was released on November 29, 2006.[6]



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