"You will have a more pleasant death at our hands than the malia. Our poisons are quick."
―A Ragoon hunter to Qui-Gon Jinn[1]

The Ragoons were the native sentient species of the planet Ragoon VI. A short species with brown, leathery skin, they had long and pointed ears. Ragoon society was pre-industrial, as the species preferred to keep the environment of their homeworld pristine and free from exploitation. In order to achieve that, they forbade colonization of Ragoon VI, and, when their numbers dwindled through sickness, entrusted their planet to the Galactic Republic Senate for safekeeping. Offworld visitors were then restricted, although members of the Jedi Order and the inhabitants of the neighboring planet Aaeton were allowed to visit more frequently. The Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi encountered a group of Ragoons during a training mission to the world.

Biology and appearance[]

The Ragoons were a short sentient species. They had brown, leathery skin, and their heads were covered in thick hair. They had long, pointed ears and a powerfully built physique.[1]

Society and culture[]

"This is beautiful country, but a hard one. I know the tribes use the malia for the food and skins they provide. They are hard to kill, and very valuable. That was their main concern. Most beings in the galaxy do not kill without purpose. If you can discover what that purpose is, you can forestall a battle."
―Qui-Gon Jinn[1]

The Ragoons intentionally resisted the development of cities and advanced industry.[1] They valued the unsoiled environment of their homeworld, and maintaining that became their first priority.[2] The Ragoons were organized into tribes[1] and had a government with which they had contact with the Galactic Senate.[2] Individual Ragoons were able to speak Galactic Basic Standard.[1]

The Ragoons used long tubes of polished stone as blowpipes to shoot poison-tipped darts, which they used to hunt a local predator known as the malia. Those animals hunted in a pack and were extremely quick, with long, sharp teeth, but they provided the Ragoons with meat as well as skins that could be used for a variety of purposes.[1]


Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quinlan Vos on Ragoon VI during a training mission in 44 BBY.

"The Ragoons never allowed colonizers to settle. Their own population sickened and dwindled until finally there was only a handful left. They could no longer keep out all those who wanted to come. They knew they would have to give up what they loved most in order to save it."
―Wren Honoran[2]

The Ragoons were native to the planet Ragoon VI,[1] located within The Negs section of the Core Worlds,[3] and known for its spectacular and remote beauty.[1] They never allowed colonization of their homeworld, preferring to keep Ragoon VI in pristine condition.[2] They had no cities on their planet and lacked any industry to give off emissions into the atmosphere, but they encountered offworlders who visited the planet.[1] However, during the administration of the Galactic Republic, large numbers of Ragoons sickened, and their population decreased. Aware that they could no longer protect the integrity of their world by their own means, the Ragoon government gave control of the planet to the Galactic Senate on trust, to ensure it remained unspoiled. A Senate committee then gave permits to small groups of individuals to visit the planet[2] and allowed special access to the natives of Aaeton, a neighboring planet that provided refuge to Ragoon elders,[4] as well as to members of the Jedi Order for training purposes.[5] Numerous Jedi, such as Tahl, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi,[1] Wren Honoran, Winso Bykart,[2] and Quinlan Vos, subsequently visited the world.[6]

In 41 BBY, during a harsh winter, a group of Ragoons encountered Jinn and his Padawan, Kenobi, during a Jedi training mission. The pair of Jedi were encircled by a pack of malia; and despite having killed one of the creatures, they were still in danger when the Ragoons arrived. Killing a second malia with their blowpipes, the Ragoons threatened to kill the Jedi. Jinn, who had traveled to the planet before, recognized that the first priority of the Ragoons was to obtain the malia meat. He offered them the carcass, the two groups parted in peace, and the Jedi left the planet shortly thereafter.[1] Kenobi later returned to the planet in 27 BBY, this time accompanied by his own Padawan, Anakin Skywalker.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Ragoons were created by Jude Watson for the young adults novel, Jedi Apprentice: The Ties That Bind, published in 2001. They later reappeared in Jedi Quest: The Trail of the Jedi, also written by Watson and published in 2002.



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