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"Kasan Moor said this is one of many small factories that the empire produces it's TIEs and walkers. This is a straight hit and run mission. It's not gonna stop them, but it will cripple them a little bit. Be sure to destroy their scanning posts first. Also a squadron of TIEs are out on a test flight, so don't waste any time, they could be back at any moment."
―General Carlist Rieekan's briefing[src]

This raid on Imperial territory on Balmorra by Rogue Squadron took place around 1 ABY. The attack was aimed towards two factories manufacturing walkers.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

The raid on Balmorra by Rebel forces was another in a line of swift hit-and-run operations engineered by Lieutenant Kasan Moor, a Rebel sympathizer who defected from the Galactic Empire. Using her knowledge, Rogue Squadron led a successful string of victories against the Empire. Her knowledge of the Balmorra construction yard's layout and security systems allowed Rogue Squadron, led by Luke Skywalker, to get into the facility undetected.

The battle[edit | edit source]

Being a surprise attack, the battle was unorganized for the Galactic Empire. Rogue Squadron raced through a trench in Balmorra to surprise attack the facility, while destroying a set of scanning post dishes, blinding their presence from being spotted. As soon as they reach the end, they enter the main yard where the factories are and started their mayhem. TIE Fighters were destroyed before they could take off, and Lambda-class shuttles were shot down during lift-off. The Empire couldn't launch a strong defense force. By the end of the raid, the Empire had lost an AT-AT factory and an AT-ST factory. As the battle was designed to be swift and cheap, and only three fighters were used, the flight quickly pulled out after destroying the two factories.

During the bombardment, Rogue Squadron targeted a domed building near a TIE landing platform, and proceeded to retrieve Advanced bombs for later use.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Rogue Squadron managed to pull off this stealth mission while destroying the factories and many of the forces as they attacked. To their amazement, they consider it a bliss that for once they attack an Imperial facility which it's usually the opposite of what the empire does. With Kasan Moor's help, they will continue to plan more assaults towards other empire locations, leading towards the assault on Kile II.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Raid on Balmorra or Imperial construction yards is the seventh level of the Nintendo 64 and PC game Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. The level is designed as a stealth mission which is shown by the idle movement of walkers and TIE fighters not pursuing Rogue Squadron. Additionally, there will be a mission failure if the player doesn't destroy the scanning posts before reaching their scanning area.

There are two active AT-AT walkers present during the battle, that can be brought down by the Airspeeders' tow cables. However, since this mission takes place before the Battle of Hoth, where Luke Skywalker developed the strategy, along with the fact that the mission can be completed without bringing them down, it is likely that this aspect is non-canon.

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