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"Raid on Coruscant" is the sixth episode of the LEGO short film series LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles. It premiered on September 7, 2014 on Disney XD Canada. When the Emperor uses information on the recovered Holocrons to launch devastating attacks on planets sympathetic to the Rebellion, Luke plots a daring raid on Coruscant to get the Holocrons back.[3]

Opening crawlEdit

Episode VI
DARTH VADER has struck a major blow
against the Rebellion by outracing

As Luke and his friends reel
from the defeat. Vader and his
use the Holocrons to identify and
punish planets sympathetic to the

Plot summaryEdit

Using the information from the Holocrons, the Galactic Empire sends Imperial Star Destroyers and TIE fighters to invade the planet Naboo and bomb its cities. The Rebel Alliance including Wedge Antilles are forced to evacuate their base and relocate to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. Meanwhile on Dagobah, Jedi Master Yoda and the Force ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi reflect on the loss of the holocrons to the Empire. The two Jedi are joined by the Force ghost of Master Qui-Gon Jinn, whom they had mistakenly contacted while trying to reach Jek-14. Yoda gets Qui-Gon to open a pickle jar.

Meanwhile, Jek-14 travels to Tatooine on his starfighter to help Luke Skywalker and his companions. While traveling through space, Darth Vader contacts Galactic Emperor Palpatine only to be told by Imperial Ruling Council member Mas Amedda that Palpatine is busy. When the Emperor appears, Vader tells him that Naboo has been routed and asks him which planet to attack next. The Emperor informs Vader that Luke has been sighted on Tatooine, his former homeworld. Vader experiences another awkward moment when the buttons distort his voice.

At Tatooine's Mos Eisley Cantina, Luke and the other Heroes of Yavin meet to discuss the recent setback on Naboo. Princess Leia says that Wedge barely escaped with his life. Han Solo adds that as long as the Emperor is hunting for the holocrons, no place in the galaxy is safe for them. Luke advocates a direct strike on the Imperial capital of Coruscant. Han and Leia thinks it is a dangerous idea and suggest hiding on Tatooine. Shortly later, the cantina is attacked by an AT-AT walker and stormtroopers. Meanwhile, Jek-14 approaches Mos Eisley in his starfighter only to discover the town under attack from Imperial forces.

Luke and his companions find themselves cornered by an AT-AT commanded by Darth Vader. The rebels manage to run past the Imperial walker only to run into Jabba the Hutt, his henchmen, and several fangirls of Luke. Jek-14 manages to meet up with Luke and his companions and uses the Force to collapse an arch to build a wall to hold back the rebels' pursuers. Vader's AT-AT catches up with them and knocks Jek-14 to the ground with a laser blast. Vader demands the rebels surrender but the walker is damaged by C-3PO and R2-D2, who have taken control of the Millennium Falcon. The rebels are able to flee Tatooine on the Falcon before Vader's AT-AT can turn around.

Back on Dagobah, Yoda and Kenobi reflect on the rebels' narrow escape from Darth Vader while Jinn succeeds in opening Yoda's pickle jar. Meanwhile on Coruscant, Vader reports that the former "Sith clone" Jek-14 is helping the rebels. Despite the rebels' escape, Palpatine is confident they will be captured. After toying with several holocrons, Palpatine and Vader head to the now–empty Galactic Senate, which Palpatine had recently dissolved. Palpatine tells Senator Yawn to leave and then strikes him with Force lightning. After playing a holocron of the Battle of Kashyyyk, Palpatine realizes that the Wookiees are harboring them and orders Imperial forces to attack Kashyyyk.

The Rebel Alliance regroups on Kashyyyk where Luke insists on attacking the Emperor and suggests leaving as soon as Chewbacca has completed repairs to the Falcon. However, Chewie accidentally damages the ship's power coupling. Jek-14 then uses the Force to repair the Falcon and gains Han's favor. After watching a holocron recording of his days training with Kenobi, Vader orders the fleet to depart Coruscant and be ready to attack Kashyyyk. Back on Kashyyyk, the rebel leader Mon Mothma outlines the rebels' attack strategy. Unsure of the holocrons' location, the rebels will attack the Jedi Temple's Holocron Vaults and the Chancellor's Suite in the Senate building. C-3PO cannot help since he was memory wiped by Senator Bail Organa during the last Jedi mission to steal the holocrons from Coruscant. Jek-14 volunteers to help the strike team.

