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"We're what you got. Heard you need a factory pulverized."
―Mandalore the Avenger[src]


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Following the successful heist by Gault Rennow and Vette on the Eternal Empire's treasury, Theron Shan had contacted the new Mand'alor Mandalore the Avenger, into a agreement to raid the droid factory on Darvannis. The chance to get payback against Zakuul and taking the spoils was too good for her pass up and she agreed, she brought the clans loyal to her and began planning their assault on the factory with the Outlander.

The Battle

Torian Cadera, now one of Mand'alor's right hand men, would help guide the leader of the Alliance into the factory to destroy the shields while the other teams do their part of the mission. While members of task forces died, it was none the less a successful mission.

In honor of fallen warriors, the Mandalorians would held a kote ky'ram, the Outlander be apart of this event, seeing more of Mandalorian culture.

The next day the Mandalorians would then began their assault on the factory, Clan Beroya were sent to the north power station and Clan Fett to the south in order weaken the Skytroopers while the Outlander with Torian Cadera would attack the Zakuul tactical post to stop them from outmaneuver the clans. Despite Khomo's doubts they could do it, they were able to prove him wrong.

However when Lana Beniko had contacted the Outlander to give the schematics that were secured by Theron Shan, she presented concerns she had of the clans rearming themselves. With past attacks made by clans against the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, it had made her worried the clans would attempt start the crusades once again just as their ancestors had done.

She presented a option where they could withdraw the information and make sure Mandalorians would suffer heavy loses, a matter which Torian had overheard and voiced his disagreement with Lana's opinion.


Thankfully despite the Mandalorian casualties from the final bush into the factory, it was once again another victory for the Alliance and Mandalorian clans, the clans were now rearmed and ready for war against the Eternal Throne.

Torian Cadera would later join the Alliance to represent the clans, having been very impressed his courage and strength, the Outlander agreed to allow him join.


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