"I swear on my name and the names of the ancestors… That I shall walk the Way of the Mand'alor… And the words of the Creed shall be forever forged in my heart. This is the Way."
―Ragnar reciting the Way of the Mandalore creed[1]

Ragnar Vizsla[3] was a human male Mandalorian and the Foundling son of Paz Vizsla[2] who in or after 9 ABY[4] joined the Mandalorian sect the Children of the Watch lead by a woman known as "the Armorer."[1] Not long after his induction, he was defeated by fellow foundling Grogu in a combat training session. The session was interrupted when Ragnar was abducted by a large shriek-hawk. The shriek-hawk swallowed Ragnar whole before it attempted to feed him to its young. A rescue party led by Bo-Katan Kryze that included Paz Vizsla and Din Djarin recovered Ragnar from the creature's nest one day later.[2] Ragnar, along with the rest of the covert, moved to the planet Nevarro.[5]

Ragnar, along with the rest of his covert and Kryze's tribe, returned to Mandalore. There, he completed the ritual that was interrupted by a Dinosaur turtle in the waters by the Mandolorian covert. He was later present at the reactivation of the Great Forge, in which he celebrated along with the rest of the Mandalorians.[6]

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Behind the scenes[]

Ragnar Vizsla first appeared in "Chapter 17: The Apostate", the first episode of The Mandalorian season three,[1] which was released on March 1, 2023.[7] The character was portrayed by Wesley Kimmel,[1] who previously played a Tusken Raider child in the The Book of Boba Fett. Executive producer[8] Jon Favreau and the crew thought Kimmel did a great job, so they figured he should get to show his face in a different Star Wars project.[9] Kimmel found it difficult to keep his role a secret for a year. On March 1, 2023, he announced on Instagram that he was a guest starring in The Mandalorian.[10] "Embodying Vizsla," an article by Jay Stobie in Star Wars Insider 223, identified his surname as Vizsla.[3]


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