"Do I get to know what's going on?"
"Sure. We've got pirates on the way."
"Pirates? Here?"
"Sure. Why not?"
Luke Skywalker and Han Solo[2]

The Raid at Iphigin was an attack of the Cavrilhu Pirates against the New Republic freighters in orbit of Iphigin.


"What's this all about?"
"What's it always about at this end of the Core. The Diamala and Ishori are at it again."
"Let me guess. Commerce and resource-sharing dispute?"
Luke Skywalker and Han Solo[2]

In 19 ABY, Iphigin was the site of a conference organized by the New Republic Chief of State, Ponc Gavrisom, to solve an IshoriDiamal dispute. Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Luke Skywalker were present to conduct the negotiations when the pirates arrived in the system.

This raid was part of the large destabilization campaign launched by Moff Disra against the New Republic. The Cavrilhu Pirates played a large role in his plan. He provided them with information, and the last of Mount Tantiss's clones while they attacked the New Republic ships.

The raid[]

"It's an old trick: you call an alert on some ship coming in sun-side, then hit a nightside target while Customs is busy half a planet away."
Han Solo[2]

The attack began when the pirates sent a suspect Sarkan freighter in the sun-side of the planet, calling a Iphigini Customs red alert. Han Solo guessed it was a diversion and decided to intervene. As expected, a pirate fleet arrived soon after in the nightside and attacked two New Republic transports. The Millennium Falcon and Luke's X-wing immediately engaged them. While Luke attacked the Corsair fighters, Han and Chewbacca destroyed the powerful KDY a-4 ion cannon of a old Kaloth cruiser. After Skywalker had managed to destroy all the fighters, the remaining pirates forces escaped in hyperspace. One of the Corellian Gunships was considerably damaged by the two armed transports.


"We are the Imperial Fleet. We do not hire mercenaries and pirate gangs from the fringe to fight our battles for us."
Admiral Pellaeon to Moff Disra[2]

During the battle, the Jedi Master was profoundly affected when he felt the pirate crews were made of clones. He decided to investigate more about this. Han Solo later requested Talon Karrde to assist the Jedi in his search. Karrde sent Mara Jade to help Skywalker in his infiltration of the Cavrilhu base in the Kauron asteroid field.

Meanwhile, Admiral Gilad Pellaeon ordered Imperial Intelligence's Commander Dreyf an investigation to find possible relationships between pirates and high ranking Imperial officers.


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