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"This is Coruscant national security. Stay where you are. I repeat, stay where you are. Officers will be entering buildings. Please cooperate. Be ready to show your identity passes."
―Sergeant Wirut, Galactic Alliance Guard[src]

A Raid on Jabi Town was conducted by police forces of the Galactic Alliance in 40 ABY. Tensions had increased between the governments of the Galactic Alliance and Corellia. Reflecting this, tensions had increased as well on the planet Coruscant between the Coruscanti and their fellow Corellian citizens. After the several terrorist attacks and riots, the Galactic Alliance government approved the creation of the Galactic Alliance Guard under the command of newly commissioned Colonel Jacen Solo. The GAG was given permission to inter Corellian sympathizers and a raid was conducted on Jabi Town—the Corellian section of Galactic City.


"No, I need my own team… that's visibly separate from CSF. If civilian police are seen raiding homes and rounding up residents, it's going to make ordinary policing hard. Politically, it has to be separate—a Galactic Alliance special guard, if you like."
―Jacen Solo[src]

Reflecting the political atmosphere between the governments of the Galactic Alliance and Corellia, tensions had increased on the planet Coruscant between the Coruscanti and their fellow Corellian citizens. After the several terrorist attacks and riots on Coruscant, Galactic Alliance Chief of State Cal Omas offered Jedi Knight Jacen Solo a commission as a colonel and command of the Coruscant Security Force's Anti-Terrorist Unit. However, Solo felt that having civilian police perform the duties of a secret police would make ordinary police work harder. However, a strict military response was not seen as a viable solution. The decision was reached to form a separate agency, physically and politically from CSF to perform the duties of rounding up and interning Corellian suspects and fighting terrorist threats by Corellians on Coruscant. The name Galactic Alliance Guard was chosen and the GAG was given emergency powers with Jacen Solo as its commander. Several members from CSF's Anti-Terror Unit and shock troopers from the 967 Commando Unit were transferred to the GAG.

The raid[]

"Galactic Guard! Outside! Now!"
―A GAG trooper[src]

The first GAG operation began in Jabi Town—the Corellian district of Galactic City. The CSF blocked off several skylane intersections with CSF Traffic Division repulsorlift ships before the beginning the operation. After the signal was given, the GAG entered several residents led by Jacen Solo and they began the internment process of Corellians. Explosives were used on some of the buildings to gain entry. GAG troopers also used sensor devices called Noses, to detect something inside suspects' apartments before breaching. The cops and soldiers developed the term "Rapid Entry By Jedi" (REBJ) to reflect Solo's tactics in taking down doors and persons using the Force. In the aftermath of the raid, the CSF gave the GAG troopers the nickname "stormies," seeing the troopers as reminiscent of the stormtroopers of the Empire.