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"Aves: What do you suppose this is all about?"
"Talon Karrde: No idea. According to Par'tah, all Mazzic would say was that I might want to come by Bilbringi."
"Aves: Probably the eye-catching lesson for the Empire he and Ellor were talking about at Trogan. I don't think I'm going to like this."
Talon Karrde and Aves[src]

The Raid on Bilbringi was a raid by the newly established Smugglers' Alliance on the part of smugglers Mazzic and Ellor against the Galactic Empire at the Bilbringi Shipyards in retaliation of the Ambush on Trogan.


After the Imperial ambush during the smuggler meeting on Trogan, Mazzic and Ellor needed to learn a lesson and attacked the Bilbringi Shipyards to avenge the death of the Gotal smuggler Lishma.

The RaidEdit

Around twenty of Mazzic's freighters penetrated discretly the system and destroyed a nearly-completed Imperial-class Star Destroyer within the construction docks of the shipyards. The ships were attacked by squadrons of TIE Fighters which were easily destroyed by two Ellor's Corellian Gunships arrived to cover their escape.


"Then I should like to hear your reasons why I should not order your immediate execution."
Grand Admiral Thrawn to Niles Ferrier[src]

Grand Admiral Thrawn was very angry against Ferrier for the loss of the Star Destroyer and the implication of the smugglers in the war. He tried to convince them that he wasn't responsible of the ambush on Trogan but unsuccessfully because they quickly discovered that Ferrier was an Imperial agent and the organizer of the ambush.

Talon Karrde, who had been invited to watch by Mazzic, was present during the raid, and it was just before the explosion of the Star Destroyer that he noticed the twenty-two asteroids that Thrawn would later use to attack Coruscant.



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