Leia is unable to produce a complete set of the plans since she has misplaced the disc with a recording of her message to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Han remarks about the Star Wars galaxy lacking digital technology. Luke senses that the Empire is preparing to attack Kashyyyk. Rebel starfighters travel to Coruscant via hyperspace and narrowly avoid Darth Vader's fleet of Star Destroyers. The rebel strike team led by Luke and Jek-14 lands on the grounds of the unguarded Jedi Temple while C-3PO remains with the rebel commanders Leia, Mon Mothma, and Admiral Ackbar on Kashyyyk. C-3PO offers to sacrifice his spareparts if R2-D2 sustains damage during the mission. Leia points out that none of his parts fit the astromech droid. Meanwhile, Vader discovers that the rebels have left Kashyyyk.

Back on Coruscant, Luke's strike team encounters several members of the Emperor's Royal Guard but Jek-14 electrocutes them with his cybernetic arm, winning Luke's admiration. Meanwhile on Kashyyyk, Vader and his stormtroopers venture into the rebel base while Mon Mothma and C-3PO hide behind a couch. The rebels narrowly avoid capture because the Emperor then contacts Vader and tells him that the Jedi Temple is under attack. In the space above Coruscant, the various Rebel X-wing pilots including Purple Leader argue about trivial matters. They are soon set up by a swarm of TIE fighters led by Darth Vader, who is piloting another TIE Advanced starfighter. At the Jedi Temple, Jek-14 and R2 cannot find the holocrons and are attacked by a librarian droid.

Meanwhile, Han and Luke attack Palpatine's Suite in their airspeeder and knock two Royal Guards out of the window. A lightsaber–wielding Luke and a blaster–toting Han then confront the Emperor only to discover Mas Amedda in his seat. The two are then attacked with Force lightning by the Emperor himself, who was hiding behind a curtain. Palpatine confronts the two and tells them they're not too smart, while mistaking Han for Luke and vice-versa, which prompts Luke to tell Palpatine that he's not smart either. Meanwhile, Vader devastates the rebel X-wings and destroys Purple Leader's starfighter. At the Temple Vaults, R2 knocks out the librarian droid with a holocron. Back at the Chancellor's Suite, Luke insults the Emperor by telling him that he has "yellow teeth." Palpatine throws him out of the window but the Jedi manages to cling on to an airspeeder full of tourists.

Palpatine then takes the remaining holocrons on a repulsorlift platform into the Grand Convocation Chamber only to be surrounded by Han, Chewie, and several Wookiee warriors. The Wookiees are joined by Luke, who demands that the Emperor surrender the holocrons. Palpatine uses the Force to levitate the holocrons above them and threatens to destroy the Jedi artifacts. Luke responds by daring the Emperor to destroy the holocrons. This shocks the other rebels, Wookiees, and even Masters Yoda, Kenobi, and Qui-Gon on Dagobah. Luke tells everyone that the holocrons are worth more to the Emperor than to him and the rebels. At Luke's signal, Jek-14 uses his droid arm to hurl a powerful Force blast at Palpatine and the holocrons. The holocrons are destroyed and Palpatine is hurled through the roof of the Convocation Chamber. The rebels leave Coruscant on the Falcon while Vader lands at the Jedi Temple. Vader finds his master hanging from the spire of the highest tower in the Temple complex. To the Emperor's embarrassment, he has lost his pants and his underwear is showing.

On Dagobah, the Jedi Masters reflect on Luke's decision to sacrifice the holocrons in order to prevent them from being use for evil purposes. Qui-Gon encourages Yoda to training Luke but points that Yoda needs to learn maturity with regards to opening his own pickle jar. The rebels and their Wookiee allies celebrate their victory on Kashyyyk. Luke is despondent for destroying the holocrons until Jek-14 reveals that R2-D2 had managed to obtain a holocron. Luke then activates the holocron and sees a recording of his father Anakin Skywalker sparring with his lightsaber. At this stage, Luke does not realize that Anakin and Darth Vader are the same person.


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