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Teroenza: "It is only a matter of time until we here on the planet are attacked again. These space-raids are bad enough, but if this Rebel group were to attack one of the colonies, you and I might conceivably be in danger."
Kibbick: "Do you think they'd dare?"
Teroenza: "They did before, Your Excellency. Bria Tharen, that ex-slave, led them. Remember?"
Teroenza and Kibbick[src]

The raid on Colony Three took place in 4 BBY on the planet Ylesia. Six years after her escape from the Besadii Hutt slaving world Ylesia, Bria Tharen, now a Corellian Resistance member, led a commando mission to free those slaves. Two ships spiraled down through Ylesia's treacherous air currents, but only one had managed to land. The other vessel was caught in a wind shear and was destroyed. The first transport landed near Colony Three and armed troops dressed in green and khaki uniforms attacked the Ylesian guards. More than a dozen guards were killed in the ensuing firefight. The raid resulted in the liberation of ninety-seven slaves. However, the rebels initially had difficulty persuading the freed slaves of the truth about Ylesia as they were still under control of the Exultation. Only two of the two hundred slaves were eager to leave with them and Tharen was forced to order her troops to stun the others. Nevertheless, fifty-three "pilgrims" had eventually returned to Ylesia within a month. The raid also earned Tharen the wrath of the Besadii clan, leading Aruk the Hutt to hire bounty hunter Boba Fett and put a 50,000 credit bounty on her head.[1]


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