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Alex Winger: "Civilized? You call what the Judicator did on Janara III civilized?"
Brandei: "The High Inquisitor's orders came from the Emperor himself. The Rebel stronghold there..."
Alex Winger: "There was no Rebel stronghold there, and you know that! You saw the destruction yourself. Innocent children and their families were murdered by your weapons!"
Alexandra Winger and Captain Brandei[src]

The Raid on Janara III was an Imperial attack on Janara III during the Great Jedi Purge.

The raidEdit

"My father was one of the Emperor's High Inquisitors,the Jedi executioners who were more ruthless observers of His Imperial Will. He must have been looking for you and others like you. A thousand or more lives to find one little girl and a handful of Jedi hopefuls."
Jaalib Brandl[src]

High Inquisitor Adalric Cessius Brandl.

In 6 BBY, High Inquisitor Adalric Cessius Brandl was part of an Imperial armada sent to destroy a town on Janara III that was reported to be a hive of Rebel activity that harbored Jedi-in-hiding. With Brandl leading the task force that included the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Judicator, the city of Sreina was completely destroyed, and thousands of innocent civilians massacred.

However Brandl did not realize that a young Force-sensitive child survived the assault.


"We found her, barely alive, in the rubble of a house after a raid. Damn Rebels. The medics assure us she will recover. But the child has no family, Sali. They were killed in the raid."
Senior Lieutenant Brandei, to Sali Winger[src]
Dair and Alex 6yo

Alexandra Winger shortly after her adoption.

Sifting through the rubble of one homestead, Lieutenant Chanceller, a young officer, pulled a small unconscious six year old girl out of the wreckage; Alexandra. Chanceller's superior, Senior Lieutenant Brandei, who had not known of Brandl's true orders, chose to take the child to be adopted by Imperial Governor Tork Winger of Garos IV.


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