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"We've done enough damage for one day. I think the Corellians now understand that the Empire still rules this system."
General Weir[src]

The Raid at Coronet took place two weeks after the Battle of Endor.


The Imperial forces under the command of General Weir that were stationed in the Corellian system found out that Emperor Palpatine had died at Endor. Weir decided that they had to attack the capital city of Corellia to show the populace that the Empire was still in control. By chance, Rogue Squadron now under the command of Commander Luke Skywalker, were stationed in Coronet City on a scouting mission. When the Imperials hit, the city was taken by complete surprise.

The battleEdit

The first wave of attack was two Storm commandos with missile launchers destroyed a cantina that the Rogues' were eating at, almost killing Luke and Wedge Antilles. Skywalker drew his lightsaber and quickly dispatched the two commandos. As soon as Luke killed the first wave of commandos, the second wave of Imperials hit. This wave was much larger, with at least three AT-STs and dozens of scout and stormtroopers. Weir was commanding his forces from behind, directing them were to hit next.


Weir during the battle.

Many citizens were killed by the Imperials as they assaulted the city. Rogue Squadron took cover in the ruins of the former cantina, fighting off the Imperial advance. During the battle, Ten Numb found one of the missile launchers the Storm Commandos dropped earlier and shot an advancing AT-ST, killing the occupants and sending the vehicle toppling over. Luke Skywalker was able to catch the Imperial war-machine using the Force before it fell on a group of civilians. Tycho Celchu and Ten were able to get the people out of the way, just as Luke lost his grip on the AT-ST.

At the rear of the Imperial line, one of Weir's officers spotted the Rebels and their Jedi leader and told the General about them. Weir concluded that the Rebel with the lightsaber must be Skywalker, so he ordered the remainder of his forces to kill the Jedi and his allies. The Imperials attacked the Rebel line en masse, pushing Rogue Squadron back. Wedge saw the officer leading the assault and captured him, pinning him down on the floor and pointing a blaster to his head.

Luke Strom Commando

Luke Skywalker fighting Storm commandos.

Weir saw that he had lost a large number of troops and decided that they had proved their point; the Empire was still in control. Weir and his men fled, leaving a large part of Coronet in ruin. Ten saw the Imperial retreat and commandeered a speeder bike from a dead scout trooper and followed them. Meanwhile, Wedge and Luke interrogated the captured officer to discover why the Imperials attacked Coronet. Ten followed Weir back to the Imperial landing site, about a kilometer west of the city. As he watched the Imperials load up, Weir sneaked up on him. The General knocked him unconscious with the butt of his blaster rifle.


As this was going on, Luke, Wes Janson, and Wedge were following Ten's homing beacon to the landing site, but didn't get there fast enough. The Imperials launched with their new prisoner, Ten. Luke ordered the Rogues to get into their starfighters and to follow Weir back to his hideout. Rogue Squadron would go on to follow the Imperials back to the planet Tralus, where Weir had his hideout.



Notes and referencesEdit

